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Default Debating on taking a Vitamin

I have recently been journalling all of my food not only here but also on Fitday. I was looking today at %RDA for vitamins for the last week and it was not good. I'm pretty consistantly low on Vitamin D & K, occasionally I'm below on some other vitamins. So, here's my question, should I take a multi vitamin to try to make up for some of these missed nutrients, or should I try to change my diet. I could add more milk for Vitamin D, I'm not sure what has Vitamin K in it. The downside would be it adds in more calories and I'm trying to tighten up on my calorie intake. Pills seem easy but I'm really clueless about what's good for a woman my age since there's a bazillion on the market, and are vitamins absorbed as well in pill form?

Thanks for any feedback!
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I take a multi-viatmin every day. I take centrum - but they really are all pretty much the same.
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Ditto on the Centrum... Although I go with the cheaper store brand. Same stuff, different lable! I also get the one labeled for women, it has extra calcium and iron!
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I also take a multi-vitamin before bed (the generic weight smart one), melatonin (to help with sleep and migraines) and I take a vitamin b-12 (1000 mg) in the mornings for energy.
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I wasn't a vitamin believer but I changed my mind. I heard that even if you get enough to prevent defiency you might not get enough to prevent disease. The vit D is just added to milk so skip the cals and take the pill. If you were low on a lot I'd encourage you to eat better lol

I was taking the Costco brand brand but I switched to the Walmart one for a maternity. Whatever is cheapest.

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I have a really hard time taking any kind of pill and multivitamins are usually huge, so I went and bought the individual vitamins that I needed instead of getting a multivitamin. I got a B-complex and zinc, but it's probably a lot healthier to just get a multivitamin so you know you're getting allll the right vitamins instead of just the ones you think you're missing out on.
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I take "1 a day Weight Smarts", I like it, the only problem is I have to take it on a full stomach otherwise I throw up. I think it's from the zinc.. I also take Calcium, fish oil (those are to prevent those monthly cramps!), and try to take Vitamin C.. which I always forget. I don't think it's possible to get all the vitamins I need from the foods I eat, especially since I don't really a balanced diet (I don't eat certain fruits.. ick!). I find I have more energy when I am consistantly taking my multivitamin.

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You can find vitamin D in sunshine. Ten to 15 minutes of sunshine 3 times weekly is adequate to produce the body's requirement of vitamin D. Skip the fatty "Vitamin D" milk (blech, whole milk) and try a few minutes of enjoying the sun.

Spinach, broccoli and cabbage are all high in Vitamin K. Also, a lot of calcium supplements have vitamin K added.

I think supplements are okay but I think it's always better to get vitamins from food. I'm a skeptic! I don't think that little pill does as well as real food. I don't think the body absorbs it as well. I do take a calcium supplement because my birth control can cause bone density loss but I also try to pick veggies high in calcium.
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I take Weight Smart with extra Calcium and extra Vitamin E
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I use a store brand for the "mature woman" (yeah, yeah, I know - immaturity is one of my traits) It has all the regular multi-vitamin features, plus extra calcium and iron.
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