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Unhappy Newbie Needs Support

Hey Everyone!

First - I must congrats everyone here on their success, I've been reading through this website and its unbeleivable how much you have all inspired and motivated me. Good Job!

My Story - I'm 21 yrs. old, 2 years ago I was a size 14, and am now almost a size 22. I can barely look at pictures of my old "sexy" self without crying... I want to ge back to who I was then...and start wearing what I want.. Today I saw a picture of myself taken last week and it has given me the final push I need to get off my *** and finally do something about the weight not just complain.. So, with you all as my witnesses, starting today - here I go...

Wish me luck! - I'll need it..


Current Weight - 270 lbs
Goal Weight by Sept. 1st - 240 lbs (hoping for more but we'll see)
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Hey Celina - Welcome to our group! I think your goal is perfectly do-able; it's just a hair over 2 lbs. per week.

Check in often!
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Welcome aboard the wagon, be careful the seats are slippery! Congrats on making the decision to change your life. What i wouldnt give to go back to 21 and start my weightloss there! This is a bunch of lovely ladies and a few handsome men who are very supportive and encouraging. i hope you post often and help motivate us too.
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all the best to you, brooklyn, on your weight loss! take care, wsw.
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Hi Celina! What is it about pictures? I ALWAYS have had my realism checks from pictures, but I look in the mirror EVERY day and somehow don't see the reality there.

Welcome and hope to see you around the forum a lot.
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Wow, Celina, welcome to the boards My name is ~*Cat*~, I'm 22, as of last May 1st, I weighed 304 and was a size 26/28. I just recently started getting serious about my weight loss, like you sound like you are too Last weekend, I had to go shopping for new clothes. I had to buy a size 22/24, and I'm currently at 260 as of today. A week ago, I was at 265 and the scale wasn't budging. I don't really know how to suggest a workout plan for anybody because I'm currently unemployed, so I really have the time to work out I guess. I have an exerise bike, so I ride 10K a day on it, EVERY day, then I do 20-30 minutes of freeweight lifting. My mother is a Type II diabetic with high blood pressure and she only weighs, like, 165. Her father died when she was 12 due to a diabetic coma, and my grandmother on my dad's side has been diabetic now for almost 15 years. That's really what got me to want to start trying to lose the weight because everyone on both sides of my family either dies from a) being diabetic, b) smoking then getting lung cancer, or c) living to be close to 100 years old, which is the one I hope to be able to do. Good luck with your weight loss, however you decide to do it, and remember, if you need anything, the people here on the boards are really really nice and really helpful
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Want to feel better
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Hi Celina

Welcome ~ glad to have you join in ~ great group of people here ~ they are so helpful ~ encouraging and motivating and understanding.

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if only she'd lose weight
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Welcom, Celina!!
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welcome! you'll fit right in here! =)

i can't remember being size 14, but i'm almost there!
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nice to see you, celina [and what a pretty name!!!!]. YEP. we're all in this together...

hang out, ask lots of questions. vent rant. whatever.
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Hey Celina and Welcome! We're all here together - and you can do this!
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Welcome Celina. I'm so glad that you've decided to make these changes in your early twenties. My "moment of truth" hit when I was 32 (a year ago) and sometimes I can't help but feel that I wasted the first 10 years of my adult life in a food coma. Keep up the good work!
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Welcome! I agree with AmyJ--it's wonderful that you're working on this in your 20s. Be sure and join in the challenges if that's something you think you'd like to do. I find them really motivating.
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Celina -

Welcome to our group!! I think you'll find alot of motivation and inspiration.

Good Luck!
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Hey Celina...Congrats on making changes in your life! That is the first biggest step...the rest is much easier (I think).

We could be support partners. We both have a gol to reach by Spetember 1st...I HAVE to lose 45 pounds by then in order to get on a health insurance plan once my current one expires. Maybe it would help both of us out if we buddied up and held eachother accountable!
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