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Question Always an excuse...

I am on my way to getting seriously started tomorrow I hope. I just wish I could focus on my weight issues and everything else would go away. I find putting myself on the back burner, because I think everything else is more important. Then I dream of exercising but absolutely hate it. I work 12 hour shifts suffer with Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome and PLMD. Recently found out I have degenerative arthirities and bulging disc. Have had 5 epidurals in the past 3 months. Bottom line is I need to lose weight and some of these symptoms would improve. One would think this would be enough of a motivation for me to lose weight. All I want to do is come home eat and sleep. I not only want to turn over a new leaf to feel better but to look better for myself and family. Any suggestions on helping relieve the leg and back pain from some of my syndromes that I listed? Open to any suggestions.
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Is the restless leg thing from not enough potassium?
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Do you take any meds for the rls?

my mom is on fentynl for her fibro. she uses a pain patch. but I understand cuz it is very hard for her even with the massive amount of drugs she is on.
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I have restless leg syndrome as well. When mine acts up, which is more often than I'd care for it to, I take a potassium pill and in about 30 minutes, I have some relief.

No need to beat yourself up. You veered off track. Dust yourself off and get back on that horse. Always keep your mind on your goals and never give up or stop believing in yourself. Excuses are just that...excuses. Don't ever let anything or anyone stop you from being a healthier person
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I'd suggest that you drink a small can of V-8 juice before bed. This helps with leg cramps, restless legs, etc. If you have blood pressure issues, use the low-sodium version, but otherwise use the regular kind.

Perhaps instead of seeing this as something you have to tackle all at once, pick some things you can do right now to improve. For example, having a food diary is helpful, simply because it lets you see what you are eating on a daily basis. You write down everything, of course. "If you bite it, you write it." And perhaps you could pick one food item that you know is adding to your weight problem and eliminate that. For instance, if you eat a couple donuts every day, you could drop them and make another, more healthy choice. Then after a week, add something else to your drop list.

As for exercise, you can start with something like a stretching routine in the morning. Take a short flight of stairs when possible, unless you have joint issues that prevent this. Park your car at a distance from your building instead of as close as possible, so that you have to walk a little (assuming it's safe).

In this way you can begin to ease into healthier habits and won't feel overwhelmed.

Good luck!
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I second the easing into habits. I would suggest walking for for a brief period each day-- whatever you can handle, and slowly increase the time. Walking can be really beneficial for many of the conditions you listed. You might try checking out Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds videos from the library. I haven't used them but I've heard a lot of great things about them.

You CAN do this. You really can!!! Baby steps.
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Default First of all, welome.

Hi, footballmom.

First of all, welcome to 3FC. I am still pretty new myself, but I have found this to be a very kind community.

I also have fibromyalgia. I am trying to manage with lifestyle management, anti-depressants, and occassional OTC pain meds for the time being. One thing my doc has really emphasized to me is to make daily exercise a priority. That being said, it is also REALLY important to take your exercise slow. To start out, my doctor recommended just 5 minutes a day. Then, the next week add 1 minute and so on. When I first heard this I was really discouraged because I have been overweight all of my life and really am not good at taking things slow. But, I really do notice that after a day of heavy exertion, I am really wiped out for the next few days.

Also, current research has associated fibromyalgia with serotonin imbalances. So, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about that. Fibromyalgia is therefore often co-morbid with depression. This was definitely the case for me, and I have found anti-depressants to be really important for my day-to-day management of my energy levels. Maybe you could take some time to think about if that might be the case with you.

There is a fibromyalgia support group on 3FC. That might be another resource for you.

Take it slow and don't get discouraged. (I feel like I am half writing this to myself!) It will get better; I have to believe that! The weight will come off, but for me I have had to accept that my weight loss journey will not be one of the few that I've dreamt about - coming off fast like some of those here at 3FC or on a magazine cover. Right now I can't handle the intense exercise and just have to keep at the slow and steady pace. Just try and concentrate on small changes that you can keep at for a lifetime.

You can do it!!

P.S. i did want to add that it has been really helpful to me to have a supportive person in my life. My husband, though it was really a struggle the first few times I realized the effect fibromyalgia was having on my life, has learned to support me and accept when something is just to much for me to handle. For example, taking a 17 mile hike through a volcano partk = too much for me. But, planning to have a nearby hotel for an upcoming ski trip will allow him to be out on the slopes while I get rest during the day, if I need it.

Is there a significant other or a close friend that might be a sounding board for when you are pushing yourself too much?
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You don't have to do everything all at once. If you can't physically handle exercise or don't want to tackle it right now, start by changing your eating habits. It really is possible to lose weight without exercise, so don't think that just because you're not doing it then you shouldn't do anything. (My dirty little secret: I'm terrible about exercise. At my most dedicated, I was only doing 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes I'll go for months not doing anything at all.)

Start with small changes that you can handle and can stick to. Once those changes become second nature, add another change. It's a lot easier to change one thing than to change *everything*.

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Hi Football Mom,

I work sixteen hour shifts with a one hour commute on each side of it. It's one of the factors that has really played havoc with my weight recently.

At the end of that shift, my feet are swollen and hurt and I'm so tired I can't even think straight, much less think about exercising. For the past year, I've had a migraine after almost every shift and had to lie around for most of my day off just to recover.

But I can also say that since I started exercising on my off days, and staying on plan EVEN on my work days I'm coping better.

You would be shocked how quick you start to feel better. I started my lifestyle change about six weeks ago, and I've already cut out the post-work migraines and have plenty of energy to exercise the next day.

The fact that you're here means that you really want to change.
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I'd start small.... start eating healthier, and you'll notice an energy level increase with that alone. When that happens, start taking small walks and slowly adding more and more small activity here and there.

Weight loss and energy gain is a spiral, just like weight gain and energy loss... the more things you do that cause it, the more it causes you to keep on going in that direction.
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