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Unhappy I've fallen off the excersise wagon

I worked out steadily for two weeks plus calorie counting and i only lost a POUND
So for the last two days i have eaten ok but not worked out. I feel horrible. I want to lose weight but what's the point if i do everything right and still not lose.
I have been tracking my food on Fitday and my excersise. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I really feel like giving up.
Could someone please give me a little shove in the right direction. I defiantly need help.
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It would be so cool if things worked by some formula like three cardio sessions would guarantee a pound lost but it doesn't work that way. For me personally when I started exercising, I stalled for around a month but then had a "whoosh" of just under 4 pounds.

Try to find an exercise you enjoy so the reward for exercising is tied to the enjoyment of doing the activity and not an elusive pound loss at a random unknown time. For me working on gym equipment by myself bores me to tears but group activities are more fun. What makes you tick?

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Thanks for the idea. I like walking. I would like to be able to run but i can't find a bra that holds everything in place. So it's a no go on running, but i can always walk outside. I have been doing the Leslie Sansone videos. I enjoy some of them. Some days their easy others they're **** on earth to do. I don't know yet what causes the differences.
Anyhow thanks again. Tommorrow i will go for a walk outside, and for a change will walk until i am tired.
Its just so frustrating not to lose more. The last time i tried to lose weight i shed two or more pounds a week. I stupidly stopped working out and started to eat everything not tied down.
Tommorrow is another day. I will begin again then.
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I have the same bra problem, but I got over it by wearing my regular underwire under a pull over full support sports bra and a running tank top with a shelf bra. LOL It sounds like overkill, but it's the only thing that's worked for me, and I've learned to really look forward to my jogs.
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You can do it! You may not be losing the pounds, but are you toning up a little? Try taking your measurements and use that as a gauge in combo with weighing yourself.

It could be as simple as drinking more water and pushing yourself a little farther in your workouts! You totally got this Don't give up now! The night is darkest just before dawn!
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Why can't you?
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You have the option of continuing doing what you're doing and losing a few pounds a month....or giving up and gaining a few pounds a month. That's still going to be 25 lbs in a year.

It's frustrating. It's annoying. Hang in there and the whoosh fairy will eventually find your house. She is Santa's flaky sister, you know. She shows when she wants. She skips your house sometimes. Then there are other times she sends her evil b!tch sister who blesses you with water weight.

Sometimes it takes awhile for your body to catch up with what you're doing, especially if you start exercising and calorie counting at the same time. It just freaks your body out. Hang in there.
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It might be helpful to separate your exercise from the scale results. Unless you are doing a whole lot of exercise, that alone won't give you weight loss. It's really more about the food.

The reason to exercise is to keep your metabolism going strong. Build some muscle, which is about the only tissue that efficiently burns fat. Stay flexible. Stay strong and increase your endurance. Keep your bones strong. Even people with "normal" weight can benefit from exercise.

So... get up! get out!

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Don't forget to drink a lot of water!!! It really does help! I notice on days when I don't drink a lot of water I can feel all the sodium still hanging out and my finger and toes look and feel like sausage links! LOL Water is simple and easy...and easy to forget!!
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I recommend staying off the scale for at least a month but continue to carefully track your intake and exercise to make sure you're keeping a good deficit going. This will seperate for you the process you need to do from the scale reading.

This is what I had to do. I knew from personal experience that it was always bad for me mentally to get on the scale. If results were worse than I expected, I'd think "what's the point?" and if better, I'd think I could slack off a bit. Either way, I'd lose focus on my plan. This time I focused on the plan and did not get on a scale for 72 days.

When I got on the scale more than 2 months after I started instead of being completely devasted with "only" 12 lbs lost considering how much effort I was putting in, I got to see a loss and had established some pretty good habits. I still only weigh in once a month and it's really been a big help during the 2 months that I only lost 1 lb. between weigh ins. If I'd known nothing was happening on the scale, might have been tempted to give up.

But it all adds up (see ticker)
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Are you drinking enough water? Your body could be retaining fluid. Also, even though you may be losing fat, you could be gaining muscle and losing inches. So maybe start taking/updating your measurements if you haven't already. If you've been doing that routine for a while, maybe it's time to switch it up.

