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Unhappy Gall Bladder Surgery

Hello everyone,

I've been back on-plan since November, doing quite well, down 37.2#s!! But whenever I went off-plan even a little) with greasy/fried foods, I would get really sick. Didn't think too much of it, but then I had what I think was my 1st GB attack in January, unbelievable pain (worse than labor), for about 3 hours! I almost went to the ER, but then it just stopped? I did some research, so I wasn't surprised when my Dr said she thought it was my gall bladder.

I have all of the 5 risks:
- Over 40 years old (43)
- Female
- Overweight (as well as people that were and have lost weight recently)
- Had a child (1 son)
- Family member with gall bladder disease (my father/grandmother)

Since then, I've a had a 4 major attacks, the last one lasted 7 hours!

As much as I try to control my food, the Drs all agree that it should come out now before it becomes emergency surgery and after the last attack, I would have taken it out that day if I could have.

Surgery is scheduled on 4/26... I'm a nervous wreck, but I can't go on knowing that tomorrow it might the day it has to come out and then it would be an emergency. Hopefully, it will be laporscopic, with a quick recovery. I'm trying to stay OP and focus for the next 2 weeks, I'm not sure when I'll be able to workout after the surgery.

I know that a few of us have had this surgery... so I thought I would post to see if you can share your experiences?

Thank you!

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Hi Beth,

Sorry that you're having to go through this, I went through the exact same thing a few years back but it took me a while to realize what it was. The best advice I can give you is to avoid fatty foods until your surgery. I found that eating even a small amount of it triggered an attack and in fact I was really sick the morning I went in for my surgery. Once you have your surgery you will still have to be careful even though you won't have the attacks you will get cramps and have diarhea rather quickly after consuming a fatty meal.

Good luck with your surgery and let us know how you're doing.
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I had mine out in my early 20's. I tried like heck to avoid surgery,even though the attacks were excruciating. The stones were really big, though and started blocking the bile duct...that made it even more I had to get it over with. Afterwards I was really glad I did it... and the Dr.said I could eat anything. I think that they have gotten much better at that kind of surgery, since then. Beth it is normal to feel nervous, but don't worry too much, it is all for the best.
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This is going to sound a bit dramatic, but GB surgery helped more than just the GB pain. I had always been such a major pain chicken that I even avoided some medical tests and routine exams. Even after ultrasound confirmed major number of gallstones, I kept procrastinating about the surgery until yet another horribly painful night sent me to emergency room.

Once I had the surgery, I felt so much better I stopped procrastinating about other procedures I had in the past considered too uncomfortable. Recovery from the surgery was a snap compared to even a short GB attack. You'll be glad you took care of this.
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Had my GB out some years ago. Laproscopic. I was back in action within about 5 days. Believe that I went back to the gym in about 3 weeks -- after I had seen the surgeon for follow-up.

Avoid fatty food until your surgery -- no point in triggering an attack. After surgery, introduce fatty food slowly bec a full-fat meal can make you feel ill -- not the huge pain that you feel pre-surgery but a "things aren't digesting properly" type of feeling.
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I had my gall bladder out as a late teen and it was totally fine. I only have teeny tiny scars that have faded to nothing. I can still eat what I want without getting sick (I ballooned up to 300 years later) so be careful in assuming that fatty foods will make you ill or something lol

It is a very minor procedure thank God. I remember when I woke up, feeling as though I did 32049830429 sit-ups (that is how I compared the post-surgery pain) but healing time is very quick in my experience.

I haven't had a problem with digestion or anything since (just with over-eating but that is not related lol)

Good luck
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I had mine removed the "old fashioned" way with the huge scar. They didn't figure out what was wrong until a stone completely blocked my bile duct and my liver was spasming. Once they got rid of it I had to stay in the hospital for a week. I know the laparoscopy surgery is much much easier, my friend had it last month and went home the same day! The one thing the doctors never tell you is for quite awhile after the surgery you might have "dumping syndrome" which means you will have to get to the toilet FAST for bowel movements. Eventually the body figures it out and you'll be normal again, but it can last up to a year or so. Since I rode the subway one hour each way every day and after 9/11 they closed all the restrooms, I had to live on Immodium! Try not to worry about the surgery, it's really not a big deal.
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I had mine out a couple years ago. Best thing I've ever had done. LOL. As weird as that sounds. I wasn't having attacks but I always felt sick to my stomach and some pain every now and again, nothing like what you are describing. My mom on the other hand had an attack (out of the blue) and a gall stone caused some trouble in other areas and she no longer produces insilin and is now type II diabetic so I'm glad you are having this taken care of!

My recovery took over a month but I'd had a surgery in the same general area when I went through cancer and it really disturbed all that scar tissue. I can't even see 2 of the scars from the liproscopic entry sites.

Good luck with it all!!! You'll be fine!

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I had mine out when I was 16 (lots of issues with it in the family)
The worst part of it was being put out and being woken up lol. Being put out when they injected the anesthesia in my veins it felt like they were on fire. I remember screaming and crying and begging my mom to make them stop before I passed out. I can't even explain the pain. It literally felt like i was burning from the inside out.
My surgery was supposed to be a day surgery and I should have gone home that evening but they had trouble waking me up, it took longer than it should have and then I was too dizzy/groggy to walk or do anything so it ended up being a 3 day stay.

That been said, I'm sure it's highly unusual for that to happen, it's just my luck. The actual recovery wasn't bad I was back to school and work within a week or two. As for the fatty foods, they don't hurt my stomach but if I eat too much food with fat in it I get diarrhea.
You'll be fine, and really, the recovery is soooo much easier than the gall bladder attacks. <3
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Thanks so much for the support everyone! I was having a real pity party and I'm feeling better! It's 2 weeks from tomorrow, I just have to make it through...

On the other hand, I've totally lost my appetite for very fatty foods, I'm hoping this will continue... it's just feels better overall!
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I still have mine (knock wood!) - so, I wish you well with your surgery and a speedy recovery. My Dad had his out when he was in his 70's - and went out for dinner with friends in two days!

Every experience is different.

After his first gb attack - until he had his surgery - they told him to avoid fatty, spicy or greasy foods.

Good luck.
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I had mine out a few years ago and like other posters said it was the best thing I did. I will warn you that for a few months I had to be careful about how much fat I ate. If I had too much I would have to run to the bathroom for a few hours. That has settled down now and I am so THANKFUL that I made the decision to have it out.
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I'm meeting with a surgeon tomorrow actually! Probably have mine out by next week! I've been having attacks for 2 years and they have FINALLY diagnosed me with gallstones. I also have FNH whick is tumors on the liver, fun stuff.
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I did a search for gallstones and this is what came up! Hope it's ok that I'm here??
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Just a little advice: The day after the surgery, you'll probably feel all but fine. Still, don't overdo it. Rest up! I, in all my infinite wisdom, cleaned my entire apartment and went through boxes from my storage unit the day after because I felt just fine. The next day, I didn't move but to go to the restroom for the entire day because I was so incredibly sore. It was the only day I used pain pills.
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