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Default Work Lunch (Bosses)

I have amazingly cool bosses. Every month or so, they buy our entire staff lunch. It is usually Italian or Subs or something like that. It is always in our staff room for the taking and everyone gets so excited about it. Last month, I decided to stay away and brought a lunch. I didn't mention it or anything and we have a large staff so I really didn't think anyone would know the difference.

Anyway, this month I had a similar plan when one of my bosses (whom has struggled with his own weight) showed up at the door. In his hand a large fruit salad and a grilled chicken breast. He only said the following before leaving the room, "We missed you last month, but we understand. Have a good afternoon." Then, he left....

Does it get any cooler than that?? I think not!
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That's awesome! You must have a pretty great boss, at least they pay attention. And hats off to you for avoiding the last lunch. It's very difficult when the food is right there and EVERYONE else is eating it.
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Wow it's great that you have such an amazing boss!! Unlike mine who said, "You don't look any different to me" when someone else commented on my weight loss.
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How cool, that is wonderful!! You have a great boss!

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That's triple awesome. Not only did he get something special for you, he managed to not say anything back-handed or too personal, and he didn't put you on the spot in front of everyone.
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Wow, that is so totally awesome!!! The last time I was in a similar situation a co-worker began to lecture me over why my packed lunches of salads and chicken-on-wheat sandwiches weren't "healthy" as she'd bite into her BK Whopper.
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Wow!!!!! What a great boss!!!!!
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you know what? That actually brought me to tears... WHAT A GREAT BOSS!!!!! I just want to hug him now. *sob*
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Oh WOW, that's wonderful! Kudos to your boss!
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That's awesome that you have that kind of support at work. I work in a department store and everyone there watched me lose the weight and knows that I'm doing WW, so on and so forth. Yet, EVERYTIME we have some sort of treat or meal that's free in the breakroom (which is never a healthy treat/meal) my coworkers always ask if I went and got some or say, "Why aren't you eating xyz?" and "Why did you bring your lunch when you knew today was pizza day?" Le sigh.
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What a cute story. You have great boss.
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That really is fantastic. Sounds like a good company to work for.
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