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First off, beautifulone, 40 MINUTES on a machine at the gym. You should be FREAKIN' PROUD of yourself. That is FANTASTIC!

Also, kykaree, being featured in your work magazine, how AWESOME is that? I would be bustin' my buttons with pride over that (better than bustin's one's buttons for another reason, eh? )

Re feeling self-conscious at the gym, when I started at the gym I started off swimming, so basically wearing less than I would to work out on a machine. I guess I wasn't super self-conscious b/c very few people used the pool and also my hubby was coming to the gym w/ me (although not swimming). This is goofy, but to take my mind off my body, I would fantasize about being an Olympic swimmer that everyone was cheering for. Man, I won a lot of medals .

Once I worked my way to the elliptical trainer, I was self-conscious b/c I sweat like the dickens and get really RED . Then I told myself, that's what I'm here for and that red, sweaty face is proof that I worked my tail off! I also did a similar thing as with swimming. If someone on the elliptical next to me got on and off all the while I was working out, I would secretly exult that I had "beat" them in some imaginary race (even though I know they were probably just using the elliptical as a warm up).

Basically, I advocate fantasizing to move the focus from your embarassment to your current and future gym victories, both imagined and real! Good luck getting more comfortable and let us know what you find works for you.
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I started at the gym at about 340 and the first day I was so nervous I thought I would pass out. But, I did my thing, no one bothered me and each day it got easier. I now LOVE to be at the gym and I know a lot of the people that go. I am lucky to have a gym in my building at work and I now know a lot of people from other companies. In fact the problem I have now is that I see people in the hallway who haven't been going for a while and I make them feel guilty!

One thing is that if you are in a gym where you are uncomfortable, maybe you can look for other options. I know this gets complicated if you have a contract, but if you are uncomfortable in your gym maybe you can find another one that feels better.
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I think everyone feels nervous at first, if you're trying something new and unusual and don't know whether you'll fit in. That applies to anything new you try in life, not just going to the gym. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and do it.

Those people in the gym aren't thinking about you, or not for more than a millisecond, and if they notice your weight now, then they'll be able to congratulate you later when it's come off.

Most people in the gym will understand your situation and not judge you. You don't know how many of them have been obese, or know friends who have been obese, and know how hard it is to take that first step. I'm always really pleased when a new "fat chick" joins my gym because they're doing something for themselves. When I'm running on the treadmill you might not know that's what I'm thinking, or why I understand what the new person is going through, but I do.

Once you get used to it, it's not so bad, honest!
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I'm taking today off but I'm so glad I went yesterday. It makes me feel really good knowing that I spent that time treating my body well and taking care of myself and you're all totally right... thanks for all of your support I do find the free weight section intimidating!! I haven't gone yet. I'm trying to establish a routine with cardio first, add the weights a little later so I don't do everything at once. But yeah, it's usually the buff teenage or college aged guys around whom I feel most uncomfortable, though in the end... we're each there for our own purposes so I'll "feel the fear and do it anyway" as someone said (I've heard the book is good!). I can't wait!
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I'll tell you something that i shared about six months ago. I was working in the abs section of my gym doing my fitball thing. I saw these two young guys about 17 - 18, vry fit and buff talking to a trainer, then they walked up to me. I was thinking "fantastic, they're going to ask the fat chick to move"

Imagine my suprise when the guys said "we need some ab exercises and our trainer says your the one to help". I was stunned. Oh and I killed them, poor guys used muscles they never knew they had.

So don't be quick to put yourself down, or to judge others. You might find that guys end up being your biggest supporters. The men in my gym make so much more fuss over my progress than the women!
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Like Gretchen, I too am lucky to have an array of workout equipment at home, so I've never felt the need to join a gym. I just wanted to say great job - you're doing fantastic! Keep it up!

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These are such great points!

Something else...I bet the majority of the chicks a whole lot smaller are so busy worrying about how they look, they don't notice anyone else. I guess that's maybe the one advantage of being in such a narcissistic society.
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