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Hi all. Well things are better on the homefront. The hubby and I had a talk about some stuff plus his work is better due to this guy that was giving him grief getting fired so things are looking a bit better. The baby is doing well, actually slept 5 1/2 hours straight last night, I feel human this morning! I have tried the cluster feeding and rice cereal in his formula but nothing so far is getting him to sleep any longer than that. Well time will probably take care of it faster than anything I can do. Dietwise was terrible yesterday, too many Halloween candies! Well they'll soon be gone and then I'll have Xmas treats to try and avoid. On the plus side I did drink 2 large bottles of water so that is something good at least.

Dreamer - you certainly are welcome to join in and post with us! Hope things are looking up with the bf.

Geneve - great work staying with the gym. That is a good point about being fat but making great babies! My hubby and I are both overweight but our baby is about the cutest thing going. I'd like to lose weight though so I can set him a good example.

Take care all, have a great day.
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