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Talking #185 The luck o' the Irish

Hi all, I just thought I'd start a new thread and ask the question, are you Irish, Irish wanna-be, or could care less about St. Patty's day and the whole "kiss me, I'm Irish" ordeal?

Personally, I was born into a good Irish family in the midwest. My grandfather was very proud of his Irish heritage and would never fail to remind us where we came from. I love St. Patty's day, as it reminds me of the many stories and beliefs of my grandfather, in his healthy days. (Plus, I love my beer, and this is the kind of holiday for me!!!!) I go all out for St. Patrick's day. I make authentic Irish dinner (Beef Stew, Boxty, and Soda Bread). My dh, on the other hand is about as far from Irish as you can get. He thinks that the whole St. Patty's celebration is silly, and will only eat Soda Bread and Boxty once a year, so I relish today!

I hope that everyone has been doing well. I'm actually doing pretty good myself. I've been in a good place since I started my new resolve. I may not be losing the weight like I wished, but I am trucking along. I have more energy than before, and I simply feel happier. With your support, I know that I can do this, and I will do this. Last weekend turned into a pretty nice one for me. It rained all day yesterday (I love rain) and I got to snuggle in the house and cook and just relax. Saturday, I took my Drew (3) to the train store to get my dad's old trains fixed. He loved it, and now that we have a working train, I think I need to build a big old table for it, so he can play with them more. I remember how much fun it was to play with my trains as a kid, and how much it meant to my dad to love them as much as he did. I hope to pass those feelings on to my Drew.
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My grandfather's nickname was Paddy, my mother's name was Colleen, and my daughter is Erin (although I wish I would have spelled it in the Celtic fashion). Somewhere in my ancestry someone came over on the boat!

I used to meet a friend named Sheila Connor down at an Irish pub for an Irish coffee, but there's no Irish coffee for me this year! Don't want to have to count those points. Can't convince anybody in my family to eat corned beef either. So maybe I'll just color all my water for the day green?? LOL!

A train--what fun! You'll have to give him a car for each birthday, and then you'll need a whole train room. I have a friend who built a special addition on his house just for trains. It's pretty darn cool.
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i'm about 75% irish.. my last name was "killeen" before some great-great changed it. green is my favorite color, so i love the dressing up part. and i eat corned beef and cabbage every year, yummy. i'm just not a beer fan.
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Sheila funny you mentioned about the water, I work at a water plant and we were joking this morning that we were gonna dye the water green and freak everyone out
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I actually forgot today was ST. Patrick's day all together until I pinched for not having any green on - they had to take it back after I showed them my undies!!

Well, today is a new day, a new start. No feeling bad about wasted weeks, pretty happy they weren't wasted months. I'll get there, one screw up at a time.

It's is in the low 70's today. I think spring is exactly what I needed to get me going again.

Have a great week everyone!!!

I updated my avatar..this was taken at a baby shower on Sunday.
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Default hi...


I'm not Irish-grandparents on both sides are Russian Jews, but my husband is (McGuire) I'm more Irish than he is though -I LOVE Irish music, read tons of Irish authors, see movies set in Ireland, etc., etc....bought my own claddagh ring, although I know you're not supposed to buy one for yourself, but my husband didn't pick up my hint to pick out one for me. I hope I don't offend anyone here who actully IS Irish. I've just always been fascinated by Irish culture/music/books, etc. (see the U2 quote in my signature)

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I'm 3/4 Irish and have always enjoyed the music, literature, stories, etc. Not too fond of the stereotype of people going crazy on the green beer etc. but have celebrated with it occasionally. Would rather have a Bailey's Irish Cream.

I'm wearing my green, stew is in the crockpot and soda bread almost all gone. My totally Croatian husband likes that a lot (and the stew as well). He took me to Ireland for our 25th anniversary and enjoyed it a lot himself. But he's certainly not a "wannabe" Irishman, enjoyes being who he is as do I. But I've learned to make a few of his national favorites and to enjoy the music, dance, etc. of his culture as well. It's our kids who are confused . ;-)
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I guess I'm one of the few here with no Irish heritage. My grandparents were English or Welsh, no Irish at all. Generally I do wear something green but completely forgot about it this morning. I have some nice green 4 leaf clover earrings that I wear too.
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One of my grandparents is a little Irish somewhere in there.... but that all calculates out to me being about 1/9 Irish, LOL. Nothing special going on here... I might make "Pots of Gold" for dinner if I get to feeling better. Have a great day. -ApRyL-
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Well we are not Irish, however St. Patrick's day is a very special day to us. Today is my son's 3rd birthday. It's so hard to beleive that it was 3yrs ago today that he was born.

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Happy Birthday Christian
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Happy Birthday Christian.

Jen, you haven't updated us lately, how is he doing? I hope that he is still doing well!

Sandi, I love the new picture. I meant to tell you that earlier. I think that you are looking really good, and really happy.
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Not a big St. Patrick's day fan...I'm more of a St. Valentine's girl, myself.
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if only she'd lose weight
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Not the least bit Irish. I like Valentine's Day better, too.
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Not at all Irish but do like the music and the accent.
Sandi - I love your new pic, you can really notice the difference, your face is looking much slimmer, keep up the good work!

My eating has been pretty much on track but am stressing out a bit about the looming war. Anyone find it hard to worry about eating well when world events are so stressful? It's hard but I guess I just have to stay focused and remember that stress about events doesn't have to mean I pig out.

Hope everyone is doing well,

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