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Default Hurry up and wait!

I'm generally a very patient person. Seriously. But, the hardest part of my weight loss journey is the waiting!

I'm staying on plan and feeling great. TOM is hard, with lots of cravings, but I get through it and have a fairly easy time of staying on plan otherwise. I-HAVE-NOT-GONE-OVER-MY-CALORIE-BUDGET-A-SINGLE-TIME-SINCE-I-STARTED! That absolutely amazes me. So, I'm happy, satisfied, and, like I said, feeling great.

BUT, the WAITING!!!! I'm so impatient! I'm not discouraged my progress, just soooo excited to see the cumulative results! I can't wait to reach, and pass, each goal! I've never felt like this before....never felt like reaching a healthy weight was actually something I could do. And, now I actually believe I CAN! I feel like I've already won.
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Good for you!! Staying postive is a big part of this journey!!!
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Patience is probably the hardest and the most important thing to learn for your weight loss journey. Especially the further you get into it when you have to dig deep.

And you have won already. Every day that you make healthy choices - you are winning!
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Congratulations on your progress so far! With your attitude, you will reach each goal you set for yourself.
Take it one day at a time......
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I have kept a graph over the last 3 months to see and monitor my weightloss and I have noticed I lose 3 lbs a month, at first I was thinking oh it is only 3 lbs.....being negative, but then I looked at it overall for a year that would be 32 lbs and that is making me stay on track. So yeah I can relate to you not letting it get you down!!
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I'm a very impatient person unfortunately. From the moment I started my weight loss I couldn't wait to be finished with the losing portion and be a maintainer. For some reason I knew I'd love that and I do. I think that most people enjoy the journey or process more than I did.

Congratulations on all your success and stay strong! You can definitely reach your goal.
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Like many, I too can't wait for the weight loss journey to be over. I've been on my plan for 1.5 years, and while I want it to be over, I am glad that I didn't lose the weight overnight. It is through this journey that I have learned a lot of valuable things that will help me when eventually I am at maintenance. For me I feel that if the process hadn't taken long I would have just gained the weight back or resorted to unhealthy habits to lose the weight.

Good luck, and good job so far! Keep it up.
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I value the process of learning and creating good habits, but yes, there are definitely times where I wish I could just ahead a year (or however long it takes). Not because I'm don't like dong the work, but just because I am excited to see what I'm like and what my life is like once I get to goal.
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I'm also on the slooooooow weight loss train. Intentionally. I knew I couldn't change everything at once so I've done the "step-down" method. When I saw the other day that I only have single digits to get to goal weight, I started to get impatient and then I thought "what difference will it make?"

I won't cut back on my exercise and I won't change my eating habits, except to add in a few more calories.

The only difference I can really see is I won't have to keep buying new clothes! So why be impatient.
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Patience is by far the hardest part about this for me. I expect the scale to reflect exactly what I do, but it doesn't always do that. I want to snap my fingers and have all this weight gone. Why doesn't it work that way? LOL!
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First of all CONGRATS on making it this far.

And based on everything you said in your post - I feel 100% the same way - except I am going into my 3rd week - and I have completely changed my eating habits, I walk EVERY SINGLE DAY (even in bad weather) - I
made my walking a 'no excuse' event every day.

I am minus 4 lbs and I feel like it should be more - but HELLO, it's the correct amount, I am just being impatient once 'snug' clothes are no long snug - so that's a nice feeling.

We just have to keep at it - as you know summer will be here and over before you know it and we'll all be saying Merry Christmas - time really does move fast, and just think we're we'll all be then

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Perseverance, I think, is crucial to this process. You seem strong enough to stay the course even when it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel...that's a winning give yourself a pat on the back, girl.
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SUMMERBLUE- The first few pounds are the hardest, aren't they? I can't wait to wish you a Merry Christmas! We are giving ourselves such a great gift this year!
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It is hard to be patient but it will pay off and you will see the results
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