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Talking Which plan and why?

I have seen so many inspiring weight losses here on the 100lb. Club and I was wondering if any of you would share with me what plan you are using and when you started?

I am searching for what is right for me. I was going to do the WW Flex program but I am like a spoiled brat who has had their food taken away. I think I will switch to CORE in the morning. It worked for those three weeks in the spring when I lost 10 pounds. I know we are all different but I am curious to see what works for who and why.

You guys and girls are awesome!!
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At the beginning of the year I did a course of 8 weight loss sessions with a trainer at my gym, it's called Shape shifters. They don't give you a diet plan, just teach you about good nutrition.

So now I just follow my own plan, which is basically a healthy diet - plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, good carbohydrates, lean protein - and lots of exercise.

I am not good at organised plans. I did weight watchers when I was 15, and I really resented it. The formal plans are fabulous for some people, but not me!
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I lost 50lb in 2005 through calorie counting and exercise. I started off at about 1800 cals and then cut down to 1600. Exercise wise I started off doing 20 mins on my exercise bike about 3 times a week, then I added in walking and swimming. Six months in I joined a gym and I now go 6 times a week!

I don't cut out any food - obviously you have to be careful, but I still have my fave pizza once a week as a treat! Because I am exercising so much, a treat now and again is no problem at all.

The most important thing is to find a plan that you know you can stick to permanantly - for example, I know I would lose a tonne of weight if I seriously restricted my carbs - but I also know that I just won't stick to that and would end up gorging on them! So as a sort of comprimise, I've swithched to wholegrain carbs rather than white.

Good luck

Love Amanda x
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I'm not following any particular plan. I just eat a lot more fruits and veggies, drink plenty of water, good carbs and lean protein. I eat three meals and one to two snacks a day. I'm much more aware of my portions and always read labels to be aware of what I am putting into my body. I don't count calories. I just watch what I eat.
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I also follow my own plan which is basically counting calories and exercising. When I started last year I didn't change much other than my portions. It wasn't long before I realized I felt much better and could eat much more by incorporating healthier, fresher foods. I haven't cut anything out. I eat what I want, just not as much as I want. Admittedly, though, I don't eat a lot of the same foods I used to (mostly refined type stuff) but it isn't because I CAN'T I just don't like to anymore.

Also, I don't eat the same number of calories every day. Instead I try to average a certain amount over the course of a week. I think I started in the 2000-1800 range, dropped to 1500-1600 after a while, went down to 1200-1300 for a month or so, and now I'm back in the 1500-2000 calorie range.

I exercise regularly but not necessarily every day. I tend to go in spurts. I have always incorpoarted weights into my routine and that has made, IMO, a big difference. I may not have a formal workout everyday but I do move more everyday. Whether it is playing chase with the kids, or making several trips upstairs to put away laundry instead of just one, etc. I make sure that I am active in general.
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Mark me down as another without a commercial plan. I basically read up as much as possible on nutrition and made my own plan, counting calories taken in and expended using a program called Diet Power. When I started, I ate between 1500-1800 calories but now that I don't need as many calories to fuel my smaller body, I strive for between 1200-1500 calories a day (usually closer to the top end of that range, truth to tell ) of as much food of unprocessed, healthy proteins and fats and complex carbs as will fit into my allotment for the day. I eat tons of fruits and veggies but do still eat out or have a treat now and then, within my plan of course. I STRIVE for 33/33/33 of protein, carbs, and fats, but I usually end up higher on carbs and lower on protein unless I REALLY make a concerted effort.

I agree with Amanda -- you have to find something you can stick to permanently. I'm satisfied with the way I eat now and can see myself doing it forever (just slightly higher calories once I hit maintenance). There are a ton of good plans out there, but I've had good luck in making mine up based on lots and lots of research. I definitely urge you to read as much as possible on 3FC - the knowledge and wisdom I've gained here has been INSTRUMENTAL to my success.

Good luck to you and feel free to ask questions!
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I do WW Flex -points and lots of exercise!
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For me, I have to be very structured about what I eat. I have tried all the different plans that are out there, NutriSystem, Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig. For myself, I find if I give myself too much freedom, I get carried away. Right now, the plan I am on has a strict eating plan for the first stage, but once you hit your goal, you start to introduce foods. It is mostly low carb, low fat.
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I'm doing WW Flex points. I get a bit of freedom, but also the structure and accountablity I need.
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I'm another make it up as you go along type person. I do look at various diets, and glean what I like from them (there is a lot that's fairly standard, and common sense, like fresh fruit and veg, lean meat, pulses, that would fit well on most plans and forms the basis of my eating, looking at plans sometimes gives me recipe ideas, but I don't stick to them rigidly).

