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Default back and recommitting

It's been three months since I've come to 3FC, and they have been months of me maintaining. I called it a plateau for a while, but then I finally admitted that I was lying to myself. I was no longer trying to lose, and though I did actually drop a few pounds, I was pretty contently maintaining. I think that when I was no longer in danger of creeping back up into the obese range, some part of me just decided that it was a good place to be done. But you know what? That's not okay. I'm not okay with being overweight, and even though I am no longer obese, I can't let myself stop now.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I was slipping, and no longer making the best food choices, especially when eating out. I was telling myself that it was okay to have [insert bad choice] on occasion - except I was telling myself that a lot. And I realized I needed to go back to basics, before I starting creating new bad habits - which I refuse to do after all the time I spent overcoming the old ones!

I refuse to slip, I refuse to regress, and I refuse to give up. I am now within 30 pounds of my goal, which is, frankly, unbelievable. It's difficult to process the fact that I "only" have 29 pounds to lose. I've done that four times already, so I know that I can do it again. And I know I'm the only thing that's been stopping me. So this is me, recommitting. For my own sake, for my health, because I deserve it. This is me, kicking my own butt in gear - because no one else can do it for me.

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Lisa, welcome back! You sound energetic and ready to go! I also have exactly 29 pounds to go to my goal.
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Oh I am so happy that you are back and SO happy that you are SO in touch with what you and your body needs!!!!
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Glad you are back - what you've accomplished so far is VERY impressive, but recognizing that you were heading in a direction you didn't want to go and recommitting is even more impressive, IMO. Good luck on the rest of your journey!
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Welcome back, Lisa! I can't wait to "see" you reach goal.
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Wow, look at all the weight you lost. Good for you for re-committing. That is hard for a lot of people to stop and put themselves in check. Only 29 pounds is awesome and such a small task when you look at how much you've come already. You can do this and you will do're almost there. Wishing you the best.
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Well hello there my friend. I'm so happy to hear from you.

I'm especially happy to hear you're not letting complacency set it!!!! A mere 29 lbs away from a healthy, normal weight!!! Woohoo!!! I'm excited for you as you work towards your goals, because I know that you CAN get there and that you WILL. I'm glad to hear that you are not not settling for better, when BEST is WELL within your reach.
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Welcome back!
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welcome back chick you're an inspiration!
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Lisa, I'm so glad you are back and recommitting to becoming your very best self instead of settling for merely ok. That's what I did. I maintained at 180-185 for over 10 years after a loss of 60-65 lbs. I got complacent and decided that that weight was "good enough". Now I feel like I missed out on alot in my life. You've gained knowledge during your "maintenance" period. Knowledge that will be put to good use when you do hit your goal. Congrats to you!
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Wow, you have come so far. I am really impressed ! Looks like you will be making it all the way this time.
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your progress pics are amazing, congrats! I have no doubt you'll get to whatever goal you set for yourself.
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I love your attitude Lisa! I have no doubt that those 29 pounds will soon be history.
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Lisa, welcome back. I love your insightful look into yourself. Of course, you are making a wonderful choice to pursue your personal goals. While browsing through the 3FC today, I came across some thoughtful posts on the Maintainer's forums. Weight loss is a journey of self-discovery and sometimes we need to take a time out to weigh where we are and where we are going. I loved reading about what the Maintainers had to say. They are successful, but it hasn't been easy. Somehow, that is comforting.
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It's great to be back. I have missed all of you, and I somehow forgot how much 3FC makes me think carefully and deliberately about my actions and choices. It's odd, but spending more time thinking about this stuff in general means I actually spend less time thinking about it and struggling with it in the moment that I'm faced with a choice or a challenge.

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