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Arrow Chit Chat for the week starting 2/2

Well, it's 7:21 and I must say I'm surprised to be starting this thread...

How did everyone make it through the SB? How was SURVIVOR? It's too early for me to make any brash decisions, but let's just say....

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Survivor was a bit interesting. I'm trying to figure what's up w/ Richard Hatch ... besides the parading around naked routine ... his strategy is to sit back and do nothing?!?!

Also, I'm disappointed that w/ the team that went to tribal council, the non-winners appear to be intent on ditching the winners first.

Although Apryl, I have to agree, I'm glad to see Rudy and Rupert make the alliance!!
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Ok, so I changed this to a weekly thread. I see what some folks mean about it being hard to catch up!! I TOTALLY missed out on April's 4.0!! Now that's NEWS!!! Congrats Missy!!!!! SO we'll try this for a while. I think what we need to realize is it's ok to just stop in and say Hi, it's cold and I'm alive.

I had a good weekend. Jacob was an angel at the dentist. We went and saw Big Fish today. It was good. More like a rental.

I think survivor is cool because I already know everyone. I don't know who I am for. All I know is that I must look like Alicia!!! Do you think it would be Ok to make her my avitar. Would anyone be confused in June?? I mean look at this picture!! This girl is buff. Ok, so she is a personal trainer. But that girl blows me away!!

Went to the Y today. Can't decide. I know I should join. But.
1. 13 minutes away, that wastes 26 min just in travel.
2. I don't get home until 4:45 and then if I go to the Y, it'll be after 6:00 before we get home. Dinner is supposed to be at 6:00. I don't see Jacob making it until 7:00. That also takes up any fun time with Jacob and I barely get to see him as it is. Bath is at 7:30, bed at 8:30.
3. 48.00 a month.

1. I really think that lifing weights is for me and I already pay 29.00 a month for Curves which this would be replacing. HELP!!!!!
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Yes to the weekly chats!! Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name "Weekly Chatter" it's so cute.

Thanks Sandi :-) Hmmm..... not sure what to do about the gyms. Call me crazy, but I'm leaning towards Curves because you'll get to see Jacob more and it's cheaper. Just an outsiders point of view.

Yep, I got the old 4.0 last week for 2nd quarter and 2nd semester. Go Apryl! Go Apryl! Go Apryl! *happy dance*

Goodnight everyone!!!!!!!!
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I missed the 4.0, too. All right, Apryl! Great job! I'm just so proud of you. I think we should all go to your graduation. Make sure you can get enough tickets!

Glad Jacob was good at the dentist, Sandi--it's always touch-and-go with the little ones. My kids went to a great pediatric dentist who looked like a Grandma, and acted like one, too. They loved her. She always took their photo in the dentist chair every six months--you could see how tall they were getting just by seeing those photos.

I'm thinking Curves for the same reason Apryl gives. However, I am a Y member and love it. They're starting a new women's only weight training class at my Y and I signed up. As I get off the rest of the weight (hopefully virgin pounds will start coming off soon!), I want to see some actual muscle definition in my arms and legs, and I need a pro to teach me how to do that. I already do weight machines twice a week, but I know I need more.

My daughter is now on her ship, a destroyer in Norfolk, VA. She's going "underway" (it's a Navy term she keeps using that must mean they're taking the ship out for a spin) next week for five days. She spent Saturday in the engine room, and the chief engineer was so impressed with her hard work that he said she should think about a career as a naval engineer. No way, says she! She spent hours trying to get the grease out from under her fingernails and she doesn't want to be doing that every day. My daughter is such a girly girl!
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Losing Again!
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Hi's so cold and I'm sick of the snow. They're predicting more for later this week. Grrr. Now that I'm all excited about starting a walk/jog training schedule. I'm not in a hurry to get that started though, the race I want to run isn't til August. I'll be doing the same distance in May, but will be walking most, jogging some.

I am going to do some outside activity tomorrow. I'm planning to walk to and from my WW meeting. I'll bundle up enough to stay warm I feel so much better when I do that.

Apryl--way to go on the 4.0!!! You Rock!

Sandi--I don't know what I'd do in your shoes. But I agree that I'd like to look like Alica...think I can manage that by my class reunion in June? Not if I eat a white chocolate reeses pb cup, package of peanut m&ms and a cherry mash everyday between now and then. I went to get fresco tacos at Taco Bell and ended up at the gas station...oops.

Have a great week all!
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Sandi, I'd go with curves if I was you. It's closer, cheaper, you'll get to spend more time with Jacob, it won't throw your whole routine out of whack, and it's still a great workout. It seems to me that the cons outway the pros so now you have to ask yourself which one you'd rather do, and see if enduring the cons will be worth it to make yourself happy.

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Hi everyone! April I missed your 4.0 too! Way to go, girl!!!

Daners.. I hear ya about the snow we were outside at 5am doing the 5 MORE inches we got last night. If it's not snowing it's sub zero temps. There's no winning.

Sandi - Personally I love the Y. Plus they give you a personal training program - Free! that really helps. Is the $48 for the family or just yourself? Here, in Green Bay I think it's $50 for the family.

Haven't been too good on the diet... this needs to improve. I may not make Valentine's goal... I don't really care how slow I lose it.... just as long as I lose it! Ya know?

