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Default 100 pounds gone!

101lbs to be exact! I can't believe it - I've lost 101lbs in less than 9 months. It's like I gave birth to a small teenage girl.

I feel like I wasted so much time sitting around thinking about how insurmountable this weight loss felt, how lofty the goal seemed. I felt like I could lose weight forever and never be close to my goal. But then I just stopped sitting around thinking about how hard it would be and DID it - and you know what? It wasn't that hard. All I've done is eat better and eat less, drink more water, and move my body. I don't diet to the extreme - I still eat pizza, chips, cookies - I just eat less of them and eat them in moderation. I don't exercise excessively - I workout 45-120 min daily, but not because I think it is necessary, but because I actually like it now.

Full disclosure? I was 5'5" and 302lbs - which is a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is. That means after losing 101lbs, I still have another 26lbs to lose before I'm even considered not obese anymore. Man, that sucks, right? But I don't care! I know I'll do it eventually - eventually I'll just be overweight. And I can't wait to be overweight!

Seriously - if you think you can't, you are wrong. Wrong! I know its hard when you're starting out at a higher weight, and think there is no way that you can do it, that it seems like too tall a mountain to climb - its NOT. Just start walking - you'll get there eventually. Just DO something - ANYTHING! And see where it takes you.

I love this place - thank you for being on this journey with me.
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OMG Congratulations!!!! That is absolutely amazing, what an accomplishment!! You are so right, follow your plan, and you never know where it may take you!
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One day at a time!
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Congratulations! I am so happy for you and doing the happy dance.

I understand what you are talking about when you say you have 26lbs to lose before you are even considered not obese anymore. I have even more because I am shorter than you. But don't look at that today. Look at what you have accomplished! Even if you don't lose another pound, you are so much better off.

Congrats again!
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WOW! Just Wow. You have just lost 100 pounds of burden. No words can express how happy I am for you! Super cool. AND, you are so right. Just put one foot in front of the other and before you know it you are off and running!

I LOOOOVE posts like this!

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Wow-zah!!!! Congrats!!! You ROCK!!!
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That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing. It's people like you that make me realize that this is all possible. Thanks for the motivation.
You should be so very proud of yourself. I know I am proud of you.
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Keep on going!
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How amazing!! Congrats!
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Congrats! That's very inspiring!
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Wow!!!! You are such a motivator! Great Work!! Great Results!!
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I already said it in the daily weigh in thread, but it deserves to be said at least twice
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Wow!! and Congratulations!! You really gave me hope..Thank you for sharing your progress!!
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COngrats you are very inspiring!!!!
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Awesome!! I too am aspiring for "just" overweight. We WILL get there! Congrats on your amazing accomplishment. That's fantastic!
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Wow! thats fantastic! Well done!

Really helps us with a long way to go, keep going!
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Whoa! In 9 months?! Look at you go!! That's got to feel like such a relief to your body in every single way. What a gift!
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