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Default Total "Duh" moments....OT

Ok...someone please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. Today I went to get my hair cut and colored. Lucky for of my best friends is a hair stylist. Anywho.....she was all finished(I love it btw , I picked out a few products, and then went to check out. The total was like 84.46..(with all my products) and in my mind I thought I wanted to give her a seven dollar tip....I had my i started writing the check....all of a sudden...I literally could not add seven dollars onto the 84.46.....I tried counting on my fingers and that didn't even work.... She was sitting there waiting for me and I couldn't do anything...finally I asked her for a calculator...and it was one of those fancy adding machines so I couldn't even use that. Finally I just say "I want to give you a seven dollar tip, what would that be??". Her boss was right near and probably thought I was off my rocker or something. It was the weirdest a complete and total "brain fart" big I've never felt so empty headed almost made me anxious.....

Does anybody do this?? It was like I had a mini stroke or of a sudden I couldn't think at was really weird. I had worked lastnight and didn't get much sleep...but man....I know Bridget is one of my best friends and I shouldn't feel stupid but geeze. Oh yeah...BTW..I'm one of those people that lets even the stupidest of things bother them for weeks.
Oh yeah...I then the "real" total was 91.46....I went to write "ninety" and couldn't remember how to spell that.


Anyways...I know this message is totally stupid.....but I guess I feel like I'm going crazy or something and all you wonderful guys and gals are always so

Anyways...maybe you'll get a laugh out of it if nothing else..LOL...

Hugs to all..
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Slimming down in San Fran
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That has totally happened to me and I'm only 35 even in the same situation of checking-writing and being all "hmmm, add tip... er...." *brain crunching numbers, gerbils running wildly on their wheels in my head*

I still have problems remembering my new-ish phone number (lots of similiar numbers in it) and sometimes my age

At least I can walk and chew gum. Most days.
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Oh, gawd, I do that all the time! It is so embarrassing! And not only not being able to add correctly (one reason I usually tip 20%--it's easier to figure out!!), but sometimes I can't even speak correctly! And I was at a luncheon the other day and was passing the salad dressing and dropped it all over the linen table cloth! I swear, people probably thought I was drunk (I wasn't!!!).
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It happens to me some times too. Yesterday I called to pay my phone bill over the phone. They asked for the last 4 digits of my Social Security number and I couldn't remember it. I tried to think of it and finally had to hang up. Thought it through and wrote it on paper and then called them back. So, I must be "losing it" too.
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Oh guys are making me feel so much better...LOL. Yeah...I really don't know where my head has been lately. Actually...thinking back..I've been doing it when talking too. I'll start telling a story or something and completely lose my train of thought.....then either nothing comes out or something that doesn't make sense comes out..LOL...yeeek. Maybe I need to get off the night shift or something?? Anyways....not that I wish the "duh" moments onto anyone else but I am glad I'm not the only one..LoL.
Thanks again..
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Luckily I can usually add easily (I've always had a thing for numbers) but I'm always pausing in mid-sentence now because I think of something else and then forget what I was talking about in the first place.
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You all are not alone. Stuff like that happens with me too. My mom, bless her ~ says not to worry ~ it is just a "busy cluttered mind".
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Oh my gosh, that is so funny. I've done stuff like that too. Except for me, it's like I get delirious-- One time, when I was working in the hospital, actually the ambulatory clininc, I was walking out to the main area, I had to use the restroom.. As I was walking through the main part, and ambulance pulled in and was pushing this girl in on a stretcher. I ran up to her, thinking she was my best friend, and asked her (by name) if she was ok? What was going on? This woman looked at me like I was an alien... It was not my friend. Didn't even really look like her. I felt like the biggest dumbass in the entire world. I said to her, oh, sorry, I thought you were my friend. I mean what else could I say-- this lady was being rushed to the hospital and a crazy person practically attacks her!! I was so embarrased.

I've also lost my mind when I was pregnant. I couldn't think of things for the life of me. I don't think I ever really got it all back either!!!
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