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Default My Cry for Help

Hi y'all. I have been struggling with weight my entire life. I start something and then it ends within the first 2 weeks. I am totally lost at what to do. I have had some medical problems, then the doctor puts me on a medication that weight gain is a side affect. Well, she was nice enough to put me on one that it would have the least affect on my weight. I went for a check up 2 weeks later and had gained 5 pounds. It was also Halloween. She had suggested I count calorlies for one week and then subtrack 500 to lose the 1 to 2 pounds a week. Fine, did that and was shocked at that daily amount (3,000 to 3500), but, then again there was candy in the house. I would say about 1,000 of that was candy. I am now at my highest I have ever weighed. I feel just awful, tired, lazy. I am a stay at home grandmother. I watch my granddaughters (1&4). They are active and play outside, but, they are such good kids, I am not always up and after them. I belong to Curves. Haven't been in months. Still have 7 months on my membership. It's just a pain to drive to the other town to it. I am in need of new winter clothes because of this gain. I am so depressed over this whole weight thing. I have read and heard and tried every diet out there. I want to eat what I want and not be told that this or that is a no no. It will be in my house and I need to control what I eat! I just don't know what to do. I know WW, exchanges, and points, and counting calories, by heart. I thought maybe if I try one one week and then another for one week and the third one. I can figure out which one works best for me. My husband and son(23) don't get home from work until 8 and 10 pm. So, I eat dinner alone, and they warm up when they get home.
Well, I have gone on long enough. Thanks for reading and any suggestions would be great.
Thanks again,
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Hello Chipper
Perhaps you don't have to follow a strict diet plan. What about just making what you like to eat healthier - More fruit and veg, leaner grilled meat and fish, low fat sauces, wholemeal pasta, rice and bread, water, occasional treats and more exercise. This method has worked better for me than anything else!!
There are some excellent people round here who have lost loads more weight than me and been doing it for much longer, I'm sure they have great advice for you. Please don't think it's hopeless. You can do it!
Lots of Love Annie xxx
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Welcome Chipper!
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Welcome to the board! Please jump in and post.
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Welcome from another grandmother!

I'm going to be blunt and say that it sounds like part of you wants to lose weight, and the other part doesn't want to have to deal with what it's going to take. Sometimes, no matter how much we wish it weren't true, it takes getting the food that got us in this state out of the house. No food should be a no-no, but sometimes we just cannot control ourselves around some foods (for me it's peanut butter).

Regarding exercise, you don't have to go to a gym to exercise. Take the kids for a walk, do a Walk Away the Pounds video or another exercise video, or follow the TV aerobics shows. Or tell yourself that it's really worth it to drive over to Curves because you will feel better and look better. Sometimes it just takes forcing yourself to do it until it becomes a habit.

You CAN do this!! There are some incredible success stories on this board, and you can be one of them.
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I totally agree with what Sheila said. I have really been bad myself,.. I think I have gained a few pounds from halloween,..too much candy in the house. There are some foods (like that candy) that just set me off. Pizza rolls drive me nuts,.. if we have those in the house, my healthier eating plan is not

Just try to change a few small things at a time. that is what I did,.. and am still doing. In fact, I am starting over in a way,.. I really went off plan a bit with halloween,..

Together, I know we can do this!
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Hi Chipper!! Welcome!! I know exactly how you feel!! No advice, Just wanted to say hi!!
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chipper, honey ... baby steps. one thing at a time. one positive change, and then stick to it until it becomes a habit - that generally takes a couple weeks or a wee bit longer. and then make another change.

some possibilities: more fruit and veg. more water, less caffeine. more exercise [and i'm NOT suggesting that you think 'i'm going to lift weights 4 times this week' - no. more like 'i'll take the grandkids for a walk around the block twice a day, and park far away from the store when i run errands']. less soda. substitute LF/FF sour cream or yogurt mixed with salsa for whole fat sour cream. whole grains instead of processed grains. fish twice a week instead of never. YOU GET TO PICK!!!!!

sustainable weight management takes time and effort. and a complete change of attitude and lifestyle.

you can do it... just breathe... go ahead. you can do this.
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Chipper, I hope we can help you out around here. Welcome!
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Welcome Chipper! I agree with everything everyone else has said. The important thing is to think about your health. If you're not comforable changing your whole life at once, make small changes over time. There's no rule that you have to be perfect to lose weight. Just realize that smaller changes may mean it will take longer to see results. Strict calorie counting and vigorous exercize will produce faster results, but not if you're not going to stick to it.

For me, the biggest challenge is snacking throughout the day. My solution is to completely rid the house of unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthy snacks. If there are chips and cookies in the house, there's no way I will choose carrot sticks and apples to snack on. My skinny husband just has to deal with it. If he is DYING for junk food or McDonalds he can get it for himself, but he can't keep it in the house. It is really hard to eat 3500 calories if there are only healthy snacks in the house.

Adding exercise to my life was a bigger adjustment. My suggestion is to take it slow. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Take the kids to the park and play with them, don't just watch. There is no magic diet. There are simply healthy choices and unhealthy choices.

Good luck!
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Welcome Chipper.

Eat less and move more. It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Everyone here knows that's not the case and I hope you can glean some insight from all of us here who know what the struggle is all about.

I agree with Jiffy about taking baby steps - anyone who's ever climbed a mountain went over several hills first. I also agree with Sheila - its fine to want to eat what you want, but that's what got us here in the first place. No, its not easy, but if you truly want it badly enough you'll find the strength to do what you must so those children will have a grandma to love for many years to come.
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THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! From the bottom of my heart. All of what you said is so true. It is just a mind set. I need to sit down and get my mind in order. I need to do that to complete this long and hard task. I do my grocery shopping on Sundays, so next week I will be getting (or replacing) my food with better choices. I already buy, whole wheat pasta. I need to change my bread. Will be figuring out what needs to be changed first, the important first change or which will be the easiest change. You all have given me hope and the information that I needed. I don't need to follow anything (diet) to do this. I just need you!!!!!!!! I will be back.
Here goes:
SW: 268.5
CW: 268.5
mini GW: 245
Final GW:145
Man, that hurt to write that, But, it is what I needed to do.
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Chipper, you sound like your around my age. My son is 28 and I cook for him before he goes to work. He loves processed food. Nuggets,corn dogs,bacon,that kind of stuff. Will not eat anything green.It's been hard in the past to cook for him and still stay on a diet but for some reason this time it's been easier.I count cals everyday and keep a diet diary. I am doing very well at between 800 and 1000 per day.If I manage to stay well under my amount I get a reward of some kind of goody at the end of the day.I too have health issues,muscular distrophy, which has caused problems with my mobility but leg braces have drasticly improved that. I lose on average 3lbs a week and have lost 40 all together so far.Coming here has been really good for me and I hope it'll do the same for you. Wecome.
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chipper.. i tried to post 3 times this morning, and lost each and every one.

here's what i've been trying to say to you: i'm concerned about that line 'complete this long and hard task.' which task is it? there are many possibilities... like, lose the weight, or lose it and keep it off, or build a healthier lifestyle, make YOU the center of your life so that you can be around for your loved ones... and others [we could make a list!!!!!!]

soooooo... which task? [and remember, i'm a BIG FAN of dividing things up into achievable goals!!!!]
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Welcome Chipper!!

It sounds like you have already gotten some GREAT advice here!!!! Just wanted to say welcome!!
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