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Default Weight loss molecule

I saw a very interesting BBC documentry last night about a plant that may become the next big thing in weight loss. A small african tribe has been using it for many years to aid in hunting, when they eat this plant they can go 16-24 hours without the desire for food. The south african CSIR did tests on this plant and was able to find the molecule involved. When tested on rats they lost weight effortlessly. There have been human trials in UK and within a group of obese ppl half on the tablet form of Hoodie (the plant) half on a placebo the half on the Hoodie ate on average 1000 caleries less then the placebo patients perday. There seem to be no side effects of this plant such as increased heart rate etc that other diet pills have. Just no appetite for many hours.

The program also talked about how on the back of this scientific reseach already pills where being sold on the interenet claiming to contain Hoodie. One was called lipodreme or something like that. When tested they were found to contain caffiene only, no hoodie.

The program says it will still be 3/4 years before Hoodie is available to the public but the results of tests so far look promising.

Just thought I'd share this with you and see if anyone else had heard of it.

It was also said how ironic that a poor tribe of Sth Africa may lead to a weightloss dicovery for the obese West. If it comes about these ppl will get money for their knowledge of this plant.
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Default Hmmmm

Thanks for sharing, that's really interesting...

I'm just really skeptical of any kind of "miracle drug" you know? It'll be interesting to see what comes of this though! -Apryl
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Wouldn't that be great. The thing that intridged me was "no desire for food". Had you said "not hungry", I would have said my problem is not hunger. But no desire for food, I'm right there.

In one of my classes, we have to make a table and I have them type in Dinner and have them type in their favorite meal. Usually I get steak and lobster, that kind of stuff. One lady (thin lady)was just sitting there and when I went over there, she said she didn't have one, that food just didn't do it for her. She even hated grocery shopping because nothing looked good. Can you even imagine!!
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OMG - it's my magic pill!

but boy - that does sound interesting. My issue is how much food - but the types of food I eat
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Hmm... I always figured we'd find the cure for the world's ills in the jungles, but I figured it would be a cure for cancer. Now we have to see if it works, if there are livable side effects, and if we can cultivate it in the wild (go conservation!). It would be ironic to "save a rainforest" for the sole reason of saving a weight-loss cure. But any port in a storm, eh?
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There have been a few times when I've truly had no desire whatsoever for food - but I'm all cases it was due to circumstances I'd not want to repeat (i.e. illness, grief, fear) even for weight loss. I hear you Jacob'sM, hunger is not the issue. I really enjoy food, especially the rich and calorie laden variety. I love the way it tastes, the way it comforts, the way it makes good times even better - but I hate the end result. So much of my world still revolves around food. For the last 14 months I've done well coping with the issues surrounding food but I spend far too much time planning my menus, worrying about fat content and "points", and literally anticipating my next meal. I like the idea of a pill that takes the obsession with food away so that I'd just eat when I'm hungry and be satisfied with the type of food that nourishes the body rather than the soul
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Yeah, too bad my weight gain isn't related to my appetite.
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Wow, it'll be interesting to see what comes of that. My struggle is eating for comfort and just plain out of cravings. It's a good thing I love the *good* food, too, or I'd be sunk!
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