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Hi Guys.... You are all gonna think I'm crazy, however this staple thing in the ear does have some degree of merit, at least according to SOME alternative medicine doctrine.

The theory is, that there are certain parts of the body that when they are stimulated, either through accupuncture, accupressue or in this case a staple that it can have some sort of a reaction where the appetite is somehow affected.

OK... Here is my experience. Several years ago, I had read that if you applied some pressure, for varying amounts of time, maybe 15, 20 or more seconds, to the RUBBERY part of the ear... and massaged it somewhat.... it would help to reduce your appetite.

Now.... I used to occasionally do this, until a few people used to ask me why I was touching my ears.... lol

Whether or not it was "mind over matter" or had some truth to it, after massaging my ears with a decent amount of pressure for periods of up to a minute... I did notice a slightly "metallic" taste in my mouth, and at least for awhile afterwards, my appetite seemed to be somewhat suppresed.

Now.. I don't know about STAPLES. That seems kind of a drastic means to essentially do what some believe can be accomplished through simple accupressure, which is basically what I used to do.

Again... Is it the answer to weight issues? Obviously not in my case but then again I have a very bad history of not giving something a chance or dismissing it way to early in the game.

I do believe, that there may be something to this ear/accupuncture/accupressure thing... How much truth, I'm not sure but again, I have seen it discussed on more than one occasion.

Just my 2 cents worth.

DAVID (Big TeddyBear)

Actually..... I just found this link. Take it for what it's worth. Please...... if anyone tries this, PLEASE tell me you sensed a metallic taste so the whole world will not think I've lost my mind comepletely..... lol
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Default ear stapling FYI

I'm new to the ear stapling world, I just had mine done on Saturday (today is Friday). As of Tuesday morning,the last day I weighed, I had lost 7 pounds already. MY sister in law (who drinks 2- 2 liters of coke a day) hasn't touched a coke since Saturday. My mother hasn't noticed much of a difference but then again, she hasn't weighed nads she doesn't drink cokes.

My thoughts on the subject are this: it makes total sense to me about acupuncture and I personally have noticed my appetite and cravings are gone; in fact, I have commented to several of my freinds that I believe one could strave to death on this ear stapling because I am just not hungry at all, EVER, I have to make myself eat. It is also important to know that when you do eat you only want a little so every bite counts; you can eat 3 bites of a chili dog or 3 bites of a carrot. It all goes back to smart eating and choices but I can tell you from experience, it is a whole lot easier to make smart choices when you're not dreaming about chocolate or other junk food.

I got interested in ear stapling when I ran into a friend of mine who lost 70 pounds in 3 months having it done. In 5 days I had 24 of my friends rounded up and we all went to have it done ($55.00 a piece). I thought it would be particularly interesting to do case studies on everybody for about 6 months to mark and evaluate thier progress.I will call them every week and make notes just so I can talk about it it intelligently. It should be intersting.

Hope this helps somebody......and like one person has commented already, if it doesn't work you are only out minimal money which is a whole let less than you would spend on diet pills!!!

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I have heard of ear stapling. It is based on activating or deactivating the chi in one's body. As far as western medicine goes the jury is still out on it. It has been shown that people with knee pain and migraine headaches can receive some real benefit from acupuncture. That has been proven from solid scientific studies. The whole idea is not totally far fetched. If I were to do it I would go to a real acupuncturist and pass up the beauty salon. I would want someone who is really trained in the method and has spent some time studying it. Also there is the sanitation factor which is really important.

I used to be a manicurist for a lot of years so I have a good understanding of what goes on in salons. There is very little over site when it comes to sanitation. It is not unusual at all for an operator to use the same tools over and over without taking time to disinfect in between customers. That is one reason you hear about people getting nasty nail fungus from acrylic nail and having permeate damage. They may say they are not reusing products but beauty operators have to pay for their own supplies and believe me they will cut corners where they can.

I worked in Oregon which has the toughest sanitation standards in the country. Even with that we only got a check by Sate Board maybe once ever two years. Other states are even more lose and do not require as many hours of training like we had. For example you can get a permit to apply perminate makeup by taking a weekend course. I don't think one weekend is enough training to be going out there an putting tattoos on women's faces. In our state you do not need additional training for ear piercing you just need send the state some money for an additional license. They never check your equipment or check to see if you are reusing product. In this state there are only three State Board inspectors. They are supposed to keep an eye on everything which of course they can't do. That is really scary when you consider Oregon is supposed to be one the best in the country.

If you are serious about giving this a try PLEASE go to an acupuncturist. It may caught a little more but it bets the heck out of getting a flesh eating staph infection.
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It must be getting more popular again... Here's an article from last week. (good picture, too)

The comparison to reflexology makes sense to me. Reflexology is a theory that says that there are pressure points on your feet that correspond to other parts of your body, and that pressing and rubbing on x spot on your feet leads to a corresponding healthy response from y spot in your body -- liver, heart, stomach, brain, whatever.

I'm not sure, however, how much of the "good" results you hear about ear stapling is because of the staple itself, or because of the reminder each time you rub it. Seems to me it's rather like the days I wear my charm bracelet. One charm for every 10 pounds gone. All day long I feel it dangling and moving around my wrist, reminding me to make healthy choices and encouraging me that I can succeed, because I already have.

I can see doing acupressure (rubbing/pinching specific energy points on your body) or even acupuncture (having someone use hair-thin needles to stimulate and clear the body's energy points). But I would not get a permanent staple through the cartilage of my ear. There's not enough evidence, other than hearsay, for me to go that route. Acupuncture and acupressure have centuries of practice. Ear stapling is much "younger" and has not been tested scientifically.

Besides, I KNOW there's no "magic bullet" so I refuse to go looking for one anymore.
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I'm oklahoma too. Its been on the news and stuff and it is getting pretty big around OKC. signs all over.
I don't get it either.
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I think it's a bunch of quackery. Even if it did work, it couldn't teach a person how to make a lifestyle change.
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I think it would help you lose weight..... about the weight of one twenty dollar bill
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I've never heard anything about this at all until today, however, I have heard that massaging your ears when you are craving food supposedly helps tone down the intensity of the cravings. I read once that the science behind that is the ear has some sort of pressure point that creates calmness, which is why you sometimes see babies and children holding their ears when they are upset. That's only what I read, so I don't know. Personally, I think if someone wants to try the staple, they should go for it. It's inexpensive and seemingly harmless unlike some diet pills that can kill you for an outrageously high price.
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