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Default Treadmill

I got a treadmill. I am soo excited. I have been wanting one for a long time but I was scared it would end up being a wast of money. I got it from a friend for $50. She is moving and does not want to take it with her. I can even run on it. I did the first day of C25K today and my goal is to run a 5K in April. Anyone else have a treadmill? If so do you use it enough to make it worth it? Alos, who is doing C25K?
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Yes I have one; I don't use it much now because I work out at the Y and use their treadmill. I have noticed a huge increase in my stamina and especially going up hill.
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Lately, it's been worth it. I got it 6 years ago, but have used it off and on. One thing I have done to make it easier is to put it in view of my computer. While I'm walking I will cue up a movie on Netflix, or watch a tv show on the network site...especially Biggest Loser (that's pretty motivating).
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When I use mine, I love it! I need to start getting back on it again. I DVR Dr Oz and watch while I work out. It's great incentive.
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I use my treadmill 3-4 days per week. I didn't like the C25K and did a different type of interval training. Currently I am running 4 minutes and walking 3 and I think I'm ready to move on to running 5 walking 2. Enjoy it!
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I seriously want one, but have NO place in my apartment for one.
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I also use a treadmill at the gym (instead of home) but I am also doing C25K. I just finished week 1 of the program yesterday. I had to start a little slow and work up to week 1 over about 2 weeks, but now that I was able to finish that I'm going to try to stick to their schedule. I think it will push me a little harder than I probably would otherwise.
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I've been using my mom's treadmill. It's a little old but does its job.
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I use a treadmill to do the C25K! I dont have one in the house yet, but have been contemplating it recently. My recommendation for you for C25K, is to not start off too fast and if you feel you need to lower the speed than do so.

Its easy to go to fast on a treadmill starting off. Also, do some of your runs outside so you can get a real feel of running foot to ground. Some of the best advice i have gotten. My first 5k is March 12th. I will start week 8 this week! Pretty exciting!

Youll def drop some pounds, since i started the program i have lost 16 pounds, and am overweight and running 25 minutes straight! Makes me feel like a badass! Good luck with the program and dont stop, just keep pushing through it, if you feel you need to repeat days do it! Its worth it!!!!
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