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Default Why Did I Do It?!

My official weigh in day is on a Friday. I went through a period before Christmas of weighing everyday which made me totally obsessed, so realised that wasn't working for me, so went back to weekly.
Well, this morning I don't know what made me do it, but I decided to get weighed, and I'm up 2lbs from
I am so bummed, am actually near to tears and so angry and frustrated with myself.
I know it could be water retention from sodium, but I'm scared it isn't and Friday's weigh in was a fluke. Why was I so stupid as to get weighed today, I know weighing more than once a week doesn't help me!
And you know what, now I will have to weigh again tomorrow in the hope that the number is going back down, and that really sucks, because I'm already dreading my reaction if it isn't.
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Sorry you are going through this. I know exactly what you are going through,and you are not alone. For me, the most helpful solution is to be extra careful with staying on plan. When I am absolutely certain that I am doing all the right things, it becomes easier to dismiss a weight gain and not let it derail my progress. There are many reasons for weight to increase,and the scale while comforting and reasuring at times, can become cruel and relentless sometimes. As long as you know deep down that you are doing your best, you can ignore the number and move on.
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I think you ought to give the scale away to a friend to hold onto for you.

The scale can go up and down a few pounds at a time for any reason, or no reason. If you can't handle that, then you're better off not weighing except maybe once a week at the grocery store (ours has a scale) or at the gym. Concentrate on sticking with your program no matter what! That is much more important.

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Try not to give your scale so much power. I know - it's easier said than done. Remember when you step on the scale - it is one moment in time and the scale doesn't know if you've eaten salty foods, have pooped in a few days (TMI - sorry) or it's TOM.

I weigh once a week too because it drove me crazy to see all the fluctuations.

Everyday is a new beginning. Carry on with your plan and you'll be fine.

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If only we would have given our scales so much power on our way UP! Please remember it is just a a shovel. Which you might want to get so you can dig a hole and bury your scale!

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Lots of water and lots of low calorie fiber today--blueberries help me. Either way, you are taking ownership NOW and not waiting. You deserve applause for that.
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why is it that we assume the low weight is the fluke but the high one MUST represent actual weight gain?

You know intellectually that weight fluctuates - emotionally, that can be hard, but try to not put any additional pressure on yourself just because the scale can dance around a bit. As long as you are sticking to plan, you KNOW that the scale will show that, even if it's not exactly when you want it to.
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Sending you a big HUG!! Sweetie, you have done so well and lost so much!! I vote for giving your scale away if you are weighing in only once a week. Give it to a friend to hold, someone you visit once a week or so. Who needs the pesky little F'er?

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That sucks I am sad that you saw something that you didn't want to and are now sad... I am guilty of the same reactions too. Try to just watch the trend and not worry too much about it.
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Big huggles - I am sure it will all work out!
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*hugs* I know exactly how you feel.
I weigh myself when I wake up, after I pee, during my change from pyjama's to work clothes, and of course probably 3 times before bed. I can't help it - I even hid the scale...didnt happen, I found it... and I threw it out, but still found one, its like the chucky doll in scale form LOL, it always finds me!!
It took me along time to realise this, BUT no matter what the scale says, think of your accomplishment so far, you lost 61lbs... be proud! You deserve it, you've come so far, someday's I actually listen to that advice and you wouldn't believe the difference in me! Just think, you could be 61lbs heavier than you are now... so be happy and proud of all you've accomplished because we all know this never-ending battle is far from easy!
Stay strong my friend!!
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