I've cut down refined carbs a lot, but do eat complex carbs like porridge, rye bread etc, I probably eat more protein and definitely more fruit and veg than I used to, and almost invariably hit at least 5 portions per day. I haven't cut out treats or sugar entirely, but am more aware of the "non-meal" snacking that used to go on. I've also started weighing portion sizes more carefully.

The big thing for me though is running, and other sorts of exercise. I do weights and general gym stuff, but I love running because it lets me set distance based targets rather than weight loss targets (e.g. I have a 10k race in x weeks time, can I build up to running that far, knowing that doing that will cause me to lose weight, but not setting a target for how much)

I've also cut down alcohol a lot and have moved to drinking red wine and spirits with sparkling flavoured water rather than beer or sugary mixers. I never really drank soft drinks (other than with alcohol) or coffee, so it's really the mix between water and alcohol that I've adjusted so there's more water and less alcohol!
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I just re-started the South Beach Diet. I am a girl who needs a bit of there are guidelines I must follow. I am on tihs plan because it has worked for me before. It is something that is doable for me. I like the food that is allowed. It is only really strict the first two weeks in order to decrease your cravings for sugar. After the two weeks, you can add complex carbs back in and fruit.

As far as excercise...that is something I really have to work on and build up. I have the WATP tapes, so I think I will work with those for a while to get myself moving. I guess the advice I need to give to myself is to keep with it. I seem to be all gung hoe in the beginning and expect to see results fast!!! When I don't see the results, I loose steam and eventually get lazy with the meal plans and excercise.

Oh yeah, I also find that I need to plan my meals ahead of time. If I don't I tend to eat off plan. Let us know what you decide to do!
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I'm also a calorie counter with exercise. I too am striving to remain under 2000 calories and will lower them as needed. I try to get in my veggies, dairy and protein each day. I don't worry aobut the carbs since I eat too many of them as it is

I also don't limit the foods I eat. If I want pizza I PLAN for it in advance. If that means eating only a lettuce salad (a jumbo one if necessary) with some light dressing for lunch so I can have it then that's what I do. I'm slowly learning that food can be my friend and I don't have to be afraid of it.
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Height: 5'8" (Dang, I shrank an inch!)


I'm another Weight Watcher. I need the structure, the meetings, the little gold stars. . .
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Well today is the official start of my plan for the New Year and I'm yet another one who doesn't follow a "commercial" diet. I just find that for me, its a little TOO much structure and it makes me get very discouraged.

I'm with the other calorie counters... I try to aim for about 1600-1800 calories a day while eating healthy. Try to minimize any white flour or sugar intake and eat more fruits, veggies and lean proteins. My biggest goal for the next couple weeks will be to cut out the bad foods like fried foods, and chips, etc. and just all around BE HEALTHY! Of course, I do also try to drink as much water as possible! I do also let myself have treats... I think that anything is fine in moderation. I aim to be on plan ALL week and if I have 1 or 2 treats (within limits of course) over the weekend, that's okay. One of my biggest realizations is that just because you have 2 pieces of pizza for lunch one day does NOT mean that you've blown everything. I used to allow this to blow my plan for a full day if I had something bad, but the key is to just get back on plan your very next snack or meal.

As for excersise, the last time I was on plan, I was going to the gym at least 5 times per week however now my membership has run out and I can't afford to renew it as we're in the process of building a house. So, I'm going to head out to Wal-Mart tonight or tomorrow and pick a workout video to start with that won't intimidate me (i'm thinking Walk Away the Pounds). In the past I've always bought more advanced workout videos and never used them as I just couldn't keep up (like Tae-Bo Cardio). However, they're sitting on my shelf waiting for me when I get in a little better shape to able to use them.

Good Luck! If you have any questions, just ask... Oh, and one more thing I do use is for tracking. Its super easy to use once you get used to it and it makes me be accountable for everything I put in my mouth. And of course, I'd be lost without 3FC.

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I just started on a new one - The Sonoma Diet. I don't need structure but sometimes it's nice to fall back on it. The Cute Boyfriend needs lots of structure and since we're doing it together - this is where we are.

Sonoma is a lot like the mediterranean diet - heavy on fish, whole grains, good fats. But also throws in wine and chocolate to boot. Gotta love that.
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