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Default anyone seen muelledk?

Haven't seen her in a while?
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Hi Dana! No, she hasn't posted since 12/26. I sent her a PM, hoping she checks her mail. She didn't mention a vacation or a holiday, best to my knowldege. I will let you know if I hear anything..

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I've also sent a PM to a few of our MIA chickies...


Will let you know as soon as I know...

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What happened to PNG? Has she posted and I missed it?
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Haven't seen PNG in forever.

I was just thinking about Denise and Jen. Funny how great minds think alike.
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Kim..I think PNG's been missing for awhile now. I remember sending the dogs out for her awhile ago. I hope she comes back..the board misses her.

Velvet...I miss you!!!!

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Hi, girls! I'm still around and still fat! oh, yeah, and still old!

I'm beginning...again...since the new year. I have a loss of 45 lbs for last year, even though I did all of that between Jan and June! But, if I can lose another 50 this year, I'm a happy girl!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. I know I did. I worked really hard getting the apartment cleaned and decorated for Christmas j(purple and turquoise) and really enjoyed the decorations.

Hope the New Year is happy and healthy (and lighter) for everyone.

Jenniffer, thanks for the PM. I will try to gtet back more often. I post in the Buddy forum and can't seem to keep up there very well, either, sometimes!

Love to all, Gayle
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Default glad to hear from you gayle!

Hi Gayle.

Just glad to see you're back-
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Hi all. I'm still around too, just mostly lurking. I just haven't felt like I've had much to contribute and sometimes I get tired of talking about it when I feel like I should be doing something about it.

Thanks for thinking of me.
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And Sundrop....haven't heard from her since before Thanksgiving, I think
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if only she'd lose weight
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I've missed them, too. Come out, come out wherever you are!
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Hi all,
Thanks for the PM, Jennifer. I am here. We've had a crazy couple of months and I've been discouraged about my lack of weight loss.

I went to a nutritionist right before Christmas and got a low cal/ low fat diet. She wanted me to go on a loosey-goosey-just-eat-when-you're-hungry diet but I HAVE to lose down to 188 in four months for our adoption. I don't have time to kitty-foot around! After that, I promised to go on the non-diet diet - I really think that's the way to change my eating habits forever.

I don't have time for forever right now, though! I am in emergency mode. I didn't stay on the diet until this week, though. The last half of the holidays threw me for a loop. I have no in-between. I'm either a good little girl, or I stuff myself like there's no tomorrow!

I'm actually relieved to be disciplined again. I was tired of eating everything in the house!

Thanks for checking up on me. It's good to be missed.

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Ahh....feels so good to have our lil friends come back to us when we send the dogs out for them. has been awhile. Anyone hear from her?

Angi...Your right. You are in emergency mode right now. 4 months. 23 more lbs to go, right? You CAN do it. That is 5.7 lbs a month. You CAN do this. And were gonna help. I don't want you crying in 4 months because your weight is stopping you...Make a promise to yourself. You WILL come here everyday. I know, it's not easy at times, with life being nuts and all. But I also know, the longer I stay away...the better I feel at not being so good. Your not alone, I am either Ms. A+ student or failing miserably. So, the next 4 months is dedicated to you. I am in it, right next to you. yes, my next 4 months are much different and not as important compared to your reasons..but I have a 4 month goal too. I am in a wedding. point is come in each day..and we will motivate and inspire you to keep going. You have a very very very special goal..and were gonna help you get there. We all want to be AUNTIES (again and again and again). Deal????

Velvet..So glad to see you!!! Your not old either! You are a beautiful woman! And we miss you. happy to see your doing well. And that is a fabulous loss you had for 2002.

Jen..I know what you mean. Believe me,I do. I've been here for 3 years. That is sad. But, as long as they have 3FC up and running (knock on wood) I will always be here. Even when am running around in my bikini...and I will be!

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Glad to see some of you back!

Angi, I know you can make your goal. This is a special, unique goal you are working for, & I know you can do it! You are a strong woman & will be a *fabulous* mommy!!!

Velvet, old, shmold! You had a fantastic loss in 2002, & I know you can do it again in 2003!!!

Jen, I know what you mean. Sometimes it feels like I plan more than I act. But, I just have to firmly decide that I'm going to do something and then do it. Come around whenever you can; I know you can do this!

To all the other MIAs, we miss you! Check in when you have a chance!
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I'm here. I haven't been around in a while due to a hard work schedule. I completed my first semester of college and loved it. I go back in a week for my second semester. I have also been working about 120 hours every two weeks and haven't had time to think.

I did go and see the doc about the PCOS thing and he said that because I have had 2 kids and had no problems with that, I must not have PCOS and he put me on Xenecal(sp?). I am not happy with that at all. The first problem is it is expensive. The second is that it is very hard to incorperate that in a low carb diet.

But other then that, I have been doing good.

Thanks for thinking about me. I will try to be on more often, but no promises till after the ski season is over. lol.

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