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Jessica - I've only been having issues with Yahoo! Messenger as of late, same with everyone I know. It's made work hard, because it's the primary way I communicate with everyone. I haven't heard of any issues with Flickr or HotJobs though, so I hope they start working soon for you! A Spark is the level of Girl Guiding for 5 and 6 year olds. It's part of the same global organization as the Girl Scouts you have in the US. The girls start as Sparks (5-6), then go to Brownies (7-8, this is the group I lead), then Guides (9-11), then Pathfinders (12-14, then Rangers/Junior Leaders/Cadets (15-17), then you can be an adult leader.

Celina - I am almost never online from home anymore. I noticed that my daughter's behaviour was getting bad, so I stopped going online when she was awake, but then foudn myself staying up until midnight every night, and then my health started suffering. So I'm lucky if I get online for 30 min a day. I usually have my msn on invisible, but I haven't seen you on either! I'll say hi when I see you next.
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We will be scanning the article and pictures an putting it on my blog so you will be able to see it that way. I don't know if they sell it online or not. It's in the start up phase so they don't even have subscriptions available yet.

Our plans for Christmas are just an informal dinner Christmas Eve with the family and then we are going to friends for Christmas dinner. New Years is unplanned for right now. We will be packing and getting ready to leave that weekend for my surgery so I'm not sure what we will be doing.

How about you guys?
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Good luck with your interview today. I hope it goes well.
Here's a couple pics of the kids, in the recent snow and being silly over the weekend.

Oh and my baby girl is going to be 3 two days after Christmas. Where has the time gone?!?!?
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Awwwww...thanks for sharing the pics! They are so adorable. I love it!

The interview was intense...1.5 hours prep time with a case study to complete a presentation on, then 1 hour with a panel interview. Oh well, I did my best and that's all anyone can ask.

Anyways, im exhausted and off to bed... Will be back tomorrow...
Nighty nite,
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Dawnyal, those pictures are just precious! They're lovely kids.
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Thank you Kimberley, they are definitely keepers.

Celina--so when will you know more about the job? That sure sounds like a lot of work for a job interview.
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if only she'd lose weight
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Celinababy, I loves ya but I keep running out of time on my breaks! I will be back later, pinky swear!!

I am back. Tomorrow I leave for Mayo Clinic, I'm continuing on the drug trial I did last year. This will be 3 years long. I got a full time permanent job working for some very large insurance companies' subrogation department. I am going to work with the Dr's in the study on a better eating plan thatn what I've got going now.

I've missed you!!! It's good to hear that you're doing so well, and I'm so glad you're back!!

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