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geneve 09-29-2001 04:42 PM

Had the baby, now getting fit
Hello everyone, this is my tentative break away from the pregnant and staying fit group, although I'll still be hanging out there for all the new baby news, as Leo will be 8 weeks on Monday I think it's time i stopped eating all this chocolate and made an effort to get my life (and waist) back.
If anyone else wants to join me then please do, or I'm going to be very lonely.
Here's my reasoning.
I feel better in myself than I have for 4 years...since Ihad my forst baby, and while Ihave some energy and motivation I'm going to take advantage of it, if I wait I might get so big I start to feel lethargic.
Also I've seen the pictures! All those mother and baby photos have been flooding in and I look HUGE! My face is lost under a layer of blubber and I look like I'm carrying anothe rbaby at the back too!
I don't think I'll be having any more kids so I can't say I'm just fet in my baby years any more.
I want to feel sexy rather tha just like someones Mommy.
I'll weigh in on Monday, start of october and every week from there on in. I know my weight may fluctuate a bit as I'm feeding Leo, but I know I need to kee a check on it.
This is it...day after tomorrow begins the rest of my life, the bit where I take control.
wish me luck, I feel a bit like I'm standing on the high board looking at the pool..even now part of me is thinking 'don't do it, if you don't post then no one will know if you fail' well, i AM going to post, this is about me gaetting my confidence back and I acknowledge that right ot wrong, for me losing weight is a big part of that...
HERE I GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

geneve 10-02-2001 05:58 AM

PANTS, day 1 was a total disaster, up all night with the baby, busy busy busy all day and not a square meal in sight. Itried, i failed, oh well, today is another day, I will do this, I will I will I will.

SueMoo 10-03-2001 11:41 PM

Hi there!
Hi there - I think I'll break away and join you here too, if you don't mind! I had my little one on 8-28-01. I was overweight before I got pregnant, so I have a LONG way to go. I've almost totally lost the pregnancy weight, but it doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment, because I'm still about the HUGEST I've been in my life.

I feel like, since I'm on a roll with the weight loss, now would be a good time to stay motivated, get busy, and lose weight. Plus, I'm so busy with the baby that I don't have as much time for the boredom snacking that I used to do. I also just started back to work (I work from home), so that's keeping me busy too. It's wierd to feel my stomach grumble and realize that I haven't eaten for quite a while!

NOW, I need to decide what kind of weight loss regimen I'm going to follow. I can't do low carb, it makes me sick... I'm thinking about WW. I know I definitely need to exercise more - especially if I ever want this big gut (which I never had before), to go away. At least before the baby, my fat was proportionate, LOL.

Well, better go - good luck tomorrow everyone!!! (Hopefully more will join!)


PrePreg: 221
Right before Labor: 241
Current: 224.5
Goal: 165

geneve 10-04-2001 05:31 AM

Hi Sue, Oh so pleased to have a bit of company here.
I'm in the same boat really, was OK before I had my first son 4 years ago, then post natal depression gifted me huge weight gain which I'm now trying to lose. I did lose all of my pregnancy weight within a few weeks but I still want to get rid of maybe 50lbs.
I'll 'fess up and put my stats on here.
I have the WW CDROM which is OK, but to start with I'm just going to try and cut out all the 'extras' chocolate, biscuits etc...I have a bit of a sugar for energy problem...in the past I have lost weight by not eating meals just the snacks, but with a baby to feed and a life to live I want to do this right...and anyway, I seem to spend half my life at the dentist for root canals thanks to my sugar habit!
I'm struggling, but I'll do it, I feel so much better then I have in years.
Thanks again for the company,

Jen 10-04-2001 12:09 PM

Hi all. It has been awhile since I managed to get on the computer, Drake has been a handful let me tell you. Between the time it takes to feed him, get him to sleep, pump breast milk and try and do some normal everyday things like oh I don't know go to the bathroom and eat it feels like I do nothing all day. He's in a Snugli on my chest right now, almost but not quite asleep so I figured I would take the opportunity to log on. Was awake a good portion of last night with him crying and carrying on. He is doing that wanting to eat all night thing too so I think I will try that cluster feeding someone was talking about.

I have managed to lose 30 of my 44 pregancy lbs so that puts me at 225lbs. I was 211 before getting pregnant and 255 just before delivery. I don't think I'm going to take the last 14 pregnancy lbs off as easy as the first 30 as I was down a couple of lbs 2 days ago and now they are back on. Been hitting the cookie jar a bit too much I guess. I did manage to get in a walk with the little guy a couple of times, not quite going out everyday like I want to. right now I am just too darned tired! Oh well things have got to get better.

