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Default Summer Plans

Just wondering what people's summer plans are. Any interesting trips or things you want to do? Here are my plans for the summer.

While it's not officially summer, we're starting the travel season with a trip to Alaska next week for some daytime cruisin' and some kayaking to celebrate our 25th anniversary. That's our big trip for the summer. Hawaii and Alaska in one year--pretty cool!

Other summer plans: a 5K either in July or September or possibly both, visiting my son and granddaughter (my avatar girl) the end of June and for a week in September, my Dad's 90th birthday party that I'm planning, our annual Cousin's Weekend on the Oregon coast (my sister and our cousin) in late August, and a conference in Seattle in September. Plus hopefully some garden tours because I love garden tours on the weekends, and some hiking trips. And maybe if the stock market recovers a bit, we can watch the fence builders build us a new fence.

Please share your plans!
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I'm heading for Alaska also, in 2 weeks, with my 10 yo granddaughter. I have been taking my grands on a trip the summer they turn 10 (started 6 yrs ago, when I retired) and this is my 3rd trip to Alaska (of 4 trips). This one wanted a cruise, so that's what we're doing. For the rest of the summer, spending as much time with the grands as I can. Some of them go to year round school, so their summer break is pretty short.
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So much to do! Actually I think my summer plans started a few months early this year. I've already done so much vacation, i'm running out of vacation time !

I went to Miami/Florida keys in February (Miami so so, Florida keys nice), I just came back from China (awesome), in a few weeks, I'm going to Montreal, then a couple weeks after that I'm going to San Diego. Then I'm done for a while. Also, I got in a bit of spring hiking, not sure if I'll be able to get much hiking in the summer. It was already 100 degrees the other day here! What an introduction to my first summer here. I think I'm going to lay low and wait for fall.
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I have a few plans..
I'm off on tues for the summer so my friends and I are doing early morning aqua aerobics in my pool ( they are teachers and off), followed by a spa type lunch and some catching up to do.
We are going to canada, niagra falls end of july. Also some long weekends to a rented house in the Pocono's on a beautiful lake.
Our close friend is turning 50 and his Party is in July, that is quite the task of planning!
My daughter is home from college and I hope to "rebond" with her, maybe some movies and dinner and some mother, daughter chats...
We spent two weeks in Hawaii this year... I can't wait to go back...
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I plan to work out with my son 3 days a week when it fits into his schedule (he is my trainer) By Sept 15 I want to lose another 20 pounds. There is a rock wall on the cruise ship that I want to climb.
I have several trips planned from now thru October
June 10-14 Reno Nevada to celebrate husbands birthday his family will join us from Redwood City
June 21-July 4 family reunions at Lake Tahoe and Reno. My three kids are joining us.
August Las Vegas trip to watch husband play for a million $ in a tournament. I am staying at Caesar's palace for the first time.
Septemter 15-22 crusie to Haiti, Grand Caymans, Jamaica and Cozumel
October trip to Atlantic City, Westchester Penn.
Along with all the fun stuff you have the daily chores in and around the house.
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Ooh, I envy your weekend on the Oregon Coast. My husband is from Oregon so whenever we go visit we have to spend a few nights at the coast. So beautiful and the cool breezes make such a welcome relief from our Mississippi summers. The Alaska trip sounds wonderful too, Alaska and Hawaii in one year - you guys are really getting around.

We will do some camping later this summer at one of the state parks, but don't have any big plans. DH and I have used a lot of our vacation time already this year for two family trips we had to make in March and then again in April when my DD had surgery.
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Good thread Sheila!

Here are my plans so far: (they have already started)

1) May 27-1st Annual Ontario Lab Fest-this was a get together arranged by Lab owners from the other board I belong to for a get together for all of our labs to play for the afternoon at a nice dog park
2) June 3-All day hike with Dog Paddling
3) June 10-All day hike by the lake
4) July 7-9-camping at Algonquin Park
5) July 15-another Ontario Lab Fest in cottage country (maybe)
6) Sept 20-25-camping at Kilarney Provincial Park
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My daughter's friends is coming here to the west coast for the first time at the end of July. We are taking her to the Oregon coast, up to Seattle for a night, and then just some shopping in downtown Portland. Then my daughter is going back to Maine with her, and she's so excited because they're taking her to New York and Boston, and she's never been to the east coast. While she's gone for the week, my husband and I are probably going down to the coast for a night or two.
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I am so excited to be coming home:

My sister will visit me here and then we fly to Las Vegas. After that we will go to her home in NY. We plan on going to Connecticuit with my Mom for an overnight trip to Mohegan Sun. We also plan day trips to NYC to see Chicago (the musical) and another day to see the NY Mets play. After that I will head back here to Seoul.

The things I am looking forward:

The beach
American Grocery stores
Bookstores in english
Going to any restaurant I choose and being able to communicate

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DARLENE...Your trip sounds like a much needed one and I'm sure you will have a great time!
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My SO will finish writing her dissertation this summer, so I'll be sitting on the other side of her desk with my pokin' stick to keep her motivated.

And I've been lifting a lot of weights, I've got a pretty mighty poke!
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Originally Posted by andoreth
My SO will finish writing her dissertation this summer, so I'll be sitting on the other side of her desk with my pokin' stick to keep her motivated.

And I've been lifting a lot of weights, I've got a pretty mighty poke!

Jen, that's hilarious!!!!!

Sending my BEST goodvibes : to your SO on her dissertation!!!!

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I'm going to Prague in August and Berlin in September. The second trip is to do my marathon, so there will be lots of training thrown in throughout summer. I'm also hoping to get out to Spain to see my family at some point, but at the moment I have no idea when that will be.
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Hmmmm..... about three weeks we are going to Country will be four days of relaxation and listening to some great country bands including: Big and Rich, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Blackhawk, and Collin Raye.

Exactly a month later....I will be celebrating my Birthday at Rock Fest...which is at the same place and very similar to Country Fest...except it's we will get to see Kansas, Motley Crue, Poison, Cinderella, Kid Rock, Sammy Hagar among others....should be pretty fun!!!

In August we are having our annual Cucumber Festival Party...that's our little town's celebration. We always have a cookout here and then go downtown to listen to the bands and usually end up drinking a little bit too much.

Then the next weekend in August we are going up north to Long Lake for a week with my parents, sister, and grandma. They are staying in a cabin and we are taking our travel trailer up and staying in that. I'm really looking forward to, swimming, paddleboating, antiquing, grilling out, and hanging out and playing pool at the resort bar. Very relaxing..I can't wait!!!

I'm so excited about all these fun things...but part of me is worried about the caloric intake....yeeeeeek...I think I'm going to try to bring lots of healthy snacks to offset the times I may eat out and indulge too much.

Everyone's plans sound soooo fun...I LOVE summer!!!

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I would guess the cucumber festival is pretty calorie friendly...unlike, say, a pork rib festival!
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