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Default 10 things I HATE about exercise...

Well, I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm getting there and am in need of inspiration. Thin is fun, but getting there is not so fun. I heard something similar to this on the radio so I decided to do one of my own.

Ten Things I Hate about Exercise!

1. I hate that all my clothes fit properly and actually look good!
2. I hate the new muscles I've developed and I miss the cottage cheese I once had.
3. I hate how I get people telling me how great I look all the time.
4. I hate the great selection of clothing I now have to chose from. Afterall, who needs all those choices?!
5. I hate that I can breath easier because of the weight loss and endurance built through exercise.
6. I hate how great I feel and how much energy I have.
7. I hate how I get those cute googley eyed looks from my husband.
8. I hate that the furniture doesn't squeak when I sit down.
9. I hate being able to sit in just about any chair and fit.
10. I hate that I will live longer if I continue to live healthy.

So, next time I feel unmotivated to exercise, I'll go over my list of why it's so "bad" for me.

Your turn!
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I hate that a guy can start running while I am already running and then he quits and I am still running!
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I hate how exercise always put me in a good mood!
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I hate how I can go up a flight of stairs without stopping half way to catch my breath and rest my legs.
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I hate that I can fit into smaller clothes.
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Well I haven't meet any of my small goals but I know I'm feeling better, so..... I hate that exercising makes me feel better about myself and helps me sleep better at night.

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I hate that cute boys in the gym ask me how to do their abs exercises.

I hate that the slim Spanish lady in the gym on Wednesday night asked me how to use the stairmaster, struggled at level 2 then asked what I was doing....oh just level 7 today

I hate that instead of turning to the fridge when I'm stressed I go to the gym and lift the heaviest weights I can!
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I hate exercise because I absolutely detest that smug feeling when I go into work and scare my colleagues with my lastest race time, in the knowledge that most of them would get nowhere near me.
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What a SUPER thread - I have copied these all into word & am going to post them as a reminder!

I hate that spending the day walking, canoeing & playing in the water with my girl guides doesn't leave me exhausted & sore.

I hate that my sleeping bag has more room for me to move around in than before.
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I hate how exercise and strength training has provided me with the stamina to kick my husbands butt.....(if I needed to..LOL)...

I also hate going to the WW main site and seeing that women that weigh 20 to 40 pounds less than me are NOT able to get thru a whole Firm workout..."I had to shut it off half way through"....I always make it thru the videos....God..I hate that...LOL...LOL...

These are all great!!!

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I hate that when I exercise, I sometimes lose inches even when I haven't lost any real pounds on the scale.

All kidding aside, I hate that I can read this entire thread about how wonderful exercise is (as if I didn't know it already), and yet, I can just continue to sit on my butt and be lazy day after day...
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I hate that I actually feel SO good once I've completed my workout!
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I HATE how much energy I have... actually my husband DOES hate it, he complains that I can't just sit and relax with him anymore... I just want to go go go go go!
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