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Finding my wings...
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Wink The Backhanded Compliment

So the other day, a customer came into my work who hadn't been in for, oh I'd say about 6 to 8 months. He looked at me and he was like "Oh wow!! You had your baby!!"

I blinked. Then realized what he meant.

Dryly, but with a smile, I was like... "Yeah... I started eating healthy and it came out."

Believe it or not, it made me chuckle throughout the rest of the day... I think he was pretty relieved I wasn't angry! hehe
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ummmmm. I would be like, wow, awkard moment.....ha.
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HAHA!!! Yeah super awkward LOL, but kudos to you for taking it in stride!
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Wow... I probably would have sucker punched him.
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I'm more like you, that would have made me laugh! Its not his fault I look pregnant when I nosh too many cheetos and bubble teas
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kon-fyoo-zed say it aloud
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that's pretty funny. i would have laughed and said something similar.

at least you got confirmation of the weight loss being visible to others!
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That was a funny and gracious reply. Hee hee! I think I would have been too shocked to say anything!
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I love what you said! When are people going to figure out you don't say anything about a possible pregnancy to a woman unless you can actually see the baby coming out?! haha
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LOL! Well you handled it very graciously!
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Wow, Wow, Wow.Wow....Good for you to coming up with the really funny remark!
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I am having the opposite problem now. When I tell people I'm pregnant they say, "What? You are?!" And I think -- oh bet you thought I just gained all that weight I had lost. SIGH!
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I loved your comment seriously it was quick and witty! I probably would have laughed too sometimes people don't think before they speak but at least the whole time he thought you were preggers and not just fat!
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Miss Melissa
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Good for you for not taking offense. Your comment made me giggle A LOT!
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Originally Posted by starfishkitty View Post
"Yeah... I started eating healthy and it came out
Oh, that is so funny! I'd love to think of something to say like that, but I always think of those things later on in the day. Never on the spur of the moment.
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Better to get that kind of comment AFTER the weight loss than before! LOL!
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