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Default Back from Maintenance Break.....

Hello lovely people

I have been with you all in spirit over the last few months, and now, here I am, back in type as well!

Having lost over 40 lbs, I decided, a few months back, to take a break, with the aim of maintaining my weight until January......I knew that the changes in my 'life circumstances' would make it an uphill struggle to continue to shed pounds, but I didn't want to undo all the healthy habits, and hard work....

So, I plucked up the courage to get on the scales last week.....and to my amazement, I had gained a measly 3lbs since end of October. Interestingly, I had been feeling like I had gained a whole lot more - clothes were definitely getting tighter.

I am now back into the healthy eating regime, and lost 4lbs last week. Am frustrated on the exercise front, since I have a nasty, long-lasting cold, and have to wait until that passes until I get to the gym (.....sounds like an excuse, but I had a really bad bronchitis and long-lasting post-viral/ME illness a few years ago, and have learned many lessons about not pushing your body too far when ill.....). So I am walking (slowly!) 30 mins every day.....

I'd be interesting in hearing other peoples experiences of 'taking a break'. For me, it has been really positive - I feel that it bodes well for maintaining that I only gained a few pounds, that I am back on track when I said I would be, and that I had a great few months without beating myself up about weightloss.

Have to confess, that I have been lurking here a lot during the last few months - I think it definitely helped with the maintenance!
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I took a break right before Thanksgiving but it wasn't planned. I didn't eat very well at all and exercised only sporadically. I had basically lost a bit of motivation. I was scared that I would never get the motivation back. Well I ended up gaining 12 lbs which I thought was low compared to how bad my eating was. As of today, I have lost those 12 lbs and am reading to keep going down. I have also regained my motivation and I am probably going stronger, in both the food and exercise departments, than I ever have.

Even though I felt kind of angry with myself for gaining weight and having to work hard to lose the weight yet again. I do think it is good though because I am more motivated right now.
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Good Girl! Glad your able to get back your motivation. I knew I was going to slip up on Thanksgiving and X-mas so let go of the guilt for then. It is hard to get back in stide now but after a couple weeks of sneaking snacks in between meals I finally got a grip on it again this last week. Thank goodness the holidays are over.
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Good for you, Claire!

I, too, took a break from some time in November to December 31. I didn't fare as well as you, however, but I was pleased that I exercised every day except for Christmas. I gained more than I wanted to, but not as much as I have in the past during the holidays. And it pointed out some areas I need to work on, like stress eating. I thought I'd broken myself of that, but it reappeared. I realized I have to be ever vigilant.
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Thanks for your replies, guys....

Nelie - its fantastic that you are back at it, with more motivation than ever.....don't give yourself a hard time, just feel proud that you have picked yourself up, and are ploughing on.

Pam - glad to know that you're back in your stride. You are doing so so so well!!! Sometimes I think being around the halfway mark is really tough psychologically.....

Sheila - I really know what you mean about the stress eating - well mine is more comfort eating, really. When life gets really tough, its hard to find the strength and energy to stay away from those old habits.....
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welcome back. Glad to see your maintaining went well for hte most part and that you learned while doing it.

I've been stuck here since aug. but I will admit it's my fault for not moving on. I think I'm psychologically stuck around 260. I don't know if it's fear of the "unknown" or what. some days I have great motivation only to have it blown away the next day by my boredom eating.
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