Geneve - I have the same problem as you I think, in between meal snacking is what has really put the pounds on me plus eating too many servings at meals.

Sue - I was overweight as well pre pregnancy though I did manage to lose 18 lbs prior. My pre pregnacy highest weight was 229 so I am happy that I am under that now at least.

Well I think the baby has drifted off. I'm going to see if I can get him into the crib without waking him up and I need to pump as my breasts feel like they are going to explode. I'm not sure how much longer I am going to pump, it is such a pain and so time consuming. I am going to go at least another 3 weeks as that will be the first 6 weeks and they are supposed to be the most important for getting the breast milk. The thing is that I am so tired especially when he is up all night crying I don't have the energy to pump. Also since I am holding him all the time trying to calm him down it makes it rough to pump and hold him at the same time. My DH hasn't really been much of a help on these late nights but I don't blame him. He sleeps poorly as it is and this sure doesn't help. Has anyone tried gripe water? I tried it last night and it didn't really seem to help much.

SueMoo 10-04-2001 12:55 PM

Good morning!
Hi guys.... Happy Thursday! Well, started off the day right (ha-ha) with a bowl of cheerios (OK, that's normal) and a mini 3 musketeer bar. Hey - at least it was a LOW FAT 3 candy bar, right? LOL. Oh well. My hubby keeps buying bags of little candy bars, and I'm having a hard time resisting them. Also, I've been trying to go on a walk every day, with the baby in a stroller, but it seems like I never time it right. By the time she's ready to go - changed, fed, and burped - I'm usually not ready. Then by the time I get changed into sneakers, etc., she needs something again and we can't go. Also, when I put her in the stroller and start walking, she falls asleep, and there are times in the evening when I don't WANT her to sleep, or she'll be up all night long. So I don't go then either. Sigh. It will take a few more weeks to figure this out I guess.

Add me to the club of between meal snacking, and too large of servings at meals. I LOVE to eat, and have very little self discipline. Still, most of my life I was around 160. DH loves to eat too, and since we got married, we've both really packed on the pounds. We're both pretty sedentary too, which doesn't help. I need to start doing the exercise I used to do alot of - rollerblading and skiing. I used to LOVE it, I need to get back to that place again. Right now I get tired after going on a 15 minute walk. I feel sad about what I've done to my body...

Geneve - I have a sugar habit too... Hey, and I read somewhere that a little bit of chocolate helps with post partum depression. So, see - we are just being smart and keeping ourselves from getting PPD. heh. I need to go back to eating sweet things like popscicles, instead of chocolate. :>

Jen, I can totally relate. The pumping was so hard - I felt like I spent all of my time either hooked up to the pump, or feeding her what I had pumped. And even if she DID sleep through the night, I had to get up to pump. Now that I've stopped pumping, I STILL feel like I don't get anything done. My house has never been such a mess, and come to think of it, neither have I!!!! But it's worth it. I think. ha-ha-ha-ha-ha :> Right now with DH working nights, and going to school during the day (he graduates in December, thank goodness), he isn't around to help much. When he is home, and awake, he helps with the baby as much as he can, but he has to sleep SOMETIME.

My baby, Megan, slept for 6 hours last night, which was great. She is 5 weeks old. I am doing the cluster feeding thing, but on Monday and Tuesday nights, I couldn't get her to eat again right before I went to bed, so she woke up both nights at 3AM. Last night I got her to take all of her feedings, and she slept from 11PM to 5AM. Thank goodness.

Well, better get some work done. We are going to San Diego this weekend, leaving tomorrow afternoon - which means that if I start getting the baby ready NOW, we'll be ready to go by Saturday, ha-ha-ha-ha....

