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Default Winter Blues?

Hi Chicks!

I haven't been around much lately. Since Christmas, I have had a case of the winter blues. My exercising has completely stopped, and my carbs have been creaping up there. I just don't have any enthusiam anymore, for anything. My energy is sapped and I'm just tired and depressed.

The result is that I have gained about 5 pounds. This just depresses me more. Im trying to redidicate to the process, but I can't find the determination I had last spring. I sneak bites of food I shouldn't and think " oh well, you'll start again tomorrow". Well today is tomoroow and I am starting again. I just wish I could find that determination I had before. Is this part of the process? Does everyone crash and burn like this? I tell myself it's the weather that's sapped me like this and spring will bring back the devotion I once had. I could really use some help and encouragement from my friends. Any advise would be appreciated. I feel like such a jerk.

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Red face

Hey Shell,

I'm pretty new here, so feel free to ignore everything I say . However, I read your post and felt that it was so similar to what happened to me over the past year. Last January, I joined a gym and went 5 days a week and started doing South Beach. I did really well for a while--lost about 20 pounds and, according to the body mass scale at the gym, reduced my body fat/increased my muscle mass by almost 15%! I was doing so great! Then came the new boyfriend who took me out all the time (GREAT having a boyfriend, BAD eating out 5+ times a week), then came the picnics and the friends' graduation/birthday parties, then the stress of moving, then all the the time New Year's was over, I had gained it all back and then some. I almost didn't care because it just felt so hopeless . Then the motivators started appearing...

I don't know where you are in life, but as for me, I have been interviewing for new jobs and found that no matter what I wore, it looked SO much less tailored/unprofessional when compared to thinner office personnel. Then I decided I wanted kids and wanted to lose weight before doing so, then my sister got engaged and I will be her maid of honor (need to look good in that dress!), and engagement/marriage seems to be quite possible in my semi-near future--all of these things made me want to get back on track. I'm sure many of these don't apply to you, as I know everyone on here is at different stages in life. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that you just need to re-discover your motivation. I have pictures of babies and weddings on my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator so I have no choice but to think twice before grabbing something to eat. I also went and read a lot of other people's reasons to lose weight on the "why you whant to lose weight?" thread on here, which really got me thinking.

I know it's so much easier said than done, finding motivation when you feel you have none. Coming here and talking about it is a great way to start, though, so you must have some great reasons.

I'll stop babbling now. Just know that 99% of us have been through it, too, and you're so far from alone you're going to get sick of all the responses you get .
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I don't know how serious you feel your depression is, it's not unusual to get bummed out during the winter months, I sure feel it. The holidays are hectic, can be exciting and fun, then post holidays the bills come and it's back to the routine of life. I battle it by trying to pamper myself just a little bit more, don't let myself get too tired (I know that's easier said than done sometimes). Maybe even try something fun and new.

I'll add that when we got back from a 2 week trip last May, I had such a hard time getting back into the eating and exercise routine. I would do it just enough not to really gain (I gained 5 lbs overall), but not enough to keep losing. The mental aspect of weight loss game can be tough for me, especially if I start to overthink it. I do best when I have a routine and just stick to it. Hope that helps.
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Contrary to many people, winter does not affect me at all. In fact I love it. I do however have some preoccupations; like where my carrer and love life are going…for now it is pretty much of a dead end…I don’t think it would be very different if such situations occurred during summer.

Winter sports help me go through these difficult moments. I find salvation when I jump on my cross-country skis and slide through the beautiful pine tree forests of Québec…
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First of all, YOU'RE NOT A JERK!

I just wanted to write and give you my vote of support, Shell. I can totally relate to the Winter Blahs, because I really feel them myself, but maybe it will help if I share with you what I have to remind myself EVERY MORNING these days when I don't feel like crawling out of bed to hit the gym.

"Discipline is about doing what you know you should even when you don't feel like doing it."

I seriously repeat this to myself all the way to the gym. What I'm trying to teach myself is that it's not about inspiration, it's about work. That helps get me through the times when I don't *feel* inspired, or (like now) when I'm on a plateau.

I know you can do this. *You* know you can do this, because you've done it. My advice is to start with the exercise today, because even though a lot of it is food, the exercise is the way to get back on the horse. And once you're back on, you might as well ride, right?

PM me if you want to talk some more.
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Shelley, it might be as simple as a lack of melitonan. We get it from the sun and it effects our moods.I've had the blahs big time this winter and it also effected my diet momentum. Dieting takes some passion and if you can't muster up some you can get stalled. Not to worry. It won't last. I finally got back on my diet and so will you.
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Glad to see you have come back for some support. That is a big key in doing this. From what you have said it sounds like you are on a low carb diet. This is one of the reasons why I don't like the low carb diet. It deprives you of a lot of the things we enjoy. I would maybe sugest doing a low calorie plan. However no matter what plan you choose I know you can do this. You have done wonderful so far on the low carb plan so stick with that if it works.

