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Miss Melissa
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Default Ear Stapling

Has anyone had this done?? I am thinking about doing it but I wanted some advice from someone who has done it.
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It's mine for the taking
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HI Melissa -- I honestly had no idea what this was, so for anyone in the same's a link ear-stapling for weight loss
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My friend did it a few years ago...didn't do a thing for her.
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Hmmmm....doesn't sound like a very wise use of your money.
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Default I the only one who thinks this is nuts???
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Ew and owie! No, I haven't had that done. I wouldnt spend money on acupuncture for weightloss, either. If it isn't a simple, intuitive fix that is directly linked to my habits, don't do it. No magic pills or quick fixes here, they tend to have unforeseen side effects.
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I thought this was an April Fool's post...

Really, the best and most lasting way to lose weight is the least sexy and exciting: restricting calories to create a deficit. And some exercise. Repeat for the rest of your life.

Slow and steady wins the race, without a raging infection in their ear canal...
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Originally Posted by fattymcfatty View Post I the only one who thinks this is nuts???
No - I thought this was a joke. There is always someone out there to prey on our insecurities I guess. Being a conscious consumer is the best defense against shyster antics like this.
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If this really worked women with pierced ears would all be thin. I know there are specific sites for the stapling but really?!? I have a friend who has just about every space on her ears pierced and she still has a weight problem.
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By God's Grace
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DixC - apparently with ear stapling, it's done INSIDE the ear (ouchie! and holy moly dangerous!) to affect something that connects to your appetite control blah blah blah, hooey, scam...
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I had it done a few years ago, and I dropped about forty pounds.I didn't crave soda anymore, and I was a heavy soda drinker. When I had the staples removed I gained all of it back, plus some. Of course, I had a bout with bacterial meningitis, and was not physically active for many months, which probably contributed to the weight gain. That, and I began drinking soda again. I guess this wasn't much help. Sorry!
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if it really worked we would all have it done I imagine
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