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Default Does anyone else hate shopping?


I had to go shopping for clothes and I have to say I HATE clothes shopping! Where are the NICE clothes for "big" women? I carry the majority of my weight in my stomach. When I try on slacks or jeans the legs and butt are always just huge on me if I get the waist to fit. I would describe my body type as an apple with toothpick legs. I can't be the only one shaped like this I see other women out shopping and I think they look very nice and their pants fit their legs, butt and waist but they are in the same store as I am. I just don't get it.

I tell ya though...it is a great motivator to keep losing weight! I want to fit into clothes that fit all of me, not just my waist.

Do any of you have this problem and if so where have you found to shop?
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I like to shop. But it takes some legwork. I carry a lot of weight in my belly too -- what styles are you into?

Basic tees, jeans, PJ's -- all fine from Target, Ross, jms.com.

Something nicer like dresses or dress pants takes more work though.

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Have you tried Penningtons? I am built the same way and I find some nice stuff there.

Also I find some at walmart
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Thanks you guys for the suggestions. I haven't actually purchased clothes from any of the stores mentioned so you have given me a lot of new places to try

I mainly wear jeans and slacks. I don't do dresses unless I have too. I have a tattoo on my lower left leg and no matter what type of dress I try on that tattoo just classes it down Don't get me wrong. I like tattoos and have others but if i had to do it over I would have gotten a smaller one in that place just for dresses.

Thanks again
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Pennington's has a huge variety of shapes in the same pant! bigger waist/butt on some, skinnier thigh on others

I always needed big waist big thigh big a$$ pants LOL

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I was just looking at penningtons website and it seems they are only in Canada? Have you guys bought online and can you return it just because of the wrong fit?
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I use to hate clothes shopping I love it now love to see what size I am in going the first week of June for Summer Im a size 16/18 pants and shirt they are a little baggie would love to be out of plus size when I go nexth month fingers crossed .
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I need new dress slacks for work because mine are all too big.. I went to Kohl's and they had ONE pair of slacks (not my size of course) in the whole plus department. Seriously??? So I sucked it up and went to Walmart and they actually have decent slacks, in regular or petite length, for $16.

I can't wait to be able to shop in the misses dept.
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I think Belk has some decent stuff in their plus-sized section. That's where I've gotten most of my work blouses and a pretty decent pair of work slacks.

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hot. like a curry.
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I used to love shopping, until I got to a point where it became depressing and horrifying to me because nothing fit. 50 pounds down and I'm starting to love it again, even though I'm still firmly in fat lady territory.

Since I don't want to spend tons of cash on transition clothes, I'm a bargain hunting maniac. And you guys, I cannot preach my love of Forever 21 plus sizes loud enough. A friend suggested the store to me, and I immediately though I'd never find anything there. Dear lord, I was so wrong. Cute stuff, super cheap, and fits so, so well. Not all of their retail locations carry plus sizes, but if you check their store locator you can find out if they have them near you. Alternately, they have a huge selection online if you prefer that.

Just FYI, size-wise they run pretty true. I'm probably about a 22 right now, and I fit into their 20 or 22 pants and a 2X dress or top.
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I feel the same I carry alot of weight in my tummy and on my back bleh im into a size 20 pants now but stil at like a 24 top :\ (course my big *** boobs dont help either)
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I hated shopping for a very long time, even well into my weight loss. I thought weight loss would automatically cure my shopping hatred, but it actually made it worse for a while. The only NICE thing about specially stores (like Lane Bryant) or about the "Women's" section is that it is small! There aren't a lot of choices. I know, I know, that's the problem right? For me it was a blessing and a curse. I liked the small atmosphere. Being thrown back out into normal was overwhelming for me and it took me a long time to feel like I wasn't in disguise.

My mindset has gradually changed and now I can almost say I love shopping. My eyes have adjusted to the correct pant size, but I'm lousy with tops. I'm a lot smaller than I think I am.
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I hated shopping all the years I had a great figure, so you know I hate it like poison now. Plus our mall is really designed for the 20 somethings, even normal sized women would have a hard time there cause it would be mutton dressed as lamb looks.
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Thank you again everyone. I have a much bigger list of places to try out now
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I hate shopping. I dread shopping. I can't tell you how many times I've had to take a weepy break in a dressing room before I could continue trying stuff on. I put it off until I just can't any more, then tough through it as though it were a root canal. I have no pleasure in the selecting, the imagining, the trying on... I just try to find things that fit reasonably well and aren't too 50's mu-mu styled.

That being said, the last time I went shopping, I ended up getting excited. I had steeled myself for the ordeal, but the clothes were chic and slimming. These weren't the "fat lady clothes" I'd been wearing for years. I put one outfit on and had to stare a good five minutes at the mirror... I was shocked that I looked so nice in it! I was only one size down (from 26-28 to 22-24) so it wasn't that I had gotten into normal sizes. I really think there's a tremendous more variety of dressy/business/fun clothes in larger sizes now.
~~ Synger ~~

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