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I bought the 6 week body make over and it is in my closet collecting Dust!
It is very strict on what you can eat. Bought it and wished I hadn't!!!!
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Default New Member- Just got the 6WBM

Hey! I am new to this board. I just got the 6WBM in the mail last week. I am going today to get my food and start the plan tomorrow. When I first got the plan, I was so overwhelmed with all of the info. I read and studied the plan for a week to make sure I understood everything about it. Alot of the info I read made alot of sense about my body type and why I have been miserably failing all of these years on different diets. I will post updates about my experience with this plan. Wish me luck!!!

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My friend and I both bought the kit. She was on it for 2 days and I was on it for a week. You had to eat constantly. I tried it 2 years ago....and I still can not bring myself to eat tuna again....or hard boiled eggs. It was horrible. My friend got really light headed and had to quit. I tried to get past that, but I couldn't stomach the foods they suggested. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I do agree with Bad4x4girl, there was a lot of informative literature provided, but it definitely wasn't worth what we paid.
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Whoever said that about not having the energy to exercise while doing the 6WBMO knows what they are talking about. I like to get up in the morning and get my exercise over with (Slim in 6), but everytime that I try to do the 6WBMO, I have absolutely no energy to get through. I could get up earlier and eat first and allow the food to energize me, but I get up at 4:15 AM anyway and I refuse to get up at 3:30AM just to get the energy to exercise.
I didn't lose as quickly doing Atkins, but at least I could exercise!

Have any of you tried Somersizing? I just posted a thread asking questions about it. I would like to know anything that anyone has to say.

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Default Pros and Cons

I did 6WBMO for a while and had great success....infact I recognize a few of the names here from their support boards.
Anyway, the plan works great when you are 100% perfect all of the time. Unfortunately, that is not always realistic.
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I too bought the kit and the best part of it was putting the kit together and choosing the cards for my body type. As mentioned above it is very very restrictive, drastically reducing salt, sugar, calories, carbs and fat. Yes if you follow it you will lose weight and i did the week that i followed it but it is not realistic and not something in my opinion that one can follow for a long period of time. Needless to say the weight came back on much faster than it came off.
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I am new here and I bought it. It works but it is really hard to stick to. I can't see it being a way of life. I didn't find it restrictive because they offer alot of recipes. I found it just took up to much of my time. It made me think about food all day. I was always looking for no salt added products. It also was expensive when I went food shopping. Plus I had to lug around a cooler all day with my food in it because you have to eat a certain times even if your not hungry.
I could never drink the required 100 oz of water or I would spend most my day in the bathroom. I did however get alot of good information from the kit such as what foods are good and not good for my body type.
I think if you really feel you can cut out all added salt ( which is harder then you may think), drink 100 oz of water a day, spend at least $30 a week extra on your food bill, Eat on schedule everyday 5 to 6 times a day then this diet will work for you.
I have decided any diet will work as long as you can stick to it and there is the key. Finding something you can stick with and still enjoy life.
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