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Default Baby Steps Week One

Hello everyone. I wanted to post up a thread to where I could post and anyone else who is just starting out with Baby Steps. I've come to the realization that losing weight is not going to happen over night no matter how many crash diets I go on, its going to have to be something that comes from within and little changes is going to have to be made in my life. I shouldnt worry about how fast these changes are occuring, just as long as they happen. So, with this in mind, I'm going to be posting here, my ups and downs throughout the week. I hope some more of you will join me.

So, I finally weighed in this morning, I knew I had too and I knew its only a starting place. The scale wasnt very kind to me, but thats ok. I have decided to post up my goals for the week, here they are....

1- Go to Curves the days I dont work (I work as a CNA at a nursing home, so I get lots of walking in there)
2- At least 64oz of water
3- Give up the Soft Drinks
4- Give up the Mayo (except for Dukes Lite)
5- Start a Daily food journal

If I can succeed in these 5 things this week, I'm going to treat myself to a small non-food reward. I just dont know what that might be yet, lol. If you notice I didnt put down that one of my goals was to lose such and such pounds. I know if I can make these changes in my life the pounds will drop off.

So, is there anyone else who would like to join me? I hope so! Well I have to get ready for work. I hope all has a wonderful day!
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I *love* the baby steps idea I'm in the process of quitting soft drinks (life-long process so far), and have managed to cut back to where I don't NEED it to get going in the morning. Yay! This also comes at a time where I started taking these pills (5HTP, nothing that can kill me), which are supposed to help with my sugar and evil carb cravings. So far, I'm impressed! I should make some tiny goals along with you, but to be honest it's 2:30am here, and so hot I can't sleep, which also means my brain isn't working too great. I hope you had a lovely day at work, and keep us posted with how you make out on your baby steps! (Also I love the non-food reward! )
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I'm with ya here.

#1) Go to curves 5 times this week
#2) Drink 100 oz water a day
#3) Have a good OP Weight Watchers week
#4) Eat my fruits and veggies daily
#5) Have my 2 milk servings a day
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Just wanted to wish you good luck, and tell you I'm rooting for you and think you have the right idea
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Giving up soda is a huge baby step and if you can do it, it is an awesome thing to do and I congratulate you. I recently gave up sodas and it was incredibly hard for the first few days, but after that it was easy.
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Aradia - You go girl! I'm rooting for ya! You CAN do this!
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good for you, aradia!!! but one small comment... that's a WHOLE LONG LIST of baby steps... especially for your first week.

don't get me wrong, you can do this.. but these are quite a few changes to make all at once.

go get 'em!!
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Goodmorning everyone! I was just reading over your posts......and I think Jiffy just *might* be right. I'm not saying I cant do them, but I'm saying if I dont achieve all I want this week, then I'm not going to beat myself up. I've made out a list of all the goals I want to do, and with each goal I succeed on each day I give myself a gold star, depending on the number of stars I have by Sunday, will depend on the reward!

I hope everyone is doing ok, and for those who want to join me, thanks. And thanks to the ones who have posted their support, I was worried this would be a dumb idea, LoL.

My first hurdle is coming up this mother promised DD we would take her out to ChuckE Cheese, and I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I know I'm not "dieting" but I dont want to binge either. Does anyone have any ideas?

Work is going good. Lots of walking involved, so I know that is going to help.

Well I'm going to do some house work and head off to Curves...yay! Talk to you all when I get back.
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what a great idea.. I am also doing baby steps. my baby steps rght now are:

Cut out soda
drink more water
eat more fruit
eat at least 1 salad a week (preferably 2)
switch to wheat bread
switch to lowfat bologna
switch to 2& cheese
try to do at least 5 mins of my leslie sansone tape at least twice a week
move more in general

when im waiting for food to cook or watching tv, etc, i try to move my body like swinging my arms, legs,.. etc, i figure anything helps right

good luck to you!
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Baby steps are HUGE! These small changes add up to BIG changes in no time.. And by making baby steps.. we're all moving in the right direction!

Great job everyone!
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