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Default Introducing Myself

Hello everyone! I have introduced myself over in 300+ and I wanted to introduce myself here too after having lurked here for quite awhile. About two months ago I finally determined that it was time for me to really take my weight seriously and do something about getting healthy. I was heading towards a major event in my life, and knew I had a chance to make a choice and really do something. Tonight I completed my college degree in public accounting. Instead of making a job change, I decided to stay on with my current job for one year and make this a year to dedicate to getting healthy. When I start working for a Big Four, I want to be able to walk into a client’s office and not worry about whether they have chairs without arms. I want to be able to travel on a plane by myself and only take up one seat. I want the energy to travel and experience the world. Right now, I have so little stamina that everything is a chore.

The two things that really woke me up were how difficult things had become. First, I live on the second floor of a duplex, and I can barely get up the stairs. I certainly can’t carry anything up – I get my BF to do that for me. I want to be able to climb a flight of stairs with no pain and without losing my breath. Second, sitting in most chairs became uncomfortable. Chairs with arms, but also ones without that are hard, or have hard edges hurt. When you are uncomfortable when you move and also when you don’t, that is just sad. I don’t want to hurt so much anymore.

I will be counting calories and joining the gym at my office. I am also making the commitment to get a personal trainer once a week. I realize that to succeed I am going to need support. From having lurked for the past few months, I know that this is a fantastic place for support. The last time I weighed myself (awhile ago) I was 353. I don’t have any set goal yet – I am going to take it a little piece at a time.
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Want to feel better
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Welcome Nancy,

Glad you came out of lurkdom to join us. It is a great place for support and encouragement. The people here are wonderful. Look forward to getting to know you.
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Welocme Nancy, I am very glad you have decided to get healthy. This is the place to get the help you need.
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Nancy -- I so know what you mean about the chairs! One of my big NSVs was when I realized I no longer wedged in some chairs that I had before! You'll have that great feeling too!
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Hi, Nancy, and welcome! You can do this, and we'll be right here with you. Taking it slow and steady is the way to do it. Time passes quickly, and you will be astounded at how much you shed when you look back at the months past. My hubby had 245 pounds to lose and would look at his weight chart thinking it would take forever...Now it's completed and he is at his initial goal. You can do it!
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to you, Nancy, and congratulations in getting your degree!

It's great that you've decided to invest in yourself. I'm looking forward to reading about the first time you're able to get up those stairs without hurting.
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for me, for them
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Yet another welcome! This is a great place for support and to rant & rave (when necessary )
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Welcome Nancy. You have definitely come to the right place. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. You can do this.
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Welcome to the group! I think you've done a fantastic thing, to set goals and decide on ways you will achieve them. Yay for you for taking the year to take care of yourself!
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I love the Cheat. Lightswitch rave!
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I weighed myself this morning and I was down to 345! It has been a few months since my beginning weight, but the loss was just from making some small changes like cutting out sodas and watching portions. It makes me confident that I can continue to make changes and build a healthy lifestyle.

I am trying to start and understand my motivations to eat. When I think about it logically, it doesn't make very much sense - how can something like chocolate have so much power over me. But sometimes it does. I quit smoking about 5 years ago, which was where a good bit of weight came from. That feeling of utter need – it can be so difficult to deny. I know that I need to learn how to feel uncomfortable and live through those feelings.

Goddess Jessica – I love the Cheat too – I was wondering if anyone would recognize him. Rock, rock on!
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One pound at a time...
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Nancy! I am sorry I so late to the thread but I have been offline during the Christmas holidays. This is a great group, with wonderful support!
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