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Originally Posted by CPAHughes
I have seen this package on TV and was wondering if you really need the whole kit to follow the program? I have tons of exercise stuff already and don't want to buy this huge pack of stuff just to get the food listing, menu, etc. I have already determined I am a type B. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Well, like I said...there's no mystery or secret here, just a bunch of gimmicks hooked onto a Hollywood Celebrity Trainer's Big Name. Just because a bazillion people have bought it and a website has some fishy (and/or faux) 'endorsements' from people with only a first name and last initial, and most importantly the marketing that is very very scientifically done by experts who know EXACTLY what to say to push people's buttons...heck they can even order a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE without going into the for instance you have six weeks from the day the package arrives on your doorstep otherwise you're SOL as far as a refund goes (for them anyway...Since I didn't see that really DISCLOSED on the ordering website that you have six weeks from the date the package arrives to qualify for the moneyback guarantee, my guess is that you could still do a chargeback through your credit card issuer as long as you meet the proper time frames - that is if you return the product to the merchant first and if they do not issue a credit within a reasonable period of time). Of course, the marketers KNOW that most of the time, when people buy this sort of thing, they get all excited for maybe a week, then forget about it once they do the 'fun test' to find out what their body type is or whatever...

Anyway...I'm rambling here. Summing up:

1) if you MUST have the Thurmond plan, check ebay or and buy one of the numerous 'lightly used' kits selling at a discount; or

2) Go to the library or the bookstore, or even the Internet and find one of the many excellent weight-loss books (there's a lot of crap out there, but also some really good ones with solid info) which include weight training (which from what I've seen of the Thurmond plan would be considered "toning" since they use resistance bands), try out some exercise DVDs through Netflix or Blockbuster or join an exercise class or a gym...the resistance bands you can get EXTREMELY cheaply via the Internet or at Sportmart or similar place - I think they're less than 10 bucks each. For support, you can always come to 3FC.

3) and if you want to get a bit more serious about adding resistance training, mosey on down to the Ladies who Lift subforum...
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