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Hi everyone,

Sandi, I know you are making a hard decision. I have two little ones. Some folks need to go out to a gym and if that is you, keep on going. I have found that I can use free weights in my basement and also do exercise videos, treadmill and elliptical while my kids play in the playroom attached to where I exercise. They have been awesome in learning the routine and are great about not interrupting. My little one even has mastered tae-bo moves and uses them all over the place. She came out of the toy room with a fisher price flashlight in her hand going " 1 - 2 - 3 - 4" while slowly lifting the weight aka flashlight over her head. Tooooooo cute! Models a way of life they will need to participate in too. On the days that I work, I get up really early or use my lunch hour so I am not away from the kids for too long. I know it is hard, but you will come up with the right decision for you and your family. The hour or so you take away from your time with you son will be the years that you add to your life to spend with him. The awesome thing is that you are really motivated and as a result will keep up with taking care of yourself. Look out survivor girls, here comes Sandi!

I know, winter must end soon so we can all get back to living again. The cold weather and snow just make you want to bunk down in the basement in front of the fire and tv with comforting warm foods. I am struggling right now with food but continueing with exercise. I am not making horrible choices, I just want warm things and eat too much. But, maybe there is something to hibernating. The bears do it! Seems to me they eat a great deal before going in to a deep sleep in the deep freeze. Yeah, I will try and justify anything.

Hope this finds you all well. Have a great week.
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You can do it!!!!
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Jenaya....why is it that we can justify anything. And we are so good at too!!! LOL I am in the need for warm things I started making my very own hot cocoa...and it is sugar free I will post the link soon.

Sandi...I don't know....I think Iwould tend to go with the Y....because the Y has a great child care site at mine....and Jacob can participate in some of the things offered like swimming and stuff. I made a promise to myself, that once I get into a great work out program at home (that is what february is for) I wil branch out to our local Y. Good luck deciding. When does your Curves membership end?

Dana....slow and steady always wins the race...that is my motto!!! But it is always nice to keep making those minigoals to get focused in the big goal!!!!!

Apryl....I like the name too....but I am still getting used to the weekly thread Maybe I can make this thing work...hehehehhehehhehe

Sheila, how long has your girly girl daughter been in the Navy???

I will check back later....have a great day!!!!!
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Hey ladies! How is everyones day going? I am making homemade chili today and it smells soooo gooood! I have never made it myself before but there is a first time for everything. Its a little high in carbs for what i usually eat but they are good carbs, no sugar and I used turkey burger too. Now my problem is to stop myself from tasting it everytime i stir it....
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Julie - Isn't Chili the absolute best?! It has everything you need to keep you satisfied - warm, comfort type food appeal, lots of low cal, low fat veggies, beans and lean meat for protein, and spices to make it all so tasty -- mmmmm, good stick to yer ribs meal!

Whatever decision you make Sandi, Curves or the Y, the fact that it's a decision about something healthy and helpful in your goal is the greatest thing! Keep it up and you'll soon be deciding between new outfits (in lower sizes!!)

I have to admit I'm bad and have been going to the Survivor spoiler boards (they've been right on the last few series, having the benefit of secret sources). I can't say I'm happy about the predicted final two , but I can't wait to see it all played out. My fruit dip was a great hit at the Survivor party, but I was annoyed when some of the guys were dipping cookie bars into the dip instead of fruit!

More snow's so depressing, especially when you consider that the worst is yet to come. February always seems to be the coldest month of the year here. When I was a kid we'd always go to Florida for March break, but one wonderful year we went for my birthday...I'll never forget waking up on Valentine's Day to glorious weather and a dip in the ocean...sigh....

When I read about your "girly girl" Sheila it made me think of poor Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin

Well, best get back to work. I spent this lunch hour speed walking through the underground shopping concourse system of downtown Toronto (sure, I get a few stares as I fly by in my suit and running shoes, but I just give'm a big smile and go on my merry way). I forgot to bring my perfect Weight Watchers point lunch, but on my journey picked up a very satisfactory salad with grilled chicken and fat-free yogurt dressing from a health food take-out. Actually, it was sooo good I still felt hungry, so I came here to write instead of eat (more). It worked
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Sandi, I'm a huge fan of the Y, because it is great for the whole family and for the same price, I'm able to take the kids swimming there all summer, but it's all about what works for you. If you're really having doubts about the Y and about it taking time away from Jacob, then you probably won't be as diligent about going as you will be at Curves. Making these lifestyle changes is hard enough, but if it throws your whole schedule off track then it will be almost impossible to stick with it.

Apryl, I don't think I ever did get to tell you how proud I am of you! Keep up the great work girl!

Jill, I'm so proud of you for not letting the fact that you didn't have your lunch with you throw you off track! You are definitely back on track and staying strong!

Julie, the chili does sound wonderful! I'd love to see your recipe. There are so many different ways to make chili and I love to try new ways.

Jenaya, your little one sounds so cute! You should be really proud that you're already teaching her about a healthy life style and she's learning so much by your example. We can talk all we want, but what they really end up learning from is our actions.

I hope everyone is having a great week. It's cold here too, with another storm due to move in tonight. The kids are hoping for a second snow day this week. As if one wasn't enough!!
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Mothergoose the chili came out superb. It was really simple too:

2lbs Turkey burger
2 cans dark red kidney beans
2 cans garlic tomato paste
2 cans crushed tomatos
1 whole green pepper
2 onions
6 cloves garlic
1tsp basil
2 tsp chili powder
1tsp oregano
3-4 cups V-8

I browned the turkey and garlic then added the onion and pepper in the frying pan. Cooked those until tender. Add all other ingredients in the crock pot and simmered all day. Spinkled with some shredded cheese and a dolop of sour cream.
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You can do it!!!!
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Height: 5'3


Yummy Julie....i will have to try this!!!!!!
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