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Default Day One: NErves are at a high

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this site, but not new to weightloss. Having tried time and time again to lose weight, I am at it again. I have a short term goal to lose 59 pounds in a year. Taking it day by day though. Today is Day One. And I have to say I am so nervous for this. Everyother time I have ultimately failed by either not losing weight or gaining it back. I am trying to count calories, drink at least 12 glasses of water a day, and exersice 4 times a week. Wish me luck? I dont know why, but to me I am scared this time. Thanks for reading.
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Hello, and have a hug

This is a great place to come for support, especially when we're feeling nervous, which I totally understand/

How many calories are you planning? Don't go too low too soon!
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First, let's be clear -- you can't ultimately fail if you're trying again! Failing is just sitting there and not doing anything. Give yourself props. You're back at it and that counts for something!

We have a lot of calorie counters on the board so you're in good company here. Plus, 3FC is a phenomenal support system. Anytime you find yourself in "times of trouble" you can come here and vent, find solutions, or just be surrounded by people in the same boat (sometimes that's all you need!).

My advice would be to get in touch with those feelings and figure out where it comes from. Nerves can be a good thing. Some of the biggest and best adventures start with the nervousness of a new beginning.
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Congrats on starting!! I am on Day 2, right there with you. We WILL make it through this!
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I know what you mean. Every day I feel like "this" is the day i'm gonna break down and eat a big mac! I'm trying to go one day at a time. It just seems like it is taking soooo long to get off the weight but i think we'll all be happy when we reach our goals. Good luck to you. I'm a chronic dieter also and so is my mom.
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Good luck..YOU will do fine and YOU can do it!! Think positive!!
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Don't think of it as failing. Think of it as preparing for this time when you will conquer your goal. We will all be here to help. I was surprised at how much it has helped me these last twelve days since I started.
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Thanks everyone! This site seems to help so many people! I am excited to be a part of it. Day one went well! I am thinking of going around 1500-1700 cal a day. And drinking WATER WATER WATER. I didnt get a "real" workout today, but moved adn cleaned my old apartment for 3 hours. And I gotta say, I was SWEATING! So, Day one down! DAy by Day lets tackle this weight. How did you all do today?
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I'm glad you did well. Remember that you only fail if you quit trying.
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HI & Welcome,so glad your first day went OK, it all starts with that! you can remember what went right and build on it for the next day.

Some nerves and fear is good, it keeps us motivated and going, but some fear can be paralyzing or even worse, sabotaging. Be sure to dig around under that fear and see what's causing it ~ is it just fear of trying again and failing? or maybe of succeeding? that the old ways will be gone and new ones that might seem scary are going to replace them? maintaining? not being the big girl? more expectations? there's a MILLION weird things we can be scared of -- the trick is to expose them to the light and then kick the little buggers in the face

best of luck, and check in with us as much as you can!
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