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Talking An update on me. :)

I noticed a couple of you came over to the pregnant/nursing forum and checked up on me so I figured I'd post an update for those of you who want to know
I'm currently 16 weeks PG and I've already been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The upside to it is I'll get to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks. I'm already on insulin shots (yes I have to stick myself with a needle) 2x a day--a slow acting one before bed to help with my morning fast and a fast-acting one before dinner. At my last diabetic appt. my #s looked great and so far my insulin will stay the same. I'll also have to do many, many 24-hour urine tests to check the creatinine levels and make sure my kidneys are functioning properly. (I'm sure Aimee-SAPF, knows a lot more about this.) I'm already on every other week appts. with the doc because I'm considered high risk with being a repeat c-section and having the gest. diabetes. I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy (well if you count the 1/2 pound, I'm up to 286 fully clothed with shoes on). I'm on a lower carb diet and I may actually lose a few pounds before it is all said and done. I'll have the first big u/s on Apr. 26 and we do plan on finding out the sex. I have a scheduled c-section on Aug. 29 so it is nice to have an end date in sight.

Gretchen--if you are lurking, I do know what you mean about being treated different here when you are PG and I finally figured it out. It's not so much everyone here treats us preggers differently, it's that our goals are different from everyone else. I still lurk here daily (several times actually) and read the posts but at this point I just can't relate and don't feel "qualified" to post on something where it is weight-related. Yeah I may have been there 100 times in the past but right now I'm not focused on weight loss. Yes I am focused on health but it just isn't the same. Y'all can just know that I'm here in spirit.

Anyway, here's my belly pics I've taken thus far.
8week, 12week and then 16 week (gray shirt)

For those who enjoy pics of my kiddos, here they are in a fashion show last week.

Finally, if you've made it this far (I know I'm long-winded) we are so close to moving into the new house. We are just waiting on the people who delivered it to come out and relevel it so a couple doors will close properly and take care of a couple of minor things and we should be able to move in soon!!!

This is the front of it (right after we got it.)
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You are simply BEAMING! Congrats on the house!
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Ok, I have to ask.... who manufactured your house? I noticed you are in Oklahoma, and I am in Kansas. My husband works at Schult Homes (owned by Clayton Manufactured Homes), he thinks it looks like one that went through the line
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You are looking great Dawnyal!

My good buddy just had gd (from 5 weeks) and did insulin so I know what you are talking about. I'm glad your numbers are looking good!

Your kids are adorable! And that house is cool! That will be so much fun!

I know what you mean about being pg. My goals were different. I felt funny about posting to some threads like the weightloss one lol. I even felt funny winning the points challenge since I didn't lose weight. No one ever said anything to make me feel that way and I still enjoyed the support here

ty for the update

Catherine mom to 11
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Very glad you posted, Dawnyal! You're looking great, the "kiddos" are looking adorable and the house is looking oh so ready for a loving family to move in and make it home! So glad all is going well and please drop by often to give us updates.
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Thanks for the update! Your kiddos are precious! Let us know when you find out the sex! You look so happy and it sounds like you are doing everything possible to be healthy. Congrats on the new home too.
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Thanks for the update Dawnyal! You look absolutely stunning and your kiddos are just to die for!

Also, congrats on your house. Bet you can't wait to move in!

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Thanks for the update, I was thinking about you the other day. I am very glad your are taking care of yourself and that baby
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if only she'd lose weight
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I'm so glad you checked in!! I've been wondering about you & that's the worst part of the Pregnancy/Nursing Forum's existence--ppl feel like they can't post here & WE MISS YOU!!!!

24 hour collection--not a picnic. My tip for you on that one is to keep a Sharpie or other pen in the bathroom (maybe in the medicine cabinet, hiding?) so you can write down the time you collected.

Sounds like everything is going well, hope the diabetes continues to stay in check!! Thank you for the pics of Lily & William. They're getting so big! Are they excited about the baby?

Please please PLEASE keep us posted!!
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Congrats, Dawnyal Your kids are adorable. Best wishes to you.
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It is great to hear from you. Wow!! Lots of really positive changes. It seems that taking care of yourself is what 3fc is all about. Congrats on doing a great job of it.

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Congratulations Dawnyal - I had no idea you were pregnant! Sorry to hear about your health concerns - hope things stay stable for you and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

You are always very welcome here, even if it's just to say hello!

Take care,

Love Amanda x
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Dawnyal, thanks so much for checking in. We worry about you guys when you're gone! I'm sorry that you're having some health concerns with this pregnancy, but it sounds like you're doing all the right stuff to make everything go smoothly. I can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or girl!!

Please keep us updated even if you don't feel like posting here for a while, okay?

Love the belly shots, and your kids are such cuties. Hope you get to move into that gorgeous house soon.
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Dawnyal! It is great to see you posting! Good to see the belly shots, pictures of the kids and the house. Take care of yourself and keep us updated when you can! We miss you guys when you are not around!
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Hi Dawnyal,
Thanks for the update. Thanks for sharing some pics of yourself, kids and house too. Keep us posted!

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