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Default Chit Chat for the week of 8/16

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I took a day trip with a friend and we visited some cool cross-stitch shops. I got a pattern for a baby afgan and a new pattern for a canvas project, which I have never done.

Jacobs bed is almost done. I ran out of paint last night. But iI'll finish it tonight.

Other than that life is pretty much status quo.

I am holding steady on the diet front - making more good choices than bad. So no complaints here.

I see that we have lots of newbies. I want to welcome all of you!! So glad you are here.

How is everyone else??
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You'll have to post photos of some of your cross stitch stuff, Sandi. I love looking at what crafty people can do. So glad you're making more good choices than bad. That's what makes it work!

This weekend we did something kind of interesting. My stepdaughter lives about four hours south of us so we drove two hours south, and she drove two hours north and we met in the middle. It was a relatively small town, but it had some fun stuff to do so we spent Saturday at a county museum, rode 9 miles on a steam train (tip: don't sit in the open air car near the engine because you'll get covered in black spots), walked around the town and looked at these big murals on the buildings, and ate surprisingly good food. We played Trivial Pursuits in the evening. My DH and I went to a Farmer's Market on the way back home. So. . . we had a pretty good weekend.

This morning I went to water aerobics and right before class discovered that all the fabric around the seams of my swimsuit had deteriorated. Since there's a big seam up the back, that means my rear was rather exposed so I ended up not going in the water. I was totally bummed. I send an e-mail message to the company and they said that "The suit that you ordered is 55% Lycra. The chemicals in the pool really eat up the lycra part of the swimsuit. In the swimsuit, industry, it is generally accepted that if you wears a suit 3 times a week, for about an hour at a time, you can expect the suit to last about 3 months." Okay, where does it say that in their catalog?? I'm still going to return the suit and ask for my money back.

Hope nobody here was too affected by the hurricane!?!
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and Cody too!
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I evacuated for the hurricane. It was forecasted to come right up here, but it ended up turning. We got some rain but that is it.

Since we had to evactuate I didn't stay on plan at all Friday. Since I didn't stay on plan Friday, I didn't on Saturday either... and yesterday was my daughters birthday and I ate too much. Then today I was going to get back on track, but didn't.

This is how I failed last time. One day led to another and I gained it all back. I HAVE to go to the store and make sure I have everything I need to stay on plan. If I have all the things that I like to eat that are on plan I am better off.
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Wow, I didn't know that about the swimsuits! I think that's pretty ridiculous, especially for what a "good" swimsuit costs these days!
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Sheila, that's exactly what my cohorts at the rehab pool say but it's nice (not good) to get it from "authority". I go to a pool 2 or 3 times a week and over the past years it's been my experience that if you get three months wear out of a suit, it's a miracle. When the back starts going, some of us wear underwear underneath to get a few more wears out of a suit but today I noticed the black panties I had for just this purpose had started to do the same thing. Guess they have lycra in them too.

Yes, there should be some sort of disclosure required. And it seems to be all sorts of brands even those that say "chlorine resistant". I had one suit that defied those odds but it wasn't Lycra and I haven't been able to find another.

Life's been a little more calm here the last couple of weeks (may it stay that way).
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Jennasmom don't let that get to you. I to have failed in the past because of that also. I just came off of 9 lb gain and am back into losing again. I'm not going to let a day or two or three stop me from doing what is best for my body. Stick in there you can do it.
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I guess I've just been super lucky in the swimsuit dept. I have suits that are at least 5 years old that I wear. Of course I own about 7 of them and rotate them out so that's probably why I'm getting good use out them. I usually buy my suit for the next year on the clearance racks the year before so I don't spend an arm and a leg (My suit from the beginning of this year cost $4). I'm going to be optimistic and buy a size 14 for next year.

As for the rest of my life, it's hectic as usual. Today's been the first day I've found a moment to get on here. Jeff started a new job yesterday. His schedule will be from 2-10 F-Tues. and I have the 8-5 M-F so we won't be seeing as much of each other. I already told him we will start planning our evening meals at least a day in advance now and take turns cooking.
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