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Really Jane being OP is highly overated - lol

Venti's make me anxious and stressed, I continue to drink them though in the mornings.Plus I drink wine most night and am working a 12 step program now - lol jk, Though I am sipping the wine just to relax at night.

The assistant thing is cracking my mental state - and we know how fragil that was - haha. So I called her today and asked how the applications were going because she needs to put them on the computer (data entry) within 24 hours and we had 15 yesterday. She still had 15 today, plus some checklist to complete. 15 apps takes approx 2 hours and the checklist maybe an hour. I am thinking I have given her 3 hours in an 8 hours shift. I say something like "so you will get it all done today." "Uh" she says "I don't think so....15 apps,plus your checklist , plus I have a stack of workorders to do.Plus any emergencies that might come up..........blah- blah- whaaaaa - whaaaa.

Look I say applications are the priority and the checklist (which I gave her last Tuesday to do) work orders we can deal with Monday. She has lots of time to do all this,,,,,,

Such a pain.......exactly why I called today to make sure she knew that. I don't have time to go in there on Monday and be behind because she didn't do her job........ARGH,,,,,,


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