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There are many things that I choose not to do because of my weight and size. Many are pretty self explanitory but I also have dreams of things I'd like to do when I get thin. Or things that would be OK to do if I wanted to not because I am fat.

My dreams include

Buying something at Victoria's Secret and then wearing it. I want to be in there and have the clerk not think that I am buying a gift for someone else or roll her eyes because I am in there.

I want to wear an underwire bra w/o the wires poking me in the eyes from my stomach.

I want to wear a backless and sleeveless top, dress or gown.

I want to wear my tops tucked in, maybe w/a belt!!!

I want to shop in the regular size section of the store.

I want to wear a thong and have people/DH know what color it is w/o telling them. LOL

I want to wear a 2 peice bathing suit just once before I die.

I want to wear a short skirt.

I want to feel normal .

PS. Looks like I've got an underware issue to addressLOL

What are everyone else's dreams?
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I haven't been swimming since school and I used to love it I know I should just be brave and do it but just to feel happy in a swimming costume would be bliss for me.

Last time I went on a fairground ride was years ago with my brother we both had to squeeze through the turnstile I'd like to do that with no bother at all.

One of my dreams is going in Evans which is the main 'big size' shop in England and not having to get the clothes right at the back of the rail! Hopefully this one is coming true right now!
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Mine are:

I want to go into a store and buy clothes in the regular department

I would love to go swimming again, I haven't been since I was a teenager. I love the water but there is no way I'm putting on a swimsuit right now.

I would like to be able to walk distances without getting out of breath and feeling like my legs were going to fall off.

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Default DNR

Here's what I dream about:

I want heads to turn. I want DH to be just a little bit envious when another man checks me out.

I want to look in a mirror when I walk past and smile.

I want the sound of my legs rubbing together when I walk to stop!

I want people who haven't seen me in a long time to say "WOW"

I want to buy a size 12 and my husband to be able to go into a store and buy me something instead of me saying "let me try it on first"

I want to be able to say "I've done everything I've set my mind to do" - I quit smoking 10 years ago, I raised a child as a single mother, I have obtained a decent job, I'm going to school to continue my education now, I have a new house - I have basically accomplished everything I have wanted to do, except for this weight thing. To be at my goal would be awesome!

All of these things are GOING TO HAPPEN!


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I dream:

1) I can wear a short skirt without worrying how my legs look.

2) When I can consider myself "normal".

3) When I see my relatives this summer, and they can't believe how much weight I have lost.

4) When I don't constantly think about food.
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Default Dreams

I dream....

1) going thru a turnstile without having to turn sideways.
2) shopping at ..any.. store I want.
3) hearing someone say.."have you lost weight?"
4) passing a construction site and hearing a whistle! LOL
5) being able to sit in any seat and be comfortable.
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Rock on, I'd like to add a few of my own

1.) I want to buy jeans...REAL jeans, with a zipper and buttons...NO elastic...NO lycra, NO drawstrings...good old fashioned denim...the stiffer the better :-)

2.)I want to be able to jog in my jogbra...without anything else over it...heh...heck...for that matter...

3.) I want to be able to jog...not walk fast, but to put some fire into it...

4.) I want to play at Discovery Zone again!! I used to go with my oldest daughter, and it was SO much fun...I'd probably pass out now.

5.) I want to hear my husbands low whistle of appreiciation, and TRULY believe he means it.

I've got lots more, but a lot of them have already been called out here...
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I love this thread...........
Let me see what I can add:

(1) I want to wear leopard or any print I want -- on the bottom!

(2) I want to wear the sexiest, sheerest underwear and bras known to (wo)man!!!

(3) I want to sunbathe nude sometime, somewhere.

(4) I want my friends that I haven't seen in ages to exclaim over the amount of weight I have lost.

(5) I want my menstrual cycles to return to normal so that I can get pregnant.

(6) I want to wear my husband's shirts and have them be too big for me.

(7) I want to fit comfortably into movie theatre seats.

(8) I want to know I have control over my eating habits.

(9) I want other men to notice me -- even though I am very happily married.

(10) I want to wear a long, gorgeous, slinky gown for once in my life.

Great dreams girls .........this thread is one I really like.
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Default Dreams

What a wonderful question. It's been a week or so since I last posted. I don't usually have too much to say, but this really caught my eye. I'm struggling...but I keep trying because:
1) I want to be able to cross my legs when I sit down.

2) I want to fit into the bathtub, without touching the sides.

3) I want to buy clothes that I like...not buy clothes just because they fit.

4) I want to be able to climb the stairs without huffing and puffing.

5) I would love to weigh less than my husband.

6) I want to live to be older than I am now.

7) I too would like to be whistled at by other men...even though I too am happily married.

8) I would like to bend over to tie my shoes without almost passing out.

9) I would like to be admired for having accomplished my goal of losing all this weight.


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Default My Dreams

What a wonderful thread

*To Be Healthy, and to ensure my family's health
*To be able to purchase clothing in regular sizes
*To "fit in" with my sisters (I have five sisters, sizes 1-7/8) I do not need to be a certain size... but I have never seemed to quite be a part of the family.
*I want my children to have an active, energetic mommy
*I want to play basketball again. I play at home, but I'd like to be playing more in public
*I want to feel proud of myself... I want my children to be proud of me
*I want men to notice me! LOL!!
*I want to be able to put aside fears of diabetes and heart disease
*I want to feel comfortable at the city pool

Hmmm... I know that there are lots of other things!

Start Date: 2/26/01
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This is a great question. My dreams are to:

have beautiful, pretty, lacy panties again

not worry if I will fit into a chair

look forward to seeing people instead of being

to have my husband tell me I look pretty and
really mean it

to fit into a great pair of jeans

to be able to walk the mall with my daughters
w/out feeling exhausted and ugly!!!
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I just have a few more to add:

l. I want to undress in front of my husband.

2. I want to welcome my husband's hands roaming over my body, and not even think about the rolls of fat he now touches.

3. I want to pick out clothes because I like them, not because they will make me look thinner.

4. I want to meet new people feeling comfortable and secure with how I look.

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These are really great!

o2bthinner -- I can totally relate to your number 2...I feel so self-concious when my boyfriend touches my body. It is so hard to enjoy physical affection when you are constantly thinking about how unsexy you are.

Here are mine:

1) Jean size in the single digits

2) Be able to walk around naked in my own house, with the blinds open and not really care who the **** sees me

3) Dress my age rather than my weight

4) Not have to worry about heart disease and diabetes -- I am way too young to be worrying about those those things

5) Have the energy, stamina and lung capacity to walk all of those hills in San Francisco without having to stop and make my friends wait around for me to catch my breath

6) Make love with the lights on

7) Undress in the locker room at the gym instead of in a bathroom stall
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1) I want to be able to shop at the Gap, not at Lane Bryant.
2) I want to go to the movies and not have to have people *stand up* so that i can get by, and not feel self conscious that i'm sticking my rear out at them when i pass (it's true!)
3) I want old friends and family to ooh and ahh over me when they see the new skinny me
4) I'd love to weight less than my husband!
5) i'd like to feel "little"
6) i'd like to be healthy and more energetic...

220 by SPD
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Ok here goes

1) I am really into clothes so shopping at a "regular" store. Especially Victoria's Secret.

2) Going to the beach and not worrying about being the fattest person there.

3) Not worrying about my health so much. I really worry about becoming diabetic or high blood pressure.

4) Just plain old feeling good about myself.

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