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Default End of Summer Challenge - August 31, 2005

I dislike challenges that are only a few weeks long because I always set lofty goals and get disappointed when I can't achieve them. This challenge will take us through to the end of summer, Aug 31, which as of tomorrow (June 15) will be exactly 11 weeks away. I think summer is a good time to lose weight because the days are longer and warmer so there is more opportunity to get outside and get some exercise, there are tons of fresh fruits and veggies around even when you go to parties they are less likely to have "comfort" food in the middle of summer and have healthier choices. So my goal is to get into Onderland and it is a bit of a lofty goal I admit but I really want to push myself a bit this time and I think I can achieve it.

Anyone else wanting to join me? Let's have a very successful summer so that next summer we are all outside in shorts and bikinis and feeling great about how we look.

(technically I know the beginning of fall isn't til sometime in october i think but i think a lot of us see the end of summer as the end of august because the beginning of school is just around the corner, we could make it a Labour Day challenge instead it that sounds better!)

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I'm with you! I've been enjoying the summer so far and plan to continue way into November (Oh yes, I am flaunting that Southern California weather!)

My goals:
- Walk to work 3 days a week (4.5 miles) until school starts
- Don't skip a single racewalking class (Sunday mornings at 7AM!)
- Don't skip breakfast.

Goal weight loss -
30 pounds (238) by August 31st.
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Count me in! I hear you on the weather Jessica, here in sunny texas it'll be summer until at least november.

My goals:
- No skipping Meals
- Exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes
- Stay OP with WW without using flexpoints.

Goal Weight Loss:
27 lbs (199) by August 31st
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I'll take this challege, I'm going for 265, which is 25lbs from my current goal
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Count me in too!! I also want to make it to onderland by the end of the summer (Jen you and I are 1 lb different in weight).

That's 30lbs in 11 weeks (I think I can, I think I can....)
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Sure, why not--I'll go with 25 pounds, which makes my goal weight 270. I'll love to lose even more than that, but I think this is at least an achievable goal, so let's get losin'!

Other goals will include:
- drinking TONS of water! (way more than 8 servings a day)
- finding activities (other than eating and sleeping) to occupy my nights off during the week (home alone and bored is a BAD combination!)

Great idea, Jen!
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I'm in.

5 hours exercise a week.
mini goal weight of 158.
448 oz water a week.
Drop a size in jeans.
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Hey Beth and Jen!

We are all at about the same weight and we all want to make it to ONEderland. (I've set my own pesonal goal for Labor day though; so I get an extra week.) This is so excited. How much fun would it be to add THREE new names to the ONEderland list?
Good luck!!
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Make that four new names, Apryl! I have 26 pounds to banish to get there. I've been aiming for (and achieving ) 1 to 2 pounds off a week so this challenge is asking for a little more from me. But hey, it's supposed to be a challenge, right?

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Thumbs up

I'm in! This will be my first challenge on the board.
  • Lose 20 lbs by 8/31/2005
  • Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks each day so I'm eating about every 3-4 hours throughout the day.
  • Drink 80 oz water or more each day.
  • Exercise 1 hour per day Monday-Saturday taking Sunday off.

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I'm in, also aiming onederland, let's do it!!! I have been in a summer mood today (although the weather is awful here, we are back to winter in June for goodness sake) and have walked alot as well as a workout in the gym. Summer is sooooooooo much easier, my berries for my morning oatmeal (it may be summer but I still need my oatmeal) are half the price they were in winter!!! So I can have twice as many of them (nooooooooooo that's not the point miss Kylie get with it girl!!!)
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I'm in too! I'm trying for about 10 pounds a month, so that would be about 25 pounds by the end of August.

P.S.--Wanna hear something funny and stupid? When I first read the word "Onederland" I kept asking myself, "What the heck is Oh-NEEE-der-land??" DUH!!!
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I'm in on this one! My challenge is to lose 20 lbs by August 31, 2005 (That is 271 down to 251)
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I'm a little closer, but I'll aim for 199 too. 20lb to go, so I'm feeling vaguely confident as my average loss is over 2lb per week at the moment. Watch it drop now though!
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Hey Chicks!

Count me in for 25 by August 31st. That puts me at my goal of 165. I haven't had much movement lately, Im stalled out at 189 - 190. I haven't gained, I haven't lost, I'm just frozen! So this is it, the big push to start my fall at goal. Then on to the next goal. Finding my soul mate! I wonder which will be harder? LOL!
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