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Default Share one tip that helps you succeed.

i find yogurt staves off hunger very well for little cost (as in points or calories).
if i feel hungry and have little points left, that's what i go for.
it helps to keep me on plan.

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My favorite tip, which I picked up here at 3FC:

No meal is complete without a vegetable or fruit.

I don't always live up to that, but I've gotten pretty good at working the veggies in almost all the time now. It gives my meals more variety, better nutritional balance, and more volume without adding a lot of calories. I also find that adding stuff to my daily diet is a much more enjoyable process than subtracting stuff.

I'm not losing a cupcake, I'm gaining asparagus!
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Removing the obstacles to success. I put on my workout gear first thing every morning. I have removed all temptation from my pantry and refrigerator. And I restocked it with food that's simple and quick to prepare thats on my plan. I stow my purse in the trunk so it's not easy to do drive-thru. I take alternate routes around town for the same reason. I don't go to the store hungry. I don't go out to restaurants more than once a month. I don't drink alcohol when I go out.

It took me forever to figure out what all the obstacles were. It's everything that provides me with a mindless route to making poor eating choices.

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great ideas, georgia.

i'd also like to add - tracking what i eat also helps me succeed for sure.

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I finally figured out it's not a diet -- it's a LIFESTYLE. Which means it has to fit with my LIFE.

In keeping with this new-found tool, I settle for losing more slowly but being able to live my life the way I live it. I follow South Beach but gently, and nothing is off-limits or a "cheat." I simply plan for it. This includes a daily glass of wine, because that's part of my LIFESTYLE.

I go out; I go to parties; I have friends over to dinner; I celebrate birthdays and holidays. But I'm choosy and I ALWAYS count calories. I'm losing at the rate of about 8 pounds per month.

I can finally see myself doing this forever.
Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.
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Ana -- Yogurt is a great treat. Thanks for the reminder! I always add a little Fiber One Original to mine to add a little more substance.

Nola -- That is a GREAT rule and something I've implemented in my journey as well.

Georgia -- Wow! You are quite an inspiration! I REALLY love the purse in the trunk idea. Fast food was a big issue for me so I can definitely appreciate that specific trick.

RaebeaR -- Boy did my ears perk up to this one! What a key truth this is!

For me, the real trick was finally admitting this was a choice. That I had been choosing to be fat along - so now I'm choosing differently. Other than that, I just identified and now avoid my old pitfalls like the plague! (e.g., fast food, snacks, soda)
~ Jami

“Commitment lasts longer than motivation. Motivation is fleeting and fickle. Enjoy it while it's there, but don't rely on it.“ -Lovely (3FC)

"What we hope ever to do with ease we may learn first to do with diligence." - Samuel Johnson

4th mini-goal: 246.2 1/2 way to ONEderland!

One for every 10lbs lost!

Check out my blog: http://jamivillarreal.blogspot.com/
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Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. I eat a healthy breakfast and it sets the pace for the day. If it doesn't then at least my breakfast was healthy.
"They laugh because I am different...I laugh because they are all the same", unknown]
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Beating binging habit BEFORE I attempted weight loss.
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I would like to second a couple tips that have already been posted...

TRACK your calories! It was shocking to see how much I was eating when I was just tracking my daily intake before I decided to "diet".

Its not a diet! I go off plan all the time it seems because... my life is the plan. I make adjustments if I plan to have an extravagant meal.

Now for my one realization that was a huge eye opener...

Skinny people cant "eat whatever they want" I always used to say my husband could eat whatever he wanted but thats not true! Sure he eats chips and cereal at bedtime but... not a whole bag, a handful. Not 2 bowls a night, every night. Just here and there.
My point is, he has a treat he doesnt all out binge which is what I would do to treat MYself.

Next up? No longer obese.
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Sorry, I don't have a tip because I've only just really started but can I just say Jonesie, You look amazing, a lot younger and you don't look like the same woman. Well done to you!!
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raebeaR - I totally agree with you. I needed to change my lifestyle which also meant I needed to eat better, exercise and put myself first for a change. I have taken it one day at a time and have "taught" myself how to live my new life. I also include a glass of wine now and then, eat a few pieces of chocolate everyday, and go out for a burger once in a great while. I also set mini-goals when I need to push myself a bit. Nothing crazy, just a reasonable goal I know I can achieve. You just need time to get use to the new routine and give yourself that pep talk that you can do this, you can succeed.
Long Term Goal
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Be patient. When I first started my journey I was losing 2 and 3 pounds a week. As I've become smaller, my weight loss every week has gone down. I used to freak out about it, but not anymore. Just be patient and know that weight loss will come as long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing.
Original Goal Story and Pictures from 2011 here

Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Pick your hard.
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Someone had this in their siggy and it was

"If hunger isn't the problem then food isn't the solution"

This helped me tremendously when I turned to food for comfort.

I have a lot of other tips but that one definitely stands out! Everyone has such fabulous tips though that I need to bookmark this thread
Grace Dishes

Weightloss Journey Started Oct 5, 2009

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I include protein at every meal and every snack. It helps keep my blood sugar steady. Breakfast contains no sugar at all...not even fruit. I'll have a hard boiled egg, string cheese and celery for example. I also don't go crazy with the workouts like I used to. I use exercise to rid my body of stress more than anything else.
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My #1 tip is to keep it simple. I have 2-3 options for each daily meal and snack. I don't have to think about food or calories or what I'm going to eat too much. I just put myself on auto pilot.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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