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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Default To Heck with Kirst Alley - JamieOliver all the way!!!

Kirstie's show left me cold, but I'm ALL OVER "Jamie Oliver's FOOD REVOLUTION" it was amazing!! I could not even believe the food the adminstrators were feeding kids in elementary schools!

Breakfast - PIZZA!

lunch -- chicken nuggets, instant mashed potatoes, chocolate or strawberry milk!!!

he brought in fresh chicken to prepare and they looked at it like it was devil food! LOL insane!!!! I'm so going to watch this show and wish him success in changing the hearts & minds of the fattest city in America!
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I just watched the sneek preview on and loved it also!
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I cannot believe how rude that town is. Even making a grown man cry! Then they had the audacity to make Jaimie say he wouldn't make them look bad even though they're turds. Ugh they made me mad.
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How ironic, a lady in my office just TOLD me about this show.

I can't believe it!
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Hmmmm, I will definately have to check it out now, I wasn't sure what it was all about.

Thankfully both my kids are BAG lunchers
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Ha...I was just thinking, they should do a reality show on all of us 3FC ers....LOL a day in the life...........
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It's on Hulu.

I'm 15 minutes in, and I've got a little crush on Jamie Oliver. What a wonderful (AND NECESSARY) message.
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He's adorable and has a great message.

I can't tell you how many people have asked me if I "subject" my children to my "way of eating".

"No, only I deserve to eat well, to eat the finest things that there is. My kids. Feh. I serve them any old garbage. "
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It was a GREAT show...and I am one of those people that have to follow the Federal Food Program Guidelines and once I signed up for it the food changed because of the CN labels (CN means child nutrition) BUT ha it is all PROCESSED food! And you wouldn't believe the PAPERWORK that is involved!! I could go on and on and on...but I am going to make some changes!!
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Just watched it on Hulu, it makes me want to make my kids brown baggers. They've been begging for months and me, for convenience sake and knowing they eat healthy everywhere BUT lunch at school, let it slide. We're buying lunch boxes and baggies tomorrow. That's freaking insanity!! But, I watched it with my sister in law and her 4 kids, all but 1 of whom is overweight and steadily sliding into teen obesity and all her kids could say is 'YUMMM'....I wanted to cry.
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He makes special appearances on The Biggest Loser and is great on there, so I will have to check out his new show.

Kirstie Alley I can only take in small doses - sometimes I find her funny and sometimes not. I don't think I'll watch her new show.

ETA: Ooops, I just realized I got my celebrity chefs mixed up! Curtis Stone is the one who does BL.

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That menu sounds like a typical Friday at the school where I work. It is really sad that the only food they get is so heavily processed.
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I was thrilled to see this last night. I'm curious to see what propositions he will make. Great show, charming guy!
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I went to elementary school not that long ago. I remember watching kids pour ranch dressing on grease soaked pizza. Or the pathetic fruit bowl with nothing but mealy red apples. I took a lunch to school every day, and while I may have been packing calorie-heavy meals, at least there was some nutrition.

Part of me wishes that we could just make all that crud illegal. Fast-food burgers with 1400 calories, restaurant meals with 2400 calories...oh man. If only i ruled the world
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I have had a crush on Jamie Oliver for a long time, since he had his first cooking show where it looked like he was cooking in his apartment for friends. I wanted to Tivo his show but it looks like I missed it, so it's off to Hulu I go!
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