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Thumbs up Trainer Update - positives

** oh to clear things up, this trainer is not associated with my gym. She is someone that I hired on the side and paid a fee for her to train me at my gym **

Today I met with my trainer to hash things out and decide where to go next. I know alot of people have said that there are many trainers out there so if one is not working move on to the next. I actually clicked with trainer on many levels, it was just communcation that wasn't fitting. I was/am loving the body that is coming from the workouts, I just don't like (emotionally/mentally) being left in the dark about what is going on. This is a personality thing with me.

We had a nice 1.5 hour meeting away from the gym. I shared with her many thing, including my frustrations. She finally got the fact that my asking was about me and something I need to feel comfortable and is not about her. I think now she's going to be giving me more research style homework in addition to workout stuff. This is fine with me and good for me.

She said that she had never worked with anyone that wanted to know stuff at the level I do - I know I'm special .

We also agreed that we need to meet periodically in a more relaxed manor. I offered it to be a paid session and she suggested that we adjust our schedule so that it is on a day that we can just have an extended session.

All in all, a good meeting.

Thanks for all that listened and gave advice. Hopefully the drama is over and I can get back to working on losing weight.
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That all sounds very positive and productive! Good for you!!!!
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That sounds really great. I am glad she is helping you with the information. I'm on your side. I find it a little strange that people wouldn't expect that information from a trainer. But, I have very little experience working with a trainer myself, so what do I know? I have been thinking about getting a trainer myself, but am not sure how to go about finding one that won't put me in too much pain (I have fibromyalgia) in the process.

Congratulations on taking care of you!
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Oh, I am so glad for you. Really wonderful job problem solving and sticking up for yourself, something I need to work on.
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Great news! It is really important to recognize that in this type of relationship, you SHOULD have the info that you clearly need. And it is important to remember that there ARE others out there, should this one not work out.
Often in these type of relationships, we feel "lucky" that the trainer is helping us and they are in a position of "authority" so to speak. And this dynamic makes it hard to be assertive, sometimes. You know, if you speak up you become afraid of upsetting the "authority figure" and what if they leave? Where will you be with respect to your goals?

You ALWAYS have the ULTIMATE power in this relationship, and if it is not working for you, you need to find a new trainer. Just a nice thing to keep in mind.

I had the worlds BEST trainer until he left the field and got a job in public health in our community. I haven't been able to find anyone who comes CLOSE to what he offered. He was AMAZING. I've tried 5 FIVE others in our small, small community, but am on my own. So I'm glad it is working for you..

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