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Talking This Was Exciting!

I've been feeling a little discouraged because my weight loss has gotten so much slower, so when something happens that encouraging, it helps to keep me motivated and I just have to share it. Hope you don't mind.

Today I went to Hollywood Video to rent my boys some video games (it's been raining for two days and they're making me crazy!!). The guy asked to see my license and I pulled it out and showed it to him, but he didn't believe that it was me. I had to argue with him and show him my other ID to get him to believe that it was me. He finally said, "WOW, what the hel* diet have you been on?" He started asking me all kinds of questions about how much I work out and what kind of exercises I do.

The weight on my license says 250, but I think I was actually about 300 at the time. I certainly wasn't going to say 300 though.

Thanks for letting me share. This is the kind of stuff that really helps to keep me going since my husband STILL hasn't said a word about my weight loss.
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I got my license renewed yesterday, and the lady asked how much I weighed, and I said "Too Much," and lied and said 230. Please God, may this soon be the truth.

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exciting! i'm only 9 lbs away from my licence weight, 180. i don't know what i actaully weighed then, i doubt that it was right at the time.
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Congrats-that must have felt wonderful!!!

I'm so sorry your husband has not commented. That must feel very hurtful. Have you tried talking to him about it.

Thank god I live in NJ, and we don't have to put weight on our license!

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Wow! That's so cool. I bet that felt absolutely wonderful. You're going to have to get a new photo taken before you have to--I'm betting this will happen more often. Hope you don't ever get pulled over!

Hey, I'm moving to NJ! No weight on the license--that's cool. Okay, maybe it's better just to lose the weight so I really am what it says on my license--or lower!
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That IS a great story mthrgoos68! I know we shouldn't need our success to be validated by others, but I think we've all figured out that we have confidence and self-esteem issues or we never would have become smothered in weight to begin with. Allow yourself to savour compliments from others and enjoy the motivation that follows. You've done amazingly well - wow, 143 pounds gone! I am so impressed with you!

As for your husband....perhaps he's suffering from a bit of insecurity. He may be thinking that you weren't satisfied with your body and decided to do something about it by getting rid of a lot of it, so he might be worried he's the next thing you'll want to get rid of! Just kidding...but you know how warped men sometimes think (no offence Howie ) I hope your hubby can eventually open up to you and confess that he's proud of your accomplishment - he probably figures you already know how he feels so he doesn't bother saying anything (another male trait - oops, I'd better just end this before people start thinking I'm a bitter divorcee or something )

P.S. - We don't have to put our weight on our driver's license here in Ontario either, thank goodness!
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Wow you are getting close to your goal when that happens. So happy 4 you. Isn't it the best feeling? Like yeah it's all been worth it!
I think they must be used to ppl telling fibs on their license. Now if they made u step on a scale - that wouldn't be popular would it? lol
Just glad we don't have to do that here. I mean isn't your picture enough?
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That's a motivation for me totally. I'm getting my license in April. OMG OMG OMG. *EVERYONE* wants to see your license when you first get it and I am NOT NOT NOT going to have 230 on there. I will ABSOLUTELY DIE first. (Wow... that was my best teenage girl drama in a long time. ) -Apryl
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if only she'd lose weight
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I am SO moving to NJ or Ontario.

My license says 200. I think the woman knew what a total lie that was, but thankfully, she didn't say anything.
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very very cool for you! My licence used to be accurate last summer.... but then I gained 20 lbs back

btw... I would shot my husband if he didn't say anything!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats!!! What a high that must have been!! I'm so glad for you and doesn't that just make you want to get the but in gear!

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YAY!!!!! that is awesome!

my license still says 135 from when i was 16. when i get id'd i can just imagine what people are thinking (yeah, 135 my @$$) LOL i just don't think they change it here. but as soon as i get below 135 you can bet your bippy i'll be telling them i want it changed!
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Thanks guys! I didn't even know there were states where you didn't have to give your weight!!! I certainly would have moved there if I'd known! My license expires in August of 2004, so I'm going to wait until then to get a new one because I should be at goal by then and I'll be able to put 140 on there. WOO-HOO!!
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That's one picture I bet you can't wait to have taken mthrgoose! I heard on the news that you won't be allowed to smile for passport pics from now on (as though a smile changes one's face that much?!). They'd better not make the same rule for driver's licence pics, because I don't think you'll be able to remove one from your face
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I just had to get my new license and decided, for the first time ever, to list my real weight -235. The other day, my son and his friend asked to see my new license. I showed them, and they didn't hoot with laughter. It must come from being terribly mature 16 year olds.
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