Have a great day!

geneve 10-04-2001 05:20 PM

Well, another pretty awful day for me...I start off withthe best intentions but am getting nowhere. I could kick myself I know how good it feels when I do it, I don't even mind feeling hungry but I think half the time I just drift into the kitchen out of habit.
Leo is 8 weeks now, i planned to stop feeding him at 6 weeks but have carried on, partly because I'm worried I'll pile on weight when I stop! I do have really bad times but this has invariably turnedout to be a growing thing which settles down after a few days and so I think I'll carry on until he starts solids...because he is so long he's allowed to start a few weeks early so I'm more than half way there.
I only express once a day, in the mornings when I know it's fairly easy....I try for 4oz, freeze one then feed him a cocktail of 3oz mine3oz formula in the evening, as formula takes them longer to digest buying you a few more zz's or so they say!
I'm trying the cluster thing and he did about 5-6 hours last night which is his best effort to date.
I'm hopeless at organising myself to get out, if I put my mind to it I could get a swim most days as I have DH at home and he can take an hour off around lunch time, but I keep on getting the times wrong. I had planned to leave the car at my sons school walk the few miles home with the baby then walk back to collect him a few times a week, and I think I should start trying to do that at least once a week.
Have a real dilemma right now, its 9.14pm, baby asleep, do i wake him and feed him or let him sleep?
Honetly, if there's two things I'm useless at it's motherhood and dieting..stil I've raised one gorgeous child, so there's still hope.
Tomorrow is (yet) another day.
good luck then
231 now
goal 170

flower 10-04-2001 08:00 PM

Well, my baby just turned 1 on 9-23 -so technically, I should be done with this. I am not sure I qualify of this thread since you guys have new borns and I have a monster! :) I really want to say hi cause I saw Sue Moo is from Vegas. I am in Henderson! I don't think I have seen too many from our neck of the woods.

I was 208 my last week of pregnacy. Started at 186. 3rd pregnacy. I got down to 184 three times since then but 190 seems to be my set point! So I am playing a game this month. I must take more steps tomorrow than I did today. So I have to take at least 1 more than 5078. (That was 2 times around the sunset park walking path this morning) Yes-I have a pedometer. :) My goal is 135 pounds.


Jen 10-05-2001 02:18 PM

Hi all. Tried the cluster feeding last night, he ate at 5, 8, 10pm though he did wake up at 3am wanting to eat again. I was just happy though he wasn't screaming the whole night like the day before. I actually got some decent sleep and feel like a human being again. I had a good day as far as my diet goes but again no exercise because of being sleep deprived. I'm going to try and get out this afternoon even though it is raining. I have one of those plastic coverings for the stroller and I'll bundle him up really well. I think he likes going out anyway, maybe in the rain will be a nice change for him.

Sue - I know what you mean about not being able to figure out how to get out. Every time you turn around there is something that needs to be done, either with you, housework, or the baby is crying. How long does it take to figure this all out? About the breast pumping...I don't think I can do this for as long as I planned, it is just too time consuming. I'd get a lot more done if I wasn't spending 3-4 hours just pumping. Sleep would be nice at the very least. Talking about large meal servings, I got myself a smaller dinner plate and I think that helps control my portions. Also I will load it up and that is it, no second helpings or leftovers. If there are leftovers I will usually have them for lunch the next day, not a night time snack.

Geneve - don't be so down on yourself! You are not useless at being a mom or at dieting. It takes a lot of time to figure these things out and just because you've had one child already doesn't make you an expert on how the second one is going to act. Being a mom is knowing what true frustration and not knowing what is the best thing to do. We had our baby circumsized and right up until they took him for the procedure I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. I was crying sitting in the waiting room just thinking about what he was going through. Believe me that I took it harder than he did. This whole thing has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and it is going to be a long while before I feel like I know what I am doing (if I ever do!). So don't fret about all this, you can only do the best you can do.

flower - we welcome every mom looking to lose weight! You can be really helpful to us mom newbies too!

The baby should be waking up soon so I should toddle off and get his bottle ready. Take care all.

Jen 10-06-2001 11:35 AM

I did pretty well yesterday, ate healthy and got in a walk with the baby but the baby was not a happy camper last night and not right now as a matter of fact. I have him in his snugli and he is just going on and going on. I just don't know what is the matter, that is the most frustrating thing! He has eaten all he is going to, diaper is dry, I have cuddled and walked and rocked til I am blue in the face, thought maybe a different environment might help but so far nothing. At least this is giving me something to do til he decides to settle down. Sometimes that is about all you can do.

flower 10-07-2001 12:57 PM

Griffin has not liked his stroller all week. It is so frustrating when you finally find the energy and time to walk and the baby won't cooperate. Grif is getting to the point where he can twist and turn and get out of the seat belt. He proceeds to make the walk miserable. And what do I do? I get mad, frustrated and hit the fridge when I get home. After that I lay down with baby to get him to nap and I fall asleep. Real good for the metablolism!

Grif does not sleep in his crib. I nursed him for 8 mothes and then he refused any more. But he still does not sleep thru the night. He had really bad ear infections and that woke him up every 2 hours for months. We got tubes in now, but the habits are made now! I have tried letting him cry or moving him once he has fallen asleep but only to have to rescue him in a few hours. I get more sleep letting him sleep w/ us. So romantic huh???

He is walking and starting to talk and he eats people food. He loves chinese food. Yogart is another favorite. He is always dirty. I draw the line at more than 2 bathes a day! Somedays a wash cloth will do for one of those baths! And yes, I work too. I work 20 hours a week at the community college. I am a lab asst in the horticulture departmant. My bf works at a toy store swing shifts. So St are only day we are both home together. With this ecomomy, I am just thankful we are both employeed.

Anyways I am 32, and sick of being lumpy!!!! audri/flower

geneve 10-07-2001 01:52 PM

Hi everyone, hello Flower!
As I write there is a massive storm blowing the sea foam over the windows, and a bigger on raging INSIDE the house! I finally flipped this morning am totally hacked off withDH who has been off work for 6 months and still doesn't know how to get the kids dressed in the morning. I feel like an unpaid skivvy, so I upped and walked out with little Leo this morning, and I had a great day...went to see my nieces who I hardly ever see, then to see my Mum,` no one told me what to do, i haven't picked up a dirty cup or pair of socks all day. When I got in DH was expecting me to aplogise for making him worry about me. Yeah, right.
Anyway, due to all the rushing about finally managed a day without eating too much HOORAY!
Flower, Leo would like to sleep with me all the time, and I try to resist as my brother has a 5 year old who now refuses to sleepalone (Brother now getting a divorce) and i know how awkward it can be...but if they are poorly what else can you do? Thise ear infections are the worst, Ted had all that last year, his temp went so high he was delerious....
I think the cluster feeding thing does work (for Leo that is, I'm a natural cluster feeder in the evenings LOL), am trying to give him formula in the evenings, thought I had cracked it last night he had about 6 oz, then threw it up all over my back. Lovely.
Weigh in for me tomorrow, don't think I'll have lost anything but maybe things will pick up after a good day.

marydave 10-07-2001 03:19 PM

new and need a friend
Hope you all don't mind one more new mom jumping in here. I haven't been on these message boards in over a year and so much has happened I feel I need to. First let me introduce myself, my name is Mary and I am from Nova Scotia Canada. I am 37 (in Nov) and married for 13 years. Up until Aug 6 I had one son, 10 years old and now I have a two month old son. I joined Tops on Nov 20/01 with such great motivation to lose the weight, I weighed 210.5 and found out that I was pregnant a couple weeks later. I went into the delivery room at 238 and two weeks after the delivery I weighed 205, I was estatic. Well that didn't last long, being home all day, post partum depression setting in and a new baby that I didn't plan on was just too much to handle. Now I am at 211.5 and really need to get control. I don't attend Tops now because I moved to a new town a month before I had the baby and just can't find the time to go, this is why I need these boards for support. I want to do the WW123 at home but need support, someone to be accountable to for my bad habits. It took me three years to learn really good eating habits and 9 months to forget them. So what do you say, am I in, do I qualify for you support, sure hope so I can use all the friends I can get who have something in common with me. PS what is this cluster feedings you are talking about?

SueMoo 10-08-2001 01:58 AM

Hi everyone!
Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't posted - we went out of town this weekend, to San Diego (it was wonderful), so I haven't had time. Actually, I have to get Megan to sleep, so I can't post much of anything right now, I'll do that tomorrow. Just wanted to drop in to say hello and WELCOME to the new folks. (Although, hey, we're ALL new - it's a brand new thread/group! :>)

Talk to you all soon!

geneve 10-08-2001 09:59 AM

Hi everyonem hi Mary, welcome, a special welcome to you because I had post natal depression with my first and can ooze sympathy for anyone else who has it...luckily I escaped this time but will never forget how awful it was. I put on all my weight during the depressed times and am stilltrying to shed it 4 years later so DON'T give in or you'll end up feeling preganant again!
The cluster freeding thing as I understand it is basically trying to get your baby to eat lots in the evening, lots of big/little feeds, the idea being it helps them sleep. I have been trying this for maybe a week, and little Leo slept through last night...7 hours, forst time ever. It does seem to have helped him.
Anyway, must dash as he wants feeding now, will try to get back here later.
Sue..I wish I was off to SanDiego, you have no idea how exotic that sounds here in windswpet Blighty!!

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