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Default OT- Husband losing job

I know I've not posted in ages, but I am around alot. I read everything on here. Sometimes I just don't know what to say anymore about anything. It's just nice to know that I can come here and read how everyone is doing.

We found out yesterday that my husband is getting kicked out of the military. It was a huge blow and gives me a huge fear of the whats to come and the unkown.

I am currently holding it together pretty well. I don't know how, but I am. This is a devestating blow to me.
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I'm so sorry to hear that. Hang in there, Tammy!
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Great to see you posting Tammy! You know we are here for you!
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My husband has been out of work since the beginning of August and I am about to kill him. He is applying for jobs and going to interviews, but he is contributing NOTHING to the household right now and has not even tried to get a crummy part-time job in the meantime. I am so incredibly depressed right now, but everytime I tell him how I feel he accuses me of putting pressure on him. He is such a d***head!
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Good to hear from you Tammy. Sorry for the latest development. Nice to see a pic of you. Hope you are doing a little better physically also. Stay in touch.
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Tammy, it's good to see you post again. I'm sorry about the unhappy circumstances, though, which certainly aren't what you need after all you've gone through. I do hope your health is better, and that you're keeping food down.

My daughter's DH is getting separated from the Navy at the end of this month so I can sympathize. She's still in, though, so there's another paycheck, but he's stuck trying to find a job in a military area because they can't move.

I'm crossing my fingers and thinking good thoughts for you and your family.
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Sending you all my positive thoughts and prayers Tammy.

I hope you can find some clarity very soon

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oh gosh tammy.. i am so sorry. it's really been one thing after another. sigh. i wish i could do something to help. please keep us posted.
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Tammy, I'm so sorry to hear about this latest blow. Like everyone has reminded me (with the uncertainties of my job) that everything does happen for a reason and there could be something better just around the corner.
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Sorry to hear the bad news, Tammy. I'm thinkin' about ya.

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Hang in there, Tammy!
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I missed this thread, Tammy. How are things going now?
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It is most likely Seth will be granted medical retirement. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He attempted 3 serious suicide attempts and one in which he spit all the pills and did not swallow any. The 3 serious attempts where life threatning. We have a month or so to wait to know if he will be getting retirement. If he does not get it then they pay him severance. With retirement our whole family will still receive full medical benefits. Severance, only Seth receives benefits.

He will be able to collect unemplyment and with retirement he will get 30% of some amount that I don't understand. So, all in all, either way is better than him being seperated by administration seperation which could have been very ugly.

We will be moving to Virginia in the next few months. I'm over the shock of it now. I just want the man I married back. It's become very hard to adjust to person he is now. I don't know him anymore. I want to love him fiercely, but I stand back at a distance afraid of being hurt again.

I've just had huge life changes and I'm a little lost, a little alone, a little scared.
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Hi Tammy - sorry to hear about your circumstances. Since it appears that your husband is being involuntarily separated, has your husband talked to legal counsel? They can be helpful in helping you get the best outcome. Things will get better...
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Want to feel better
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Hang in there Tammy ~ thinking of you.
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