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Post Dressing for exercise

In the past I have seen people wear garbage bags under their clothes to make them sweat.The story is that if you sweat more,you loose more weight.Is this a fact?? Im curious because I wear a t-shirt and shorts to work out and I was thinking about changing to a sweatshirt so I will sweat more not that I don't work up a sweat anyway.So give me some of your knowledge ladies thanks.

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Sweating makes you get rid of water, not fat. So people who wear sweatsuits and claim to have lost weight have just lost water weight which comes back as soon as you drink some fluid.

Actually, my theory is that you should rely more on your body to heat you up rather than clothes because your body expends energy to keep up your body temperature. If you like wearing sweats then feel free to wear them, personally I can't stand them.
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Boxers and wrestlers do it to get down to their "title weight." Like in order to be able to fight in the middle weight fights, you have to be under X pounds. But like Nelie says, it's water weight. A much more enjoyable way to sweat water out is in a sauna, not a garbage bag and you'll gain it back once you start replenishing those lost fluids.
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i heard or read somewhere that if you exercise in colder temperatures you burn more calories because your body has to work harder to get to a calorie burning temperature or something... gosh i wish i could remember!

anybody know if that is true?
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I don't know if that is true, or not, but let me share something interesting with you that I read somewhere (once again - not sure if it is true)
If you drink one gallon of ICE water, you BURN 120 calories because your body uses that much energy to get the ice water up to your body temp.
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Okay, I'm sorry if this is a serious discussion, but the thought of wearing garbage bags under exercise clothes is such a ridiculous concept to me I had to laugh out loud (which is saying a lot considering I'm sitting here in total dental agony).

I concur with the info that "sweat" loss is just water loss - which will be regained once you replenish yourself (and if you don't, you risk becoming dehydrated which can be a serious problem). As for drinking ice cold water, I can only stomach drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day if its room temperature, but it does makes sense you'd use up more calories drinking ice cold water. Be careful though - if you drink ice cold water after exercise you're likely to suffer extreme cramping.
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