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NEVER EVER going back
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Talking Life...

it get's in the way.

I KNOW I've not been around. I know that's horrible. I know I should be here for me and for you and for... yah. I know.

My life is busy.

I know how to eat. I do it well 95% of the time. I'm back down to 205 (should update that ticker) and just cruising along enjoying life. My depression is totally under control (I love Zoloft and therapy) my dogs are overrunning my life (in a good way) and I'm getting ready to show two of my collies (Bella and Joey) in the Canadian National Collie Club show in March! ...

ME! Showing DOGS! At a HUGE show! I've done small shows... but this will be amazing!!!!

Daycare is full and cruising. Groove classes are awesome. Ummm... yah. I need to come here more often just to see my friends!

I'll be back. I swear
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Welcome back. Nice to see you!!
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Life happens!! It sure is nice to see you and to know you're thriving!
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Age 53
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Oh yeah. I'm in that cruising space right now. I realized this week that I've maintained now for 5 months. I'm happy with 100 lbs lost but it would be nice to get down to a normal BMI. However too busy with other parts of my life to give weight loss the 100% effort I seem to need to put in to move the scale down.
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Wahoo!! So glad the scale moved down for you again! Onederland, here you come!

It's good to see you.
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SO glad you posted with an update on life. I was wondering where you had gone to & hoping that all was going well. Life being busy in a good way is nice.
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On a break with Baby #5
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Welcome back sweetie! I'm glad the shows are going so well, and the eating, too
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Why can't you?
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Welcome back and good job.
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No need to apologize! Super nice to a post from you. So glad that things are going well for you!!!
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I was just wondering why we haven't seen you around much. Glad to see everything is going swimmingly!
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Welcome back!! Hope to see some pics from the dog show in March!
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Missed you lots, was just thinking about you the other day.
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You're a busy girl! Best of luck with the dog shows and don't forget to update us on how they did.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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S/C/G: check the ticker :)

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hey mama, glad to see you! I'm with you in spirit in the cruise zone, i can't believe i'm down to the weight i am -- i'm finally one of those people who "could stand to lose 15 -20 pounds" wow! LOL Glad your life is so happy and busy and FUN! Welcome to Canada, eh?!
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Back in Action
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Hi hotmama

I've been thinking about you. Glad you are doing well. Thanks for the update.
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