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Question A Query for the Ladies (female stuff)

Is it common for a new diet to screw up your menstrual cycle? I started a Dr. supervised LCD on the 18th - my TOM was due any time. I'm 47, but it's usually still pretty regular - it's only gotten flaky once in a while, in times of stress. I imagine that going from "Life is an All You Can Eat buffet" to 800-1000 calories per day qualifies as stress... and no, I cannot be pregnant (I am spayed, lol).

I have had some fierce protein cravings (for raw beef, it's an iron thing) which is typical for TOM, but it also was the day after I cleaned my filthy kitchen top to bottom. I am unaccustomed to working that hard. Gotta love that ketosis high! This is now week two of the diet and for the most part I feel fine, but I'm hungrier (although still in ketosis) and I'm a bit 'tetchy' - frankly, I feel hormonal... and my weight has plateaued the last couple of days (I don't feel all that bloated, but?) and in some ways I feel better than usual. I'm not sure just how much of a role the diet could be playing, but it's all rather odd feeling. I would kill for a big ol' blue rare steak... or even just a really slow cow.

I wish the danged thing would start, it would be a relief.

Is all this typical, or am I just a weirdo?

Thank you, ladies!

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My period became more regular as I lost weight. I would ask your doc, but i also know that my friends who are around your age who are not dieting are becoming more irregular, simply due to age. It could just be coincidental timing.
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Normally I'd put it down to aging. I'm almost 39 and I'm finding my periods are more frequent (from a steady 28 day cycle to 23-25 days) BUT your calories are VERY low. That could possibly have something to do with it, perhaps.
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Having an extra period in there is very normal for weightloss, as losing weight impacts your estrogen and therefore your cycle. I am regular as clockwork and had two big bleeds in one month in the middle of my losing (pre-pregnancy this go around) and it was entirely hormonal. The extra estrogen has to shed somehow, and that is a normal biological response to it.
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I have to chime in and say that I started experiencing this at 47, and it was the start of menopause. This was 4 months before I changed my eating habits and 6 months ago total. I was getting the usual hormonal feelings and even had cramps once, but I don't get those now, either.

If you don't have a period for a couple of months, don't be surprised when you have one or two big ones, and then it may go away entirely. Your doc can confirm with blood tests (or you might notice other symptoms, like hot flashes, wanting to take the head off your husband for his innocent comments, etc.). It's an interesting time of life, that's for sure.
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I'm 46 and starting to miss periods bec of menopause. Years ago I did Jenny Craig, I was put on an 1800 calorie diet. I did lose my period for several months. It came back. I've gone through the meat craving thing too. Have you had your iron levels checked lately? It can be an indication of anemia, but be careful if you decide to take iron supplements, you can actually introduce too much iron into your system and have problems. (I don't think craving meat is that weird anyway.)

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In my early 20s I did very low cals and lost my period entirely until I ate more calories.

How long have you started the ketosis? It takes a week or two to adjust to that. Could the cravings and other symptoms be due to your body adjusting to that and withdrawing from sugars, caffeine, etc.?

Hope you are feeling yourself soon.
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It's typical and HEALTHY to retain water right before TOM. Personally I would just stop weighing myself, but from what I read here, an amazing number of you weight yourselves every day (or even several times a day!).

Hang in there and look forward to the next wright -in after it's over. remember it's just WATER and as long as you stay on plan you are still loosing FAT.

The scale is NOT my friend! EVEN if I am on plan and FEELING like I am losing weight if I step on the scale and it tells me otherwise I will binge. I wish I had more willpower and selfcontropl, but I just don't... besides I am almost certian that our scale is evil and trying to sabotage my weight loss efforts, so a couple of weeks ago I told it I was taking it for a ride in the car and then abandoned it at Goodwill! ... Now I go to my doctors office between 8-10 AM every thursday to check my weight and it's working much better for me.

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The only thing I noticed during TOM after losing 90+ lbs, is that my cramps aren't nearly as bad as they use to be.
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it IS all about me!!!
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Thanks for sharing your experiences, Everyone!

I started this diet 1.5 weeks ago, and right before my period was due. I've been in ketosis since darn near the beginning. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's thrown me off schedule - I'll ask at my follow-up on Wednesday.

Yes, I have my iron checked every year at my checkup - I have super-heavy periods, and I don't tolerate iron supplements well. When I am expecting my period I always crave red meat and iron-rich greens (spinach, chard, kale, etc.) If I give my body what it wants I always feel better. When the next craving hits I'll be sayin' "BEEF - it's what for dinner". Yeah, I know... BOOOOO.

I feel really good today though - not hungry between meals, less hormonal, and I broke through my plateau and am down a total of 19lbs. Nearly to my first mini-goal! Maybe I'm just going to skip it this month - that would NOT break my heart, although with my luck I'll just have a month-long one later on. Goody.

In any case, I won't worry about it. Thank you for easing my mind.

Thanks again!!!
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