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Choosing with every bite.
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182 - it's the weight where my shape and my health make a dramatic improvement on the way down.
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Originally Posted by Laureedee View Post
I agree, you don't! I, however, look a good 40lbs overweight, nevermind only being about 20lbs actually overweight. And I have lots of excess fat on my stomach (and everywhere else) and I think getting rid of even just 75% of that would take a good 30-40lbs. As I mentioned, I've been to 166 and it was obvious that I had a good ways to go then.

Really though, I'm not married to 143. If I'm healthy and love how I look at 160, I'll stop there!
LOL. I would also love to weigh 143, but I'd be very happy at 160. My body, thus far, has refused to go below 187, but I'm determined to see the 160s again.
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220! It's one I haven't really been able to break through. My first time losing a lot of weight, I didn't weigh myself, I just went by sizes, but I don't think I got much lower than 220. This time, I am determined to do it!
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Learning and burning
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Hi all! I'm rather fixated on 215. I have no idea why. (It is my former area code... )

I'm dreamy (like many) about 199 too.

After that, I gotta say that 169 sounds pretty groovy. I remember (very briefly!) weighing 160 in high school. So to be within 10 pounds of that feels like the place to be.

Have a great week all!
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By God's Grace
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254 was my #2 pre-pregnancy weight
197 is my #1 pre-pregnancy weight (2008) (and the weight I want to hit before we start trying for baby #3)
183 is weight on my wedding day (or thereabouts)
164 is weight I was when I met my DH
154 is healthy weight range for my height.

I honestly have no idea what to expect when I get below 197. DH and I started dating when I was 16 and got married when I was 18, so I don't think those are "adult" weights. We'll see. I was a size 14 at 197lbs (but that was pre-babies) and I really, really want to get into a single digit pants size. We'll just have to see where I land.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

Height: 5'8


hitting 220 was HUGE for me, bigger than breaking 300 or 200 actually LOL I think because that was the last time I felt "normal" about 20 years ago.

I thought I'd be happy enough to stay at that but the way I decided to live and eat and move made it possible to coast on down to about 160 and stay there woohooo

160 still seems like a ridiculous weight to me still LOL like "NO ONE could ever weigh LESS than 160!!!" hahahah it's weird
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240 was a magic number because I weighed in the 240's for most of the last 10 years.
230 was magic because that's the lowest weight I attained the last (and only other) time I lost weight.
225 was a goal because that's what it said on my driver's license.
Next big one is 199!
After that is 180 because I want to weigh less than my brother! From there, anything else is gravy!

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Oh, Can I put mine in too?
Don't normally post in this group - normally hang out in the 300 club so I certainly quailfy!

My numbers

106 Kilos or 233lbs because I haven't weighed less than that for at least two decades, and I thi Still 35 kilos away...

90 kilos or 199 lbs - onederland obviously; but more importantly the weight a really rude doctor said to me " you are so overweight - even if you could get down to 90 kilos - thats obviously still far too fat but at least it would be better than the weight you are NOW....
* sigh* needless to say, I didn't go back to him, but it suck in my mind....

106 or
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Lone Locust of Apocalypse
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My "magic numbers" don't have sentimental value, but I think they represent me getting healthier. I divided the weight I hope to lose into quarters, so each quarter (245, 210, 175, and 140) will be important to me. I also have slightly less exciting goals using the BMI: 216 (Class I Obese), 185 (Overweight), and 154 ("normal") are all numbers I'm looking forward to.

I think the most magical of my magical numbers is 175. After that, I can say that I'm halfway there!
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My name is Mare, hello!
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Height: 5'7"


I just want to get to 199. The way I've been going lately, it will be awhile.
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Height: 5'2


I hit a magic number this morning! I need to pick a new one lol
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230 was one for me. Prob the first

199-out of the two hundreds

178-my next one-100 pounds gone

after that, I'm sure i'll have a few more-but i Need to focus on 178 for now-cause I've been up and down the 180's and 190's for two years.
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207. I don't know why, but that's where my first goal is. 207.
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I luv my curves
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for me its 199 I cannot wait to get out of the 200s
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