Now as far as crashing and burning I know I do. I've had 3 times in the past year where I've gained 8-10 lbs each time. You just have to take it for what it is and get right back at it. You can't pause and kick yourself for doing it. Just go on and get back on plan.
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I definitely get the winter blues, all the rain and clouds just completely depress me. And normally I just try and focus on the fact the summer is coming, and now is the time to prepare, sounds kinda silly, but I love love love the summer and want to look good for the beach and all my mini vacations. I've been very fortunate this year, it's been sunny and warm here, normally I resort to fake-n-baking. I don't know how to motivate you, because I often think of your sucess and determination, and wish for just an ounce of that. You have to get remotivated, because I need someone to look up to!!

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Welcome back.
I too have problems with blah moods in the winter (from basically the day after christmas until January 24--I remember that because I wrote in my journal.) I'm like Aimee and if we have gray days for more than a couple in a row, my mood gets gray as well and I start losing all energy.

What I did to get myself out of the funk was to choose a few small goals (not necessarily food related) to work on. The first one I did was to try for one day to stay under 1600 calories, next I moved my alarm clock across the room and forced myself to get up before 6 a.m. to exercise. I've been doing that for almost a month now and found out that I have tons more energy when I get in my workouts. I also journal everything I eat, every day--even if I have to see that I ate 3000 calories in one day. It helps to keep me focused. I don't plan my meals for the week but I do plan what I want to eat the night before. Since I don't want to go over 1600 I try to "plan for" 1100-1400. Of course I never know what my hunger level will be so I give myself those extra couple of hundred calories in case I want an extra yogurt or snack--sometimes it's chocolate even.

One thing that I've learned in the process is that I know I don't always have the determination, drive, and motivation I will need all the time and for those times I just need to do what needs to be done to get through it. For me this is a forever deal. If I have one bad day, I can live with that. It's when my bad days turn into bad weeks and months that I need to worry.

((((big hug))) You have done wonderful in your weight loss. I have no doubt that you will get back into the swing of things.
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Unless you're doing things like knocking down little old ladies, stealing suckers from children, teasing cats to distraction or pinching babies way too hard - I doubt you're a jerk (if you ARE doing those things, shame on you).

It could be many things already mentioned - sick of winter syndrome, lack of sunshine, carb deprivation catching up with you, or just plain old loss of motivation because you're well and truly sick and tired of the whole weight loss thing being the number one priority in your life. You've lost 80lbs. in 8 months and, if you're like me, you spent pretty much every waking moment of that 8 months thinking about "THE PLAN". I believe the spirit eventually says, "Enough already - I need a change" and that's what's happening to you right now.

Now, I'm not advocating going wild and quickly undoing all the good you've done - which is something I began to do, resulting in a 20lb. gain and feelings of being a jerk (granted, I was pinching babies at the time.) Soon enough though I started to really, really miss that great feeling I had when in control with my food and exercise and decided to go back to it, but not to let "goal" be such an important factor in my life. Frankly, it was too much pressure and I was at the breaking point. Now I'm on a much more even keel. Fine, I've gone from losing 100lb in just over a year to losing 15lbs in just over a year and I still haven't reached goal after 3 years - but you know what? I'm enjoying having regained the quality of life that was so dimished 3 years ago and while I may not have the all-consuming motivation and desire of the "honeymoon" phase, I think perhaps I'm starting to live like a "normal" person.

Mind you, I'm not going to be an enabler and say "Its okay, hon, you just keep chowing down on those carbs, you can always start fresh tomorrow" - I'm saying "Get a grip, girl! Don't let that 5lb turn into 10lb or 20lb! Change up the mix a little - perhaps back off on the all or nothing mindset and adjust your "if I don't go full max and lose like I did before I'm a jerk" attitude. When the sun comes out try to absorb some of its energy. Most of all, remind yourself that you CAN do it - you've already proved that! Just sit yourself down and sternly tell yourself of all the reasons why you need to keep going!

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Not a lot I can add to all of the words of wisdom here - but a big thanks for being so honest and coming here for support - given all of the responses, it looks like we are all jerks!

I too am really struggling with those winter blues - at the moment I think I'm winning, but it really isn't easy. This is what has helped me:

1 Figuring out, and reminding myself that eating junk (especially sugar) makes me feel worse, not better. When I get that urge, I visualise what I'm going to feel like after I've eaten the junk, and usually that stops me

2 Doing exercise that I enjoy, and really taking pleasure from it while I'm doing it. For me its swimming - sure, I know I should be doing other forms of cardio, and I should be doing weights, but one step at a time!

3 Seeing healthy living as the way I lead my life. I don't not go to work just because I don't feel like it, and I don't not wash/clean my teeth/clean the dishes just because I don't feel like it - so I don't not eat healthily/exercise just because I don't feel like it

4 When its really tough, I focus on one change/thing at a time

So don't give yourself a hard time, don't give up, and keep coming here for support..........
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I think our bodies go into hibernation mode in the winter... just like the bears...

Anyway.. warm weather is right around the corner. Rays of sunshine, milder temps, melting snow... It will come back to ya.. I promise. You know what it takes to get the job done and when your body is ready to pick back up, you'll be right back on track and not even sweating the lull. It was 50 here today, made me want to go for a jog! I can't wait for spring!
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