Good luck!
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Wow! Great advice all the way around! I couldn't pick a post to "hear hear".

I used to struggle with this and it is the reason for my past failures. I had the mentality that the scale should reflect my effort and when it did not, I got ticked and quit. No one won. This time I was really curious about where I would be in a year's time if I just kept putting in the effort no matter what the scale did. By making that commitment to myself, the scale lost all its power and I'm still here with a near 70 pound loss!! I amaze myself sometimes!

Exercise stalls the scale for many reasons. Some of us put on muscle really well. I am now pretty heavy for my size and I'm quite happy with that. All the exercise has paid off in far more ways than in the scale. My BP dropped dramatically. I should have been on meds and now it's very normal! My resting HR is a ridiculous 46! My blood sugar dropped. I can RUN, and it's a pretty good life skill to have! Do you know how lovely it is to be able to chase down your itty-bitty knows-no-fear 7 pound pup who is running at full speed across the yard toward a doberman? Yeah, that was a proud moment. Exercise made it possible for me to comfortably get to my seat in the nose-bleed section at a Red's game last night.

I love that Jay suggest separating exercise from weight loss. There was a time four years ago when I almost did that. I was exercising and was pretty fit as a fat person, but the weight wasn't coming off. I resigned myself to just being fat but bit. It didn't last very long because I found it disheartening, but it's still very good advice. I didn't more weight then because I didn't give it enough time and I didn't drop the calories.
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THanks everyone for the advice.
I just came back from going for a walk and i will go back out to walk some more after i get something to drink, water.
The only thing i am doing wrong is NOT drinking enough water. So i will try to drink more in the future.
Sadly today i am back to 235. Meaning no pounds lost. SIGH! I have to get back to trying. AND i really liked the idea, though i dont remember who said it, that i don't weigh for a month. I am sorta scale obsessed. I need to take a break. My mother asks me daily if i have lost any weight. Not helping. Anyhow i am a grown women and i need to act like one. I hope i will succeed in doing that.
Anyhoo i need to stay off the scale for at least a week. So today is Saturday that means i won't be getting back on the scale until next Saturday. Whew i hope i can do it. I am defiantly going to try. I cant stay this weight for life, I just cant. I won't tell you what i feel like because it isn't good to put myself down, but i feel big. To big.
Again thanks for the advice and cheer. I liked the get so get up! Well i got up now i have to do it again. I will be back after making two more trips around the place. It's .4 tenths of a mile. so three trips will be 1.2 miles. I can do it.
Again thanks everyone. This place is a god send for the people here..Later
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p.s. Daughter of Venus where did you get the avatar. I LOVE IT!
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Well i did it. 1.2 miles. three trips out walking. i walked the 2nd and 3rd trip all at once. I felt great then my jerk brother said you need to get to where you can walk several times around without being out of breath. Of course he is right but it really deflated my mood.
Tonight i will do a Leslie Sansone video. I probably try for two miles.
Hopefully i will feel better after doing a video. He said he can walk 5 miles without feeling winded. I know he's in shape and I'm not, Just why did he have to speak up. By the way my brother is actually a jerk, and not just now. Sick in the head to boot. I can't stand him, but i have no choice but to live here. I'm living on SSI. I wish i could find work but the only place around that occasionally hires is a gas station five miles from here and they won't hire me, I've tried. I have no work history.
I am trying to write a book but have had writers block for several days now. I believe if God puts a dream in your heart there's a reason and i have a dream of being a writer. I have wanted to write since i was a teenager.

Ok totally of track there. sorry.
Anyhow i did it. I am back to exercising. WOOHOO!
Thanks everyone. talk to you all later.
Sorry for the ramble!
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Don't let yourself get discouraged by what your brother says. In time, you will be able to walk 5 miles without issue. And hey, if you are not a little winded, how great of a workout is it?

I have been doing the Leslie Sansone WATP DVD's since January. I have had my slip ups, especially the last two months, but I have consistently lost with them. I also walk outdoors when possible. The 3 mile weight loss walk is my favorite.

Keep walking and you will see results!
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