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I can relate to youe story completely!!! Welcome and Good luck!!*hugs*~Becca
Originally Posted by lilly2874
hi everyone. my name is tracy. i will be starting the grapefruit juice diet tomorrow. it is very close to atkins but with the grapefruit juice. i am over 200 and that is all i am going to say. i tried the cabbage soup diet a few months back and lost about 8 lbs but then it came right back with friends. i am hoping to finally put an end to my weight problem. i was always relatively thin about 135 and after having children i went up to 269. that was 4 yrs ago when i had my last child. i am in a size 18 and want to be back down to a normal size. i cry everyday. pray everyday and just eat more and more everyday. i am so tired of hearing "but you have such a pretty face" i could vomit! my body will never be the same after having children and gaining all of that weight i have come to terms with that. but that is no reason to hold myself back from being the best i can be with or without all the fat. to be honest i am scared. very scared. food is my comfort my best friend and i am already in mourning over having to give up the food i love. i am ready and willing to do what it takes to get this weight off. i am so glad i will have all this support from people who are there or who have been there. i do not think i could even attempt without ya'll. God bless everyone. and thank you in advance for all the help